Chapter the twelfth

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The sun rose the next morning. Mulan had briefly fallen asleep on Khan's sturdy back. When she awoke, she immediately buried her face back into Khan's neck. Today was the day of the execution. Inside Khan's little horse-sized brain, he could not believe Mulan was giving up on Shang.

In the jail cell, Shang also awoke with a sick feeling. In a matter of minutes, Fi Wan was In his cell with a spear to his back, ready to lead him outside. It was to take place on one of the platforms between sets of stairs in front of the palace.

News had spread like wildfire through the provinces that this was happening. Hordes of people came to watch the destruction of the once proud imperial captain, some thinking serves you right and that girl should be up there with you, but others were praying for something to happen to stop it.

Shang was being walked up to the platform. He could see Chi Fu standing there beside the executioner with a sharp ax in hand. He grimaced and continued toward it. He won, thought Shang as he saw Chi Fu's smile.


Meanwhile, Mulan was still sitting on Khan, still feeling hopeless. She hopped off so she could water him as he needed. As she did so, he nudged her in the direction of the platform.

"Not a chance, Khan." She said. "It's over. Chi Fu won! He's going to die. It's all because of me." Once again, her eyes clouded over and she fell to her knees sobbing. Khan nuzzled her again. He may only have been a horse, but a very smart one at that. It hurt him to see his mistress so depressed. The Mulan he had known ever since he was a foal had never given up like this, and he wasn't about to let her now. He nudged and nudged her until she brought her head up.


"Citizens of China!" called Chi Fu. "You are hear to witness the punishment of a dirty fugitive formerly from the Chinese army." A few soldiers dragged Shang out into view of the crowd. There were some cheers, but some calls for his release.


Mulan raised her head. She could hear his scrawny calls from the stables. Suddenly rage started to burn from somewhere inside her. She got to her feet and very slowly walked a few steps up.

"For treason and insubordination, the prisoner Li Shang will face execution by beheading!" Chi Fu cried out.

That did it. Mulan hopped on Khan and galloped to the platform. Shang was just being pushed down on the slab where he would meet his fate. Chi Fu grinned again.

Mulan jumped off Khan and raced up to the steps. Shang had no ounce of hope left.

Goodbye, Mulan. He whispered.

Mulan flew up the stairs. Chi Fu nodded the okay to the executioner. He just raised his ax when…

"Please, wait!" a shrill voice was heard. Mulan pushed through the crowd and dropped to her knees in front of Chi Fu, who was as startled as Shang was.

"Please sir," she begged. "I plead upon you to spare him. I'll do anything." Chi Fu looked disgusted.

"There's nothing you can do, you dishonorable urchin." He sneered. "Hold her back!" He knew this was only the least of what she could do, so he ordered Fi Wan to hold Mulan away. "There's no one to support you anyway." He added.

"No! Please no!" she yelled. Just then, another familiar voice entered the scene.

"Wrong! We support her." In stepped Ling, Yao and Chien Po. Chi Fu was enraged.

"You can't do anything! I overpower you!" he squealed.

"But Not us!" Heads turned again as Ting Ting, Mei and Su joined the chaos. Everyone was so startled, they forgot to bow. Ting Ting walked up to Chi Fu.

"Release him by the order of the princesses of the imperial city." She said, staring him right in the eye. Shang was still watching this, dumbfounded.

"Sorry ladies." Said Chi Fu. "I'm afraid you order cannot overpower mine. I am second in command and until one of you becomes empress, I still run the show." Mei and Su exchanged glances. To their dismay, he was right. Then Mei had a plan. She gestured to the gang and Ting Ting to keep Chi fu busy. Then she and Su slipped away and ran as fast as their dainty legs could carry them to the other palace.

Ting Ting was still saying anything that came to mind to buy her sisters some time. Mulan was noticing from the sidelines that she was getting nowhere and couldn't hold up much longer.

"Silence!" cried Chi Fu. "I'll do it myself!" with that, he walked over to the executioner and grabbed the ax and prepared to bring it down on Shang. Everyone's eyes widened and all of the loyal protesters gasped. Shang flinched when one last voice broke into it.

"Halt!" everyone looked to see the emperor, followed by his two daughters coming toward them. Chi Fu dropped his ax and everyone dropped into a bow. Mulan took this chance to wiggle free of Fi Wan's grasp.

"What is the meaning of this?" The emperor demanded of Chi Fu.

"Your majesty, I was carrying out a sentence of a traitor." He tried to explain.

"It is a law that all Sentences must be discussed with me before they are carried out." He said. "What was the crime?"

"Treason, your majesty." The emperor looked at Mulan whose head was still in a bow.

