Summary:Sakura has never done anything crazy and irresponsible untill one night. Now she's pregnant and the father of the baby is...Itachi. ItaSaku

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Chapter 12

In the few next hours screams and strange noise were heard from the room where Sakura was giving birth. She was screaming so hard that everyone in the house heard her. Only Itachi, Aya and Kisame (Aya made him) where standing or sitting in front of the room.

To Itachi it has seemed like it was few years since Sakura told him to call the medic-nin. He was starting to get impatient. Suddenly he realized that it was quiet.

"Finally" But of course life wasn't fair. Sakura started shouting something at the medic-nin.



Wasn't it bad enough that Itachi's going to have a kid? And now it turns out that there's going to be two of them? Kisame started laughing. It seems that he found this situation quite hilarious. Then Itachi felt that someone was pulling his sleeve. It turned out that Aya wanted something from him.

"What do you want?" At first she only smiled at him.

"Nee Itachi won't it be great if you have two daughters now? Oh I always wanted to have small girl, but unfortunately Kisame doesn't want to have more kids. Ah poor me" Then she turned to Kisame and started bugging him.

Now Itachi could think about her words. What will happen if he really gets two girls? He could easily imagine two small clones of Sakura running and screaming like wild animals. This thought almost gave him the creeps.

Once again everything was silent. Medic-nin walked out of the room and told Itachi that he can walk inside to Sakura and the kids.

Slowly he made his way inside. The first thing he saw inside was Sakura with two small bundles lying next to her on the bed. The pink haired kunoichi noticed him and she softly told him to walk to her and see his kids.

A first he didn't see anything beside the cloth, but then Sakura put it away from the baby's face. Itachi sighed in relief. One of the babies was definitely a boy. He had little dark hair on top of his hair, and possibly dark eyes. The other baby was a girl with a red hair and a chance of dark eyes. He could swear that she had small grimace on her face.

Sakura watched as Itachi was looking at their kids. He seems to be in small trance. She understood him. They were beautiful. And they wereher and Itachi's. She felt now like the happiest woman in the world.

After few minutes Aya and Kisame walked into the room. The woman immediately ran to the babies and started babbling that they are the cutest babies she had ever seen (of course not including her own baby). When Kisame walked next to them, kids got frightened and they started crying. Sakura and Aya laughed at this. Kisame wasn't the most pleasant person to look at. Aya pushed Kisame out of the room yelling that he should take a plastic operation.

Sakura took Raito (baby boy) to calm him down, but Yachiru (baby girl) was also crying. There was only one solution.

"Itachi take Yachiru so she will stop crying." Itachi send her incredulous look

"Do I look like a nanny?" But when Sakura sent him her special glare he decided to pick up the girl, but only because she was starting to hurt his ears. This small girl definitely inherited her mother's voice, as well as lung capacity.

Surprisingly Yachiru immediately began to stop her crying when Itachi picked her up. Sakura couldn't help herself, she had to comment: "Well she is definitely daddy's girl."

Meanwhile in Konoha

Ichigo noticed familiar bird sitting on his windowsill. He opened the window and took small message from the bird's leg. The message was short but full of meaning.

Sakura give birth to twins- a boy and a girl


Ichigo had to laugh at this. Twins? Poor Itachi. When Yume heard her husband's laugher she walked into the room with a surprised face. She didn't hear his laugher for a long time. Slowly she walked to him and read the letter. Her eyes grew big.

"Oh My God! My beautiful girl has now her own beautiful girl and a boy! I have to tell everyone this wonderful news!"

Before Ichigo could stop her Yume run out of the house. His wife was sometimes too impulsive. He was happy for his daughter in law but he knew that she couldn't come back to Konoha now. She and her kids were now the only weakness that Itachi ever had, so if she came back they would try to use her. Fortunately for him he knew were she was living now so he will often visit her.

Ino was the first person that heard Ms. Haruno news she started screaming and she hugged Sakura's mom. Shikamaru who was with standing next to Ino only muttered 'How troublesome'. So after few minutes all Konoha knew that Sakura had twins (Ino had really, really big talent in gossiping). All her friends were happy for her (maybe excluding Lee, Naruto and Sasuke who were disgusted that Itachi was a father), but rest of Konoha had an opinion that she made the biggest mistake in her life, and now she was an outcast.

