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Summary: Anzu Mazaki has never had a day of fun in her life. She loves school, ballet, and everything about her proper life in Odaiba. However, her life changes when she moves to Domino. Soon, she'll have to attend a public high school, make new friends, and take care of herself. Can a poet, an energetic dreamer, and a gangster help her realize what she's missing out on in her life?


By: Chi Yagami

Chapter Two


Marik came grumbling down the stairs. Isis staring daggers through his back, he reluctantly gathered up his magazines. The door banged open and closed.

"I'm home," Malik called.

"Thank you, Captain Obvious," Marik said sarcastically.

"Shut up. At least I don't leave porn lying around!"

"You fool, half of these are yours!"


"Oops… heh, sorry, sis."

"Don't bother; Isis should be used to naked men by now," Marik told his brother.

"WHAT!" Isis and Malik both exclaimed.

"Isis looks at naked pictures of Yami, I'm sure."

"I most certainly do not!"

"She does?"


"I do not!"

"And what did you mean by 'Isis should be used to naked men by now'? We got magazines of women."

"Well," Marik replied slyly, "at least I do. I'm not sure about Malik…"


"What? We all know you're gay, what with the girly shirt and all."

"THAT'S IT!" Isis's voice bellowed. "BOTH OF YOU, UPSTAIRS NOW!"

The two blondes sighed and trudged up to their room. Marik flopped onto the bottom bunk while Malik hid the magazines in the closet.

"You know that girl that you tried to hit on at the dance?"

"Which one?" Marik asked dully.

"Kaiba's date…"

"Oh… her," Marik replied, suddenly interested. "What about her?"

"I ran into her at the park. She said she just moved here."

"Hmm… I'll have to get her number…"

"Anyway, she was with Mokuba…"

"Kaiba? Mokuba Kaiba?"

"Yeah. She was with Kaiba at the dance… maybe they're dating."

"Well, they won't be dating for long…"

As midterm exams creeped up on them, the students of Domino were eagerly preparing for the Christmas holidays. Yugi, Malik, Serenity, and Ryou walked out of the school, happy to have finished an extremely evil Chemistry test.

"'What is the chemical equation for aluminum-chloride'," Malik muttered. "Is there even such a thing?"

"I don't really care," Yugi replied. "I don't know how I would be passing if Yami weren't helping me."

"Lucky. Bakura would never help me. Not that he knows the material anyway…"

The four proceeded to a small coffee shop for a bite. After ordering, they sat down in a booth.

"Are you guys ready for exams?" Serenity asked. Malik's eyes bugged.

"EXAMS! Shit, I completely forgot!" Ryou chuckled.

"How could you? The teachers have been talking of nothing else for the past month."

"I've been occupied with Christmas!" he replied. "Yugi, I think our families are getting together for Christmas Eve or something…"

"Yeah… Yami's freaking out about Isis's present."

As they ate and drank, they spoke of Christmas, exams, and Marik's pervertedness. Around four-thirty, a couple strolled in that sparked a new conversation.

"Hey," Serenity said, "is that Kaiba?"

All four of them looked at the two brunettes who'd just come in. Sure enough, it was Seto Kaiba who was ordering a latté, accompanied by his dance date.

"I ran into her at the park," Malik told them. "She just moved here, and she was babysitting Mokuba or something."

"I wonder how she met Kaiba; he's not one prone to talking to women."

Anzu glanced around the room and noticed a familiar group of kids. She recognized two people: one of them as Malik, that guy she met in the park, and the other was… that boy she danced with!

"Seto," she said in a low tone, "can we get it to-go?"


"I don't want to get stuck talking to that boy over there," she replied, nodding her head towards Ryou. Seto mouthed 'oh' and agreed. He didn't want to be anywhere near Yugi.

"Anzu!" Malik called. She stiffened and turned around, pretending she didn't know he was there before.

"Oh, uhh… Malik, hi," she replied. He shook her hand and looked at Kaiba.

"Hello Kaiba."

"Get lost, dweeb." Anzu was surprised at how rude her cousin sounded.

"It's nice to see you, too," Malik said sarcastically. "So, Anzu, what are you doing here with Kaiba?"