"Come forward, Fa Mulan." He said. Mulan gulped and stepped up. Fi wan Smirked.

"I've heard about your deeds, Fa Mulan." He said. "You stole your fathers armor. Ran away from home. Impersonated a soldier, deceived your commanding officer, dishonoured the Chinese army, and destroyed my palace!" Mulan winced. This was worse than she had imagined.

"You and your commanding officer betrayed the army and the laws, soon to be joined by your fellow soldiers. You and Li Shang have done many things that could be interperted as insubordination-" Mulan cut him off.

"I know what I did was wrong, your excellency." She said. "But I beg of you to spare Shang. If it was not for him being with me, I would have given up long ago. Please let him go."

"I am not yet finished." Said the emperor. "Though, the two of you did disobey my laws, but you saved the lives of all the people in that pass in the mountains, and Li Shang saved my daughter from that hun as she tells me. That put together with your courage and strength has made the two of you the greatest heroes China will ever know." Mulan and Shang were startled by this, but more so when the emperor bowed his head to both of them. The emperor smiled.

"What's more is that I can see the love the two of you share, and not in one hundred dynasties would I get in the way of that." Mulan beamed with joy.

"I hereby lift the death sentence and proclaim honour to the Fa and Li families and also to their brave comrades and to my brave daughters also!" The emperor proclaimed. "Let him go." With that, Shang was set free and Mulan flung herself into his arms. They came closer and kissed again. They pulled away and Shang looked into Mulan's eyes

And I'm so grateful to you

I'd have lived my whole life through

Empty as the sky

Never knowing why

Lost forever

If I never knew you

They hugged each other tightly as the emperor turned to Chi Fu.

"As for you." He said. "You did not consult me in the sentencing and that is an offense. Guards, seize him!" two guards came and grabbed the raging and screaming Chi Fu and dragged him into the dungeons.

Just then, Mulan saw a few familiar faces pushing through the crowd.

"Mama! Baba! Granny, what are you doing here?" she asked.

"What, you think we wouldn't find out about all that's been happening?" asked Fa Li.

"Yeah, and we wanted to meet that guy you've been hanging out with. Where is he?" asked Granny. Mulan giggled and grabbed Shang by the hand.

"Mama, Father, Granny, this is Shang. He was my captain and stayed with me when I was discovered in the mountains." Shang bowed to Fa Zhou.

"No, young man." He said. "We should be bowing to you. You would have given you life for Mulan and we thank you most graciously."

"Sir, after all Mulan has done, it was the least I could do to return the favor." He said modestly. Mulan held his hand tightly.

"And on that note," the emperor cut in, "I have one last task for the two of you." Mulan frowned slightly. Another task? She would've liked to just go home with Shang.

"And that is that you be wed at once and live happily." Mulan was ecstatic. She and Shang looked at her father for his approval.

"You have my blessing." He said. Their friends cheered and granny, seeing that Shang was going to be part of their family, hugged him around the knees, since that was as far as she could reach.

"Huzzah!" she cried. " Ancestors, bless you all." Mulan and Shang hugged each other again. At last nothing else could tear them apart.


Later that month, Mulan and Shang were pronounced husband and wife. Ling, Yao and Chien Po along with the emperor and the princesses were honoured guests at the wedding. It was then that it was revealed that the Princesses had marriages coming up also-to the gang. There were many congratulations extended and things were finally going right for everyone. The gang had found the girls of their dreams, the princesses had done a heroic deed which they had always wanted to do, and Mulan and Shang could at last be happy together.

After the series of weddings, Mulan and Shang moved back to his home, which, coincidently, was located not very far away from Mulan's family home. She and the gang were very happy at that because many visits could be paid to her family and friends. The gang would be living in the palace with the princesses, but they often visited to share their happiness with their friends.

Only shortly after Mulan and Shang had moved in, Mulan was sitting in the main room when Shang came out with a large canvas.

"What's that?" she asked as he dragged it out.

"It's my old portrait." He said. And indeed it was. He was, just as he told, pictured falling off a stool. Mulan couldn't help but laugh. But though it was like that, he hung it up anyway. Mulan didn't understand.

"I thought you hated that picture." She said.

"I'm not done yet." He said back. Out of a cloth sack he pulled out a small portrait of Mulan and put it beside his picture.

"There." He said. "Now it's perfect."

"Where did you get that?" Mulan asked.

"Your grandma" he answered. "She told me to keep it with me so I can always be reminded of how much I love you." Mulan smiled and embraced him. And Mulan silently agreed that now life really was perfect. Finally Shang could hang up even a picture of himself as poor as the one that hung with pride upon the family mantle.

And I'm so grateful to you

I'd have lived my whole life through

Lost forever

If I never knew you


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