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Reflection 23: Everyone LOVES school

"So, you two looked like you had fun camping the other day," Erasa said to the couple as they took their regular spots in the classroom.

Gohan just put his hand behind his head and laughed nervously.

"Videl, I didn't know you liked scrawny book nerds. Wait until your father finds out, he will have a fit, and order you to date me instead," Sharpner called over the table, unconsciously flexing his muscles as he did so.

"Father already knows, and he approves of Gohan."

"What, did Gohan make some sort of drug for your father that made him think that Gohan was the strongest person on the face of the planet, or did Hercule just feel so bad for the resident book-nerd that he let you two go out, knowing you would break up soon enough."

"For your information, Gohan is stronger than most people, and certainly strong enough for Father to let him date me…" Videl ranted, only to stop when the teacher called her name.

"Videl, did you hear the question I just asked, or were you too busy chatting with your classmates to hear any of it?"

"Sorry, I will pay more attention."

"You had better. Now class, when you take the square of the hypotenuse…" the teacher began to drone on and on about the wonders of geometry, though no one in the class really cared.

Meanwhile, at the Briefs's house:

"Tell me again WHY I have to go with you to school," Trunks stated to his mother during their limo ride to the elementary school. Vegeta shot him a look that said 'If I must go, you must go OR ELSE', but he didn't want to take that as an answer.

"I am there to talk to the students about inventing things for their science projects, and I felt that you would rather be with kids your own age instead of being baby-sat or sent to daycare. And no, you cannot just stay at home and let the employees watch you. Most of them have retraining orders against you, anyway."

"Hey, it's not MY fault that they all hate me!" Trunks exclaimed angrily as his mother just shook her head.

Their limo came to a stop outside of a building that was a little smaller than Orange Star High School. A large sign with the words "West City Elementary" stood off to the side.

"Trunks, your father and I will be with the fifth graders, while you go with the third graders. The class that you will be with is Class 2…"

"Why not Class 1? Shouldn't they be better? I mean, Class 2 should be full of the second best, right?..."

"Actually, Class 2 is the best behaved of all of the classes, which is why you are going there and not to any of the other third grade classes."


As the trio entered the building, they were ambushed by all of teachers and staff, acting as the huge welcoming committee. Bulma had to ask herself 'If they are here, then who are watching their students?'

Bulma's question was answered as they passed down the long hallway. No one. They passed by the littlest kids first. Vegeta heard a noise he was very familiar with. Yep, he heard the noise of a fight. Heck, the fight was between two little kindergarteners, who each wanted to play with the play-doh first, neither willing to share. The screams, cheers, and smacking noises from their fight, however, went unnoticed by the teachers who were so involved with annoying one of the richest people alive.

As they continued down the hallway to the gym, they passed by a few other grades, though the majority of the school was on the higher levels. Even when one of the second grade girls began to screech because a boy had put gum in her hair, the irresponsible teachers did absolutely nothing about it.

Right before they reached the gym (where apparently all of the teachers were going to join the fifth graders in hearing Bulma speak), they passed by Third grade, Class 2, and unceremoniously threw Trunks into the room. The adults just kept on down the hallway, discussing Bulma's greatness (or in Bulma's case her stupidity, or in Vegeta's case…well, he growled a few times. Does that count as talking?)

Trunks looked about the room, only to find that his mother had been right. This was the most behaved class. They just sat in their seats, doing the work that the teacher had put on the board. One would think that they hadn't even noticed that the young demi-saiyan was even in the room, if it hadn't been for a little boy who whispered to his friend "look, there's the son of the rich guy. I wonder what he's like."

Trunks marched to the front of the room, and took all of the attention away from the student's work, and towards himself. Reaching onto the black board (or rather, the green board. Why do all teachers have green chalk boards? They are supposed to be black), he grabbed a piece of chalk, and broke it in half. Taking the pieces, he broke them in half, and so on until he had pieces the size of kernels of corn. Then he began on the next piece, until all of the chalk was that small.

With every snap of the chalk, the students in the room would flinch, as though the chalk was their favorite thing in the world. One brave little girl with bushy brown hair started to yell at Trunks when he reached for the last piece of chalk.

"Why are you doing this to Ms. Barbesta's chalk? She will surly get us all in trouble for it. You'll get in trouble when you get home. You are interrupting with our studies. Why are you doing it?"

Trunks just snapped the last time on the piece of chalk before he answered. "I can do whatever I please, and I just felt like breaking all of the chalk. Geez, you all are boring! What do you do all day, just sit about and do everything that your teachers tell you to do? Don't you have any backbone to you?"

"We would rather not get in any type of trouble. Otherwise, our parents or in my case siblings, would never let us live it down. It is so much easier to just follow orders and do as we are told instead of going out of our way to make trouble…my brothers are the only case I have seen of disobedience, and they are always in trouble," a boy with red hair and freckles said.

"If you think you can get anywhere in life by following orders, then you have another thing coming. Followers get nowhere. Leaders get everywhere. And leaders don't blindly obey everything they are told, even if it is from a 'reliable source'."

