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Above the Clouds, Into the Water

It was a foggy day over the vast ocean. The fog was thicker than pea soup. The ocean was colder than ice. Even though it was day, the fog prevented any sunlight to be seen. It was not safe to travel in these conditions. But that didn't stop three kids and a lemur on a flying bison. Ange, Katara, and Sakka were traveling to the North Pole in hopes that Ange and Katara could master Water Bending. Sakka was along to thrash some Fire Benders along the way. The only problem was they didn't know exactly where the North Pole was. It didn't help that they were in the fog either. Sakka finally blew his top.

"How could you not know how to get to the North Pole? All you have to do is head north! It's not that hard!"

"Give him a break, Sakka," his sister said. "He hasn't been to the North Pole before. And considering he's been in a block of ice for one hundred years, I wouldn't complain."

"Whatever," Sakka continued. "Ever since we've met him, he's caused us nothing but trouble."

"But he's always saving our butts, too. I don't see you doing anything." Sakka gave up. He didn't know what he hated more; her being right or him being beat by a girl. He just sat there at the end of Apa and huffed at her. Katara had other things to do. She wanted to talk to Ange about the situation. They had been able to outrun the Zuko and the Fire Nation for awhile, but there was still the issue of food. They hadn't seen land in almost a week and they were short on food.

"Ange, do you know if we'll find land soon? We need to get out of this fog." Ange wasn't listening to her. He seemed to be in a trance. Katara was getting angry, but she was patient. Apa started to move above the clouds. "Ange, we need to find some food." She started snapping her fingers at him. "Ange, are you alright?" Ange was the one that got mad this time.

"What do you want? I'm trying to meditate!" he snapped at her. She was surprised. He had never yelled at her before.

"Ange, what's wrong?"

"Nothing was wrong until you interrupted me." She couldn't believe his bitter words. "Find something better to do besides pester me." He returned to his meditated state. Katara was almost in tears. She wanted nothing more to run away. But where? They were on top of a flying bison. The only way to get off was for Apa to land or for her to jump into the icy water. She decided to wait until they got to dry land.

Just then, she heard a screeching sound. She looked up and saw a giant hawk swooping down towards Ange. "Ange, look out!" He didn't respond. He was still meditating. Sakka had already drawn his boomerang, but he wouldn't be able to reach Ange in time. As the hawk flew to the unsuspecting Ange, Katara did the only thing she could do; she dove for Ange and pushed him out of the way. Unfortunate for her, the hawk hit her and sent her flying off Apa. Ange shook into consciousness.

"What was that…" Then he saw Katara falling into the fog, screaming for him.


"Katara!" he yelled as he watched his friend disappear into the fog. He couldn't do anything for her now. He and Sakka had to fight the hawk. So he grabbed his staff and sent a gust of air at the beast. It was so powerful that it blew its feathers off and sent it falling into the ocean. "Apa, dive." The bison dove into the fog and came above the sea. "Katara!" There was no answer. "Katara!" He yelled her name in vain. Sakka finally rested a hand on Ange's shoulder.

"The fog is too thick. We won't find her till it clears."

"I hope you're right, Sakka."

A Fire Nation boat sailed through the ocean. It had been stuck in the fog for almost a day. One soldier was scouting when he thought he saw something in the water. He threw a fireball next to it and saw that it was a young girl in an Eskimo suit floating on a log. "Hurry! Woman overboard!" The men lowered a boat into the water and picked her up. When they got her on deck, their captain Zuko came from below.

"What's going on?" he asked. "What's all the ruckus?"

"We found this girl floating in the water, sir," the scout said. Zuko noticed who she was. She was the one who traveled with the Avatar. He knelt down to check her vital signs. Her pulse was weak and she wasn't breathing. He started giving her CPR, but after an abdomen thrust water gushed out of her mouth. She coughed and opened her eyes, but only for a moment. She only caught the prince's few words before passing out.

"Put her in a cell near a fire and give her some blankets. Make sure she is well guarded. I want to know when she wakes up." As they carried her away, a smile grew across the prince's face. "I can't wait to talk to you, Katara."

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