Ok, when I wrote this story, I thought that I should kill Katara off somewhere around chapter five or six. But because of a number of requests, I've decided to write two alternate endings for this story: One where Katara picks Aang and one where Katara picks Zuko. Personally, I would rather have Zuko and Katara end up together in my story, but I want Aang and Katara in the TV series. So which ever ending you prefer, whether it be Katara/Aang or Katara/Zuko, you can decide which chapter to read. Or if you are really bored, you can read them both. Enjoy.

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A/N: Takes place during the battle because I didn't want to write the entire battle scene. You guys know what is happening.

Alternate Ending: Zuko/Katara

Aang and Zuko panted as they rested from fighting. It seemed like the battle had lasted for hours even though they had only been fighting for about twenty minutes. Both boys were wounded pretty badly. Katara wanted to stop them. But how could she? She knew that they were too strong for her. But she had to try.

Aang laughed as he faced his opponent. "Why are you trying to steal my girlfriend? She is mine and it would be a disgrace for a firebender to marry a waterbender. You are nothing but a pathetic disgraced prince. I will kill you for stealing her!" He activated his Avatar powers ready to destroy the prince. "I will destroy this whole city."

"He can't," Katara said. "He has to stop. He will destroy the whole continent with that power. Has he gone mad?" Katara watched as Zuko threw fire at the Avatar. It wasn't enough. He didn't have enough power to stop the monk boy.

Katara immediately ran to Zuko's side ready to fight. "Katara, what are you doing?" the prince asked. "You're going to get yourself killed."

"At least I'll do it by your side." Zuko looked at her in amazement. "I love you, Zuko. Ever since the day I saw you I fell in love with you, even if I didn't show it. I will be by your side forever. Right now we have to stop Aang from destroying the nation." Zuko nodded as they both powered up for the final attack. When the fire and water hit Aang it caused a giant explosion. It blew up the entire stadium but no one was killed.

As the smoke cleared, Zuko and Katara stood up supporting each other. They saw that Aang was lying on the ground unconscious. It was finally over.

Aang woke up in the infirmary the next day with Katara at his side. He was so happy to see her that he immediately embraced her. After that he fell back on his bed in pain. "Careful, Aang. You were hurt pretty bad."

"I don't care. I'm just glad that you're ok. When I get better, we can go back to the South Pole together." Katara stared at Aang with sadness. "What's wrong, Katara?"

"I can't go back with you, Aang. I love you, but I love Zuko. I realized that I am meant to be together. It would never work, you and I. You would be out protecting the world and we would never be together. I have a chance to do something for these people. Please understand." Aang touched Katara's cheek and smiled.

"I understand completely. I only want you to be happy. And if that means being here with Zuko, then you have my blessings." Katara smiled as tears ran down her face. She then kissed him as she left the room.

"Get some rest. I'll see you in the morning."

It had been almost a week since Aang came to find Katara. He had completely healed from the incident. Being the Avatar, he could heal quickly. Aang had agreed to let Katara stay with Zuko. They planned on getting married in six months so he would attend when the time came.

Zuko was being very generous about Aang. After some persuasion from Katara, he decided to call off all hunts for the Avatar instead of having him executed. Zuko, after being named Lord of the Fire Nation, called the war off as well.

Katara hugged her brother and Aang just as they were leaving. "Remember, Aang, come visit me whenever you want. I'm never too far."

"I know," the monk said as they flew into the horizon on Appa. Katara turned to Zuko and kissed him.

"You know that I will always love you, right?" she asked. Zuko nodded

"And I you, my love," he said as he pulled her into a passionate kiss. They knew that they would always be there for each other. They would never let go of each other, even if it meant saving the world.

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