"Don't you have something better to do than just sit there and destroy stuff? Can't you, I don't know, do something productive, instead of wasting time and energy?" a boy with slicked back black hair asked. A few gasps erupted through the room. Apparently, he was the closest in the room to Trunk's behavior, and he still degraded him for it. I mean, he was wearing the wrong color badge to show the school he attends ((remember at Orange Star, what they wear? Well, the little kids wear them, too)).

"How about this: we play a game. The winning side decides what we are going to do until the teacher comes back, which I assume will not be for a while, since all of the teachers were crowding my mother."

"What type of game do you speak of?" another boys asked, his black hair pulled into a little rattail. His face was strangely calm, compared to the scared (yet brave) looks of the other students who had spoken out.

"Simple, I ask you a question from my studies at home, only common knowledge, and you gather together to answer it. If you get it right, then you ask me a question. The first side to mess up loses. Does that sound easy enough?"

"Sure. Let's Due…I mean, let's play!" another strange boys asked. His tri-colored hair spiked up in every which direction.

"What is sixteen times three? And, no writing it down," Trunks added as an after statement after he say a few begin to grab a pencil.

"Forty-eight," the girl with the bushy brown hair from before stated without batting an eyelash.


"You're never going to get this one. Who lost to Jackie Chun in the 23rd (right? My Internet is offline, so I cannot look it up…) World Martial Arts Tournament?" a blonde boy with scars (?) on his face asked. A pair of goggles were on top of his head.

"Goku Son," Trunks answered, like the girl, without thinking twice about it.


"Who won the 24th Tournament?" Trunks asked.

"Tien, that it was," another redhead answered, he too, having scars on his face. His purple eyes shined a little bit when Trunks acknowledged the correct answer.

The questions went back and forth, from the topics of history to the topics of math, to science, to random little tidbits that they had learned throughout their lives.

Then, it came down to the fateful question. One of the girls, this one with blue hair (which led to Trunks to wonder the sanity of some of the nerds in the room, as he dubbed them), answered Trunks's question wrong.

The question had been "Who beat Cell?". The class thought that was the stupidest question, and gave it to the bubbly girl with blue hair who had some sort of love for dressing for the past, and for the color pink (for she wore a pink kimono, and looked perfectly comfortable in it).

"Well, it was Mr. Satan, or course!"

"Wrong, it was the pizza boy!" Trunks exclaimed, watching the faces of the students slowly turn against him.

Trunks should have known a few things about the class that he had entered. First of all, none of them know what a joke is (even though Trunks was not lying, he could have at least passed it off as a joke in a different class if needed). Second, all of them had been taught since they were born (for Cell was defeated at the time of their birth) that Cell had been defeated by Mr. Satan. Third, their class had won a prize, letting them ALL see the remake of the Cell Games in theatres when it first came out.

Because of these little things that Trunks was not aware of (or didn't care about), he was surprised when he found that the crowd of students fell out of their "perfect" façade, and into one that was almost murderous. They, as a group, got out of their chairs and started chasing Trunks, who ran down the hallway, passing other classrooms in similar disarray (though for much different reasons).

They ended up in the gymnasium. Bulma looked down at her son as he entered through the large double-doors, and gave him the look that said 'Have-You-Met-Mr.-Frying-Pan-Lately?' Fear washed over Trunks's face as the crowd of kids tackled him. Vegeta was in charge of breaking up the group.

At seeing the children, all of the teachers that were not supposed to be in the meeting suddenly remembered their own students, and rushed out the doors, almost crushing Trunks in the process (though somehow missing the other students).

"Brat, you are going to regret the day you were born!" Vegeta yelled at his son.

In a last ditch effort to have a little bit of fun for the day, Trunks retorted, "Nah, I think YOU will regret the night nine months before I was born."

Vegeta knocked his son out cold immediately, trying not to give anyone the pleasure of seeing him blush.


I have no idea what the numbers of the tournaments are, so if you know, then tell me, and I will have it fixed. If you don't, however, then DON'T BUG ME ABOUT IT!

I hope you all enjoyed the last part of the chapter….I wrote it while I was suffering from boredom and sugar-high.

Try to guess the people in the class, and I will have the pleasure of laughing at all of the wrong answers. And you get the pleasure of getting the right answers, so I guess it all works out, right?

Later note:

List of people (in order of appearance), with name of show, and clue:

Hermione, from Harry Potter (also appears later, she is the girl with bushy hair)

Ron, from Harry Potter (red hair, freckles, and talks about his large family)

Yusuke, from Yu Yu Hakusho (slicked back black hair, wrong color pin, closest to Trunks's behanviour)

Miroku, from Inuyasha (hair in a rattail, calm, the way he talks)

Yugi, from Yu-Gi-Oh (Let's Due...(l), spiky, multicolored hair)

Naruto, from Naruto (goggles on his head, and the scar-things on his face, blonde)

Kenshin, from Ruroni Kenshin (the way he speaks (that it is), and red hair, and a scar, and purple eyes)

Botan, from Yu Yu Hakusho (pink kimono, blue hair, bubbly)

So, if you notice, the characters came from alot of different places, so don't feel bad if you didn't get it right.