Coming back to Sakura and Itachi:

The next few weeks were terrible for Sakura. She had on her head two small kids. When she put into the sleep on of them the second started crying and woke up the first one. The similar situation was with the food. While she was feeding one baby the second was jealous (in Sakura's opinion) and then started crying.

These two small babies were true devils. And the worst part of that was a fact that she had no one to help her. She couldn't trust men to take care of them. The only female in the house was Aya, but she also had a kid to care about.

Then after three months Sakura decided to take small vacation from the two kids. She had to have a little time for herself. She gave Raito to Aya, now she only had Yachiru to give Itachi. Pink haired kunoichi packed all the needed things into the bag and then went searching for the father of her kids. Since they were born Itachi didn't spend any second alone with the babies.

When she wanted to leave him with them for the moment he was making stupid excuses and disappearing. But now she won't let him get away with it. She was sure that he will be able to take care of Yachiru for half the day. This small girl was like an angel when she was near Itachi. So it was big advantage for Sakura.

Pink haired kunoichi had an instinct that Itachi will be outside training. And of course being a woman and mother she was right. He was sparring with Deidara. She waited a moment for them to notice her, but they were too wrapped in the fight to see her.

"HEY! Stop this fight right now." Two ninjas stopped their actions. They knew that the stubborn kunoichi won't leave them in peace until they heard what she wanted from them, or being specific from Itachi.

Sakura quickly walked to them and put Yachiru right into Itachi's hands. She looked really tiny in his arms, then she through a bag right next to his legs.

"I'm going out for three hours. Raito is with Aya, so you'll only have to take care of Yachiru. And before you say something else I deserve half a day for a break. So see you later." Sakura disappeared leaving Itachi and Deidara with small baby.But not for long.

"So Itachi we'll finish our fight some other time, I'll see you later." Deidara run into the house. He was afraid that Itachi will order him to take care of the small brat, but now he was safe.

Itachi looked at the small red haired girl in his arms. How could he get tricked like that? He had no idea what to do with a child, so he simply stared at her. At first Yachiru looked like she was looking for Sakura, but now she noticed that her father was staring at her so she started laughing and waving with her small hands. It looked like she wanted to reach his face.

When she noticed that her efforts were useless she frowned a little and looked like she was going to cry. Not wanting to hear Yachiru's shouting Itachi decided to give her his hand to let her play with it. And it worked. Yachiru immediately forgot that she wanted to cry and she started examining Itachi's hand.

Now sharingan-master had few moments to think about his situation. He was definitely in the lost position. He will have to take care of the kid for the rest of the day, because he didn't trust anyone in this task.

It couldn't be so hard right? It was only a baby. Sakura managed to take care of two kids at once, so he can easily take care of only one of them.

But it turned out that it was really hard task, one of the longest hours in Itachi's life.

For the next few hours he had to think about things with which Yachiru could play with. Each thing could hold her interest only for few minutes. She cried so many times that he was surprised that he could still hear. One time she was hungry, and then she wanted to play with her small gummy toy, then she wanted something else. She finally fell asleep after 3 hours and slept till Sakura came back.

When pink haired kunoichi walked into the room with Raito Itachi was lying on the bed with Yachiru on his chest. Both of them were sleeping. She looked at him and at her small daughter with a smile. She had a really great day, but she missed her small babies. She slowly put Raito into the bed and then picked Yachiru from Itachi's chest and placing her in the second bed.

She didn't notice that Itachi woke up. But he still had closed eyes.

"So how was your day?" Asked sharingan master when Sakura sat on the bed next to him. His voice surprised her but she immediately answered.

"Not bad." Sakura wondered if it would be okay if she lay next to him. She took of her shoes and quietly laid back. At first he didn't acknowledge her presence near him, then he opened his eyes for the moment and sighed.

Sakura took this as permission so she slipped into the covers next to him with a small smile. She preferred sleeping with him than alone. It was more comfortable that way. At first he didn't let her, but now he didn't object anymore. Slowly she was getting under his skin. Of course it wasn't one sided. Sakura also started to care about him.

She could tell that it was love but she won't tell him it just like he won't ever tell her that he loved her. They won't have to, because Itachi saw it in her eyes, as Sakura knew what she had to know. She could see through hi cold face facade without any effort.

Sakura's dream was now real. She had two lovely kids and a man by her side that she really loved. She snuggled to Itachi and he embraced her with one arm. Yes she was happy now.

She fell asleep with a big smile on her face.

the end

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