"Umm," Anzu said, biting her lip.

"She's getting something to eat," Kaiba cut in. "What else would she be doing?"

Yugi, Serenity, and Ryou joined their friend. Ryou looked at Anzu, but she was purposely averting his eyes. She didn't want to talk to him.

"What's going on, Malik?" Yugi asked.

"Kaiba's being a butthole."

"I'm not the one asking stupid questions, Ishtar."

"Seto, let's get out of here," Anzu interrupted, leaving. Seto Kaiba shot one last death glare at Malik before following suit.

"Did she just call him Seto?" Ryou asked.

"Yeah… Kaiba never lets anyone call him by his first name except Mokuba."

"Then they must be dating!" Malik exclaimed.

"Or maybe just family," Serenity suggested.

"But Kaiba doesn't have any family…"

Ryou continued to stare at the door for a long time.

'I wonder if they really are dating… Wait, why should I care? I don't even know her! What's wrong with me? I must be going crazy…'

Anzu fell face-forward onto her bed. Why wouldn't that guy stop looking at her at the café? She sighed. Although, she couldn't stop thinking about him… Why was she thinking of him anyway?

"I'm going insane," she mumbled. "I'm letting some mysterious guy get to me."

"Anzu?" She looked up to see Mokuba sticking his head through the doorway.

"Hey, Mokuba. Come on in."

"Anzu, how far away is Christmas?"

"About eleven days or so," she replied. "Why?"

"I need help with presents… for you and Seto… and uhh, this girl," Mokuba answered shyly. Anzu smiled and motioned for him to join her on the bed.

"Do you have a crush on this girl?"

"Maybe… I'm not sure. See, she's not really my friend, and she's often annoying. I don't know what she'd like," he said with a hint of defeat. "Besides, she always makes fun of me; I'm pretty sure she doesn't like me."

"Well, let's start with getting your brother something first," Anzu said. "I need to find him a Christmas present as well. What does he like?"

"Uhh… his job…"

"Hmm… this might take a while… What are his hobbies?"

"Well, he plays Duel Monsters, but I got him a pack of cards last year," Mokuba replied. "And he already has a gazillion cards."

"Ah… maybe we should go shopping sometime and just browse around."

"Good idea! Let's go Saturday," he said excitedly.

On Saturday, Anzu and Mokuba entered the mall. There were so many shops to choose from that Anzu wasn't sure where to start.

"I want to get Seto something fun… I was thinking maybe DDR," Anzu giggled.

"I've tried to get him to play at the arcade, but he always refuses."

"Well, then we'll just get him one for at home. He can play against you and me," she said.

"Anzu, can we go to the arcade now and play DDR? Please?" Mokuba begged. "Just one game!"

"Oh, alright, but just a quick game."

She and Mokuba entered the arcade and went over to the DDR machine.

"Hey, boys, look who it is," Marik chuckled. Bakura and Duke looked up from their air hockey game. "It's the girl from the dance."

"You mean the one you tried to hit on but Kaiba danced with her and then my brother interrupted, tried to dance with her, and scared her off? That girl?"

"Yup. And I think it's high time I got a good girl," Marik snickered.

"Marik, you're twisted," Bakura replied. "I can't believe you actually have sex every week."

"Just because you're a virgin, you don't have the right to stop me from having fun."

"No, but raping people!"

"If a girl gives consent, it isn't rape," Duke argued.

"If they're under eighteen, it is! Marik, I don't want you ending up in jail!"

"Jeez, Bakura, you sound like my girlfriend or something."

"How are you going to get her to go home with you?" Duke asked. "She's with Kaiba Jr."

"Duke, you'll take care of him. I'll get the hottie, and Bakura, you'll stay out of it!" Marik replied firmly. Bakura hung his head.

After a game of DDR, Mokuba and Anzu went into an electronics store.

"I dunno what to get him, Anzu," Mokuba said, looking at remote control cars. "He already has everything he could ever want."

"Well, hello there folks," Duke said in a business tone. He was pretending to work there in order to distract Mokuba. "Can I help you?"

