Chapter the first

Hi! I'm back! I just finished writing my first fic and I'm on to my second. This one will hopefully be longer, but I'm just going to let the story go where it wants. It might take me a bit longer to get each chapter up because I want them to be long.

Summary: this is during the first movie. It's where Mulan gets injured, but Shang flat-out refuses to kill Mulan, but instead of Chi-Fu letting it go, he and some other soldiers persue Mulan. Mulan and Shang run away and eventually go back to the palace.

Disclaimer: I do not own Disney's Mulan or anything like that.

Authors note: this story starts when Mulan is discovered by the medic. In this story, The gang of three and Shang are friends, as they are with "Ping."

Pain shot through Mulan's body. The last thing she could remember was Shang telling her to hold on. Her side ached and her head throbbed. She was inside a tent lying under a wool blanket. As her memory became clearer, she remembered the avalanche and Shan-yu. But he was dead now, right?

Outside the tent, Shang paced nervously. His bravest soldier was wounded gravely. The medic came over to him and whispered with him.

"He'll be all right sir." He told Shang. "Or rather she'll be all right" Shang could hardly believe what he was hearing. She? Ping was a girl? It couldn't be. He ran into the tent, wanting to see for himself. Maybe it had been a mistake. He saw Ping lying there wearily. She smiled when she saw Shang enter. Forgetting what she had to hide, Mulan sat up. Shang's eyes narrowed. Her shape clearly gave her away. Mulan noticed Shang staring at her chest and immediately gathered blankets around her.

"I can explain." She said. Anger blinded Shang. Traitor. He thought. He wanted to storm out then, but he also wanted to hear why she had done this. "Ping" had saved him, so at least he could listen to her. Shang sat down beside the frightened woman.

"I'm listening." He said through clenched teeth. The lady's eyes were full of terror and part relief because Shang was willing to listen.

"My name is Mulan" she told him timidly. " I came for my father." Shang couldn't hold it in any more.

" You know the law! You could be killed for this! It's treason!" Mulan cowered from him, afraid he was going to hurt her.

"I had to! It was the only way!" she said, eyes beginning to cloud over from fear and defeat. " I deserve whatever is coming to me." She stared Shang in the eyes. It was then he noticed how beautiful they were. "You do believe me, don't you?"

" I gave you my trust and I'm sticking by it." He told her solemnly. Her eyes opened wider.

Mulan was about to speak when in walked Chi-Fu. He pulled Mulan to her feet and dragged her out the tent door.

"Wait! There's more to know than you think!" Shang called after him. He hopped to his feet and hurried out of the tent.

"I knew there was something wrong with you!" Chi-Fu screamed in his squeaky, pompous voice. "A woman! Treacherous snake!" He threw Mulan to the ground. The rest of the soldiers watched in awe as it was revealed that their friend and comrade was a woman. Shang watched this display with his brain swirling in confusion. She lied to me; she lied to china! Then again, she saved my life. You can't let Chi-Fu do this to her.

"Captain, you know what must be done." Chi-Fu said as he handed Shang a sword. Shang looked at Mulan, her eyes staring bravely up at him. She knew that he could easily kill her right then. He then looked down at the sword and made a decision.

"No." he said firmly, throwing the sword to the ground. Everyone's jaw dropped. Chi-Fu was the first to speak.

"What do you mean, no?" he asked, "she's a worthless woman. She lied to you and to China!" Shang didn't back down.

"I said no!" he cried. " She saved me, saved all of us! If you ask me, that makes up for her betrayel.." He stood next to her. Mulan was in shock. She had betrayed the army, yet Shang refused to hurt her.

"I am above you, captain! I am in charge hear, and my orders are to be followed, and defending her and not obeying the law puts you in as much trouble as that creature! " Chi-Fu screamed. " if you won't do it, I will!" He grabbed the sword and sauntered toward Mulan. Yao, Ling and Chien Po had been watching in shock until then. They protested too.

"No! you can't" shouted Yao.

