A/n: Okay, I was watching Mean Girls like two nights ago and I had got the idea for a story. Now, I am twisting around the storyline around to Mean Guys. Hehe, enjoy. Also, Fox and Ethan are not related.

Chapter 1: Getting to Know Fox

Telling the story childhood is quite different then any of the other children that may tell you their life story. Mine has to do with living out of the country in Europe and never ever stepping foot into a school in my life. I was use to this and for all I know I could have lived that way forever, but I didn't. I realized that life isn't lived without friends.

My name is Nicholas Foxworth Crane. Fox for short. I grew up living around Europe. I lived in Rome, Italy for the first 4 years of my life with my little sister, Veronica, who was 1. I started pre-school with my mother teaching me many things, so basically I was home-schooled.

Now wait a second before you say anything. I liked it. I really liked being home-schooled. It gave me more time to be myself and to spend time with family. When I got into the 5th grade I wasn't home-schooled anymore and I got a private tutor. It was different I do tell you. But, I adjusted and got use to the 45-year-old woman teaching me as we traveled the world. I have been to more countries then ever and I seen every monumental site in the world.

My favorite is the Eiffel Tower in beautiful Paris. I had girlfriend there once. We met at the Eiffel Tower but it didn't last long when she found another guy at a modeling show. When I went to Sudan in the summer with my parents and they were looking at a museum in one of the small towns. My little sister and I went with and we looked at the great art that often came into our life. When I was 17 lives changed rascally for me when mom and dad were offered to start a brand new museum in a little town called Harmony. This time I knew it would be goodbye to traveling and hello to high school.

I had never set foot in a school. Not even a pre-school. I drove by one once. It looked quite interesting. Kids and teachers everywhere, books and paper in an orderly fashion. When I arrived in Harmony, I saw a small dock, which lead to the ocean. I had saw the ocean, a fair share of it and now I was living in this small town. Which meant I could run through the waters once and then do it the next day, which is uncommon for me. I saw a few people hanging by what seems to be a coffee house.

"It's great isn't it?" Ivy asked turning around to the us in the back seat. I looked at her and smiled.

"Mom, this is really scaring me. The first time we are going to actually stay in a town for more then 3 weeks." Veronica said.

"I know, but look at it this way, you will go to school, make new friends. What is the harm in that?" Ivy said to us.

"School? Something we never experienced mom. I mean, what if I don't do well or amount to anything?" I asked.

"Fox honey, don't even worry about anything. You can make friends like you did in Europe." Ivy smiled.

"No Mom. The friends I made in Europe I knew for 2 weeks before I had to leave and I have from them is a address and a name. When I am here, I am going to have friends, while I stay in one place." I looked out the window.

"Don't worry kids. You'll adjust." Julian said from the drivers seat. Ivy sat back in her seat and started to look for the house. Once in the neighborhood, Veronica smiled at the homes that were huge. She wanted to live in one. She had seen them in rich cities in Paris and she often wanted one. I looked at my sister and smiled. I took care of her for quite some time.

"Look kids, we're here." Ivy said. Veronica and I looked out the right window and saw a giant house. It had to be 3 stories. It was beautiful, like the ones you see in the movies. I smiled and opened my door.

"Wow, it's big." Veronica said running up the driveway. I followed her as she ran threw the frontward garden in enjoyment.

"Mom, this is so big." I said as she looked at us happily.

"I know, but this is our home for quite awhile." Ivy said as Julian got out at talked to the moving truck men. I walked around to the back gate, which was painted white. I unhooked the gate lock and walked around back. There was a tennis court up the small hill and a spa. I was sunned. This was the house of my dreams. I saw a small basketball court on the side.

"Fox?" Veronica said my name looking for me.

"Yeah?" I said turning around.

"This is great. Our own house! Our own rooms!" she smiled.

"I know. The tour bus was so small compared to this. At least we won't have to share a room anymore." I said padding my sister on the back.

"Are you scared?" Veronica asked.

"Scared? Of what?" I asked.

"This school thing. I mean, you're going to be a junior and I am starting in the middle of my freshman year." She said sitting on the porch steps looking out to the house grassed yard.

"I am nervous but not scared. Come on V. Don't be scared." I said sitting next to her and giving her a brotherly hug. "Think about this. Monday, I will take you to your first class, whatever it is. And I don't care what the other guys say about me, I want to take my sister to class because I am caring and sensitive and worried about her."

"Fox, you're the best brother anyone could ask for." Veronica said. I hugged her again and let go.

"What do you think people will think of me?" I asked her.

"That you're the nicest guy ever and all the girls will drool over you." Veronica said laughing.

"Kids, come see the inside of the house!" Ivy yelled from the frontyard. I stood up and grabbed Veronica hand and helped her up. We walked to the front door which was now opened and looked around inside. The house was big on the outside, no doubt about it. But the inside, was bigger! And Monday, we would start school!