"Sure, we're looking for a Christmas present for his older brother," Anzu said with a smile.

"We've got just the thing! A 3D helmet! Try it on for size, sonny," Duke replied, plopping a big white helmet on Mokuba's head.

"Wow, Anzu! It's a 3D version of Mario!"

"Awesome. I think I'll browse a bit more, Mokuba. I'll be right back."

Anzu went up to the cashier to ask about organizers, but before she even got there, a hand grabbed her wrist and yanked her out of the store. She turned to find herself face-to-face with Marik.

"Hey, you," he said. Anzu wrenched her hand away from him in a disgusted manner.

"Get away from me, you creep," she hissed.

"I just want to have a little chat with you," he replied innocently.

"I'm not buying it."

"Then I guess I'll just have to drag you out of here by force!" he responded angrily, grabbing her around the waist and yanking her out an Emergency Exit door.

"Let me go!" she screamed, pounding her fists on his arm. He merely laughed and threw her over his shoulder.

"Well, well, well. Boys, look what we've got here."

Marik looked up into the faces of gang members. He gulped; you did not want to hang around those guys.

"What do we have here?" asked a tall, fat one.

"Looks like a punk kidnapping a poor girl," the leader said, shaking his head. "We'll take her for ya, buddy."

"I don't think so," Marik growled, setting her down. Anzu felt a drop of rain hit her nose; she was stuck outside in the rain with a bunch of guys after her.

"Hey there, sweetie," the fat one said, trying to grab her. She moved and punched him in the stomach; he gasped and fell over.

"I didn't take dance just because I wanted to look good," she told him.

"Well, I guess we'll have to take her home the hard way, boys," the leader snickered. He'd already knocked Marik out.

'So much for help from my former kidnapper…'

It started to thunder and lightning, and Anzu began to worry. There was no way she could take on five big guys, especially in a storm. She decided to run.

"Hey, she's getting away!"

The guys bean to chase after her down the alleyway. She panicked as she came out onto the main road. Where to go? The rain was shielding her view, and she couldn't tell if there were cars coming or not. She ran across the street and made it safely to the other side. However, the gang was right on her tail. One of the guys grabbed hr arm and pulled her back.

"No!" she screamed. She didn't believe that crying was necessary, but with all of the rain falling onto her face, she just might have been. She couldn't really tell.


The gang turned around, and Anzu squinted to see who'd just shown up, hoping it to be anyone but Marik.

"Let the girl go."

"Oh look, it's Bakura, Marik's little buddy."

Bakura growled. It was bad enough his so-called friend had tried to kidnap that girl, but now a strong gang had stolen her.

"Hand her over," Bakura commanded. "Or else."

"Or else what?" the leader laughed. He looked out into the street and saw a large eighteen-wheeler approaching.

"You want her? Go get her!" he chuckled, throwing Anzu out into the street in front of the truck. Bakura's eyes widened as the truck drew nearer. The driver couldn't see her because he was sitting too high up. The gang split, leaving Bakura standing there to watch. Anzu struggled to get up, but she couldn't see and had no idea where she was. She turned to see two bright lights heading straight for her.

No, he had to do something! He dashed out into the street, the truck moments away from hitting them. Moving quickly, he scooped up the soggy girl and jumped out of the way, the truck passing by without noticing a thing.

Bakura lay on the pavement, tightly clutching the girl he'd just saved. He looked up to see the truck turning a corner and cursed. Anzu slowly opened her eyes and looked around. Where was she? She peered up at the person who was squeezing her. He had long, snowy white hair and brown eyes…

"You!" she cried, struggling to get away. "Get away from me!"

He looked down at the girl. What is her problem? He had just saved her from certain death and this was how she was repaying him? He was not happy.

"Woman! What's wrong with you?" he all but shouted, gripping her body tighter.

"Leave me alone! I don't want to talk to you!" she sobbed. Although she was fighting as hard as she could, Anzu was no match for Bakura's strength. People driving by were giving them strange looks.

"Come to your senses!" he tried again. She just wouldn't give up! He would have to wait until she calmed down; it wasn't like he could move anyway. As the rain continued to pound down on them, Bakura began to worry that they might catch a cold. Well, there was one thing he could do…

Anzu felt a large thing smash against her stomach; it hurt so badly she couldn't even think. She fell unconscious in her savior's arms.

