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She pulled her bag onto her lap, watching the seat belt sign blink red as the captain's announcements filled the plane. An elderly man, lacking in both hair and tic-tacs sat next to her, his head bobbing as he snored. She tucked a strand on her dark hair behind her ear, wondering what she was doing.

"Buffy, you can't not help him, damn it. He's the love of your life,"

She didn't know which one she was referring to as she said that, Angel or Spike, but it didn't matter now. Either way her sister said no, and ran off to allow the two people who loved her completely to die. And so, in a vain attempