A/n: Here is chapter 2. Okay, note, Sheridan isn't related to Julian and isn't dating Luis. Yet!

Chapter 2: 1st Day of School

Waking up, I felt rushed to get ready for school. I dressed like I normally do. I rushed downstairs and packed my school bag together.

"So, I am driving you to kids to school?" Julian said reading the newspaper.

"Um, dad, would you mind if I took the car?" I said sitting down starting to eat the pancakes Mom had cooked up for me.

"Well, I don't know, I mean look what happened in Paris, you stayed out all night." Julian said setting the paper down.

"Dad, that was an accident. The tire went flat and you didn't even have a spare in your car." I said reminding him of his mistake.

"Oh Julian dear, don't tease the boy. Just let him take the car. He is almost 18." Ivy said standing over the oven in the kitchen.

"Alright, take it. The keys are on the hook and no after school joy riding. Wait for your sister. She is still getting dressed." Julian said picking up the paper again and continued to read. I was so happy; I was starting my 1st day of school, taking my dad's car, and well, just so excited.

"Fox, remember, follow the teachers, I don't want any calls home. Although I know you're a good student. I should know, I helped teach you." Ivy said. I laughed and nodded placing my backpack on my back.

"V! Come on, I have to get going!" I yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

"Sorry, I couldn't find anything to wear. Then I finally decided on my Hindu skirt and Indian top but could find the shoes I wanted so I had to dig through my closet." Victoria said.

"Have a good day honey, here is your lunch money." Ivy said handing both Victoria and I money.

"Alright, bye mom." I said trying to get out of the house. We got out and got into the car and sat down.

"Fox, will you play that German CD that I really like." Victoria said smiling nicely.

"Of course, but I know, once we pull into the high school, there are going to be people who are going to wonder what the hell we are listening to." I said laughing.

"And we can say, German Metal of course." Victoria said. I laughed and turned on the car and Vikki and I started to sing Moskta by Rammstein.

"How much do you want to bet that we are the only people in the high school that know German?" I asked her.

"Oh, I wouldn't make a bet, because, we are going to be the only ones." Vikki said. I drove of heading towards the high school. Driving up, I saw a bunch of students sitting under the trees talking with friends. I parked the car in a space that I saw open and got out with Vikki.

"This looks nice huh?" I said but Vikki didn't answer. I looked over and saw how nervous she looked. "Hey, V, don't be nervous. I will be here all day. If you need me, come find me." All she could say was, well, nothing but a nod in reply. I walked along with her looking down at my schedule. "My homeroom is over there. Where are you located?" I asked Vikki.

"Room 344." Vikki said in silence. She saw a few girls looking at her and then they walked up to her.

"Hi, I am Andi and this is Sandy. We noticed that you were new." Andi said.

"Yeah. I am Victoria Crane. People call me Vikki." Vikki said.

"Who's homeroom are you in?" Sandy asked her.

"Um, Mr. Grandy." Vikki said looking at her classes.

"Oh, same as us. We can show you you're way." Andi said.

"See, nice people V. Now, you girls take care of her. She is nervous." I laughed.

"No problem. Are you her brother?" Sandy asked.

"Yep, Nicholas Foxworth Crane, but people call me Fox." I said smiling. Andi smiled at me.

"Nice to meet you." Sandy and Andi said in a trace. Vikki laughed and they started to walked away.

"Gosh, your brother is so cute." Andi said walking off.

"I heard that." I said as they got out of site. I saw the room I needed to enter and I walked in. I saw a few empty seats across the room. One next to a extremely tall redhead who was making out with her boyfriend and a few in the back. I stood there wondering were to sit.

"Hi class!" Mrs. Wallace said entering the classroom. I turned around and saw a lady who was in her mid 40's. "Who are you?" She asked me.

"Oh, I am Nicholas Crane. I am a new student. The one who traveled the world. I don't know if you heard about me or not." I said.

"Oh, I did. I just forget. It's nice to meet you. You can sit anywhere you want. I don't mind." She said to me. I took a seat next to a guy wearing a bit of black and a girl with hair as golden as the sky. I didn't say a word as they chatted up about the day. Then, they looked over at me and I smiled.

"You traveled the world?" The young man said.

"Yep, I have seen almost every country." I implied looking at his brown hair that was shaggy and sort of flew into his face.

"Well, have you been to Sudan?" the man asked.

"Yes, 3 times actually." I said smiling.

"Cool, their needs to be world peace over there. I am Dylan." Dylan said holding out his hand towards me. I shook it being nice and then a tall blonde head girl turned around.

"Dylan, are you giving this young man trouble?" She said looking at me.

"Nope, Sheridan. This is, Fox?" Dylan asked with a look of unsure ness.

"Yep, nice to meet you." I said shaking Sheridan's hand.

"Yes, very nice to meet you. I am Sheridan. One of Dylan's friends." She smiled.

"You are one of the first people who have been nice to me." I said.

"Well, this school is filled with cliques. Just trust me, we are the closest friends that you have." Sheridan said. I smiled because, even though I barely knew these people, I feel like I knew them forever. I looked down at my schedule and saw that I had English.

"It was nice to meet you two." I said standing up and walking out the door to find the class that I had. My day was like that. I was fairly okay. I sat at a table alone at lunch. Then Vikki and I went home. Mom and Dad asked us how are day was and we replied in fine. Tomorrow would be fairly different in my mind of state.