'I didn't want to punch her, but she left me no other choice…'

Bakura had some difficulty raising her onto his back, but he finally managed to hoist her up there. Draping her arms around his neck, he walked off towards his house.

Glad to be safe from his brother's curiosity, Bakura entered his house with the girl and closed the door. They were both soaking wet, and he couldn't think of much to do. First, he set Anzu down on the rug, leaning her body against the door. Then he went upstairs and grabbed some towels. After drying himself off enough to where he wasn't dripping, he went back downstairs.

"Foolish woman, wandering off with Marik… Some people have no brains…"

Swathing her in a large towel, he carried Anzu over onto the couch where many towels already lay to absorb water. Throwing a blanket over her entire body, Bakura decided that she was taken care of. He walked into the laundry room and pulled off his shirt. He threw it into the washing machine with some other clothes. Then he took off his pants and tossed them in, too, along with his socks. He glanced down at the long, golden bullet hanging around his neck on a chain and sighed. Oh whatever, he needed some warm clothes; he was freezing in his flaming boxers.

"Damn heater," he cursed, messing with the temperature. "It's too cold in here!"

He gave up and went back upstairs for a change of clothes.

Blushing like a ripe cherry, Anzu peeked out from underneath her blanket. She'd woken to him talking about people with no brains, and then he came out of a room almost naked! She had pretended to be asleep while he'd tried to turn on the heater.

'Where am I anyway? That guy's home? Oh no! I bet he plans on raping me! I've got to get out of here!'

She climbed out of the blanket mountain and looked around. A picture on the mantle caught her eye: it was a photograph of that kid, along with another guy who looked just like him! Then she remembered Seto telling her about some twins named Ryan and Baka, or something like that. Perhaps that this boy was the other one, the one that hangs out with Marik…

'I BETTER get out of here! If this guy's friends with Marik, they're probably in on it together!'

She peered around a corner and saw the front door. Quietly tiptoeing over, she made to open it.

"I think it only fair that since I saved your life, you provide me with some sort of fuel."

His voice was so sudden and cold that Anzu jumped about three feet. She twisted around to see him standing about halfway down the stairs. He looked serious and mean.

"What?" she asked, caught off guard.

"You heard me, woman."

"I have a name, you know," she replied, annoyed.

"No, I don't know. Now, do as I say and keep your end of the bargain," he commanded, walking down until he reached her level.

"What bargain?" she asked, confused and scared at the same time. He was a bit taller than her, but his nose was still only inches from hers. His eyes were empty and dark, and she's didn't like how she could see her reflection in them so clearly.

"Must I spell it out for you?" he responded impatiently. "I saved you from the thugs and from almost being run over, so you owe me something."

"I almost got run over!" she cried, her jaw dropping. Bakura rolled his eyes.

"Duh. The gang threw you in front of a truck and I rescued you. You were kicking and screaming, but I managed to bring you home and dry you off."

"Oh… But you're a friend of Marik's!"

"So? That doesn't mean I pick up on his mannerisms and hobbies…"

"Uhh," was all she could manage.

"What? No thank you?" Bakura said bitterly, walking towards the kitchen. "Some people…"

"So, umm… how can I thank you—?" she began, walking to him. However, she was stopped when he twirled around and pointed a finger in her face.

"THAT is what I have been talking of ever since you tried to escape," he practically screamed at her. She blinked a few times before it dawned on her.

"Oh yeah… you wanted some fuel or something," she remembered, putting a finger to her chin. Her childishness was annoying Bakura; he began to tap his foot impatiently.

"So where's your car?" Anzu asked, causing Bakura to almost trip.

"W-What! My car!"

"Yeah… You want me to put fuel into it, right…?"

Bakura simply stared at Aznu. Was it really possible for her to be that stupid?

"Woman, you are testing me. Fuel does not necessarily relate to cars," he replied, twitching. "I meant I want FOOD!"

"Oh… So you mean you want me to cook you a meal or something?"


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