"Captains' right! She saved us all!" cried Ling, stepping forward. "Ping" was their friend and the captain had put his neck on the line to help her, so they thought Chi-Fu had no business hurting either one of them.

"You can't overpower my decision! I make the rules here!" Shouted Chi-Fu. The gang huddled and and turned around to see Chi-Fu waiting for a response. His response came not in words, but in a punch. Ling hit Chi-Fu straight across the face and Yao and Chien-Po piled on him and held him down.

"Get out of here!" cried Yao, addressing Mulan and Shang. " We'll keep him here!"

Wasting no time, Shang grabbed Mulan by the wrist and pulled her to where the horses were. They heaved themselves onto their horses and galloped off. The soldiers who were watching no longer kept silent.

"What are you doing?" they shouted as they tried to pull the gang off Chi-Fu. Eventually, they succeded and held them down.

"You jerks! That woman is a traitor!" one cried at them. " Such actions should result in you put in prison for life!" Chi-Fu stood and waked up to them.

"I may not have the girl or your captain, but I have my loyal soldiers and you." He sneered. " You will come back to the imperial city with us and I will decide your sentence there. You, men!" he barked, pointing to a few of the remaining soldiers. "Make sure these gentleman are put in the carriage and stay there. Now, let us depart for the imperial city to celebrate our victory!" The men cheered and one soldier bound Ling, Yao and Chien-Po's wrists and ankles and put them in the carriage being pulled by a soldiers' horse.

"The emperor will never believe you!" called Yao. Chi-Fu turned and gave him a dead cold look. His serious expression turned to a delighted smirk.

" I think he will." He said and turned to mount his horse. The gang sat, still absorbing what had happened so suddenly. They all sighed.

"We stick up for our friends and look what happens." Said Ling in dispair.

"We're in for it now," said Yao. " So are Shang and- what was her name?"

"Mulan? Something like that." Answered Ling.

"Do not worry my friends." Comforted Chien Po, " The ancestors tell me that we did the right thing." They were sitting on some loose hay in the carriage, unable to escape with the soldiers at either end of it.

"How could anyone support Chi-Fu?" Asked Yao. "he's a pompous old ba!" It made no sense. Shang had refused to hurt Mulan and Chi-Fu not only earned the support of the recruits, was going to try to convince the emperor that what they had done had been wrong.

Right now, I'm not so much worried about what happens to us, I'm worried about what will happen to Shang and Mulan!" Said Ling, "Chi-Fu never really liked Shang very much, and this is not what he needs."

" Come now" said Chien Po in his usual gentle tone. " Shang is smart and if a woman can destroy an entire army, I'm sure they will be all right." That reminded all of them that had happened during the fight. How "Ping" had bravely taken a cannon and saved them all. There was still more they wanted to find out about this Mulan lady.

Meanwhile, Shang and Mulan were galloping through a forest looking for some type of shelter where they could rest. Neither of them had said anything. The silence was rather awkward. Mulan was afraid to speak because she was afraid that Shang might be mad at her. Shang couldn't think of anything to say. What could he say to a woman who had lied, but also saved his life? Soon they came to a small cave carved in the side of a mountain.

"Let's stop here." Shang suggested, dismounting. Mulan followed him. They walked into the cave and inspected it for occupancy. "I'll make a fire" Mulan agreed and helped him gather wood. The silence was killing both of them.

"So, uh, do you have anything that maybe I could use for clothing?" She then remembered that all she had for a shirt was the bandages and a blanket around her shoulders.

"Uh, sure." Shang answered uncomfortably. "Here." He took off his cape and tore a whole through the center for Mulan to wear like a poncho.

"Thank you." Mulan answered politely. "I also wanted to thank you for letting me go. You now you've got yourself in trouble, don't you?"

"I know, but why should you be killed for saving your father?" Shang asked. Mulan smiled, but her smile was a half.

"Mulan, I think there is more to this than you are telling me." He said. Mulan sighed and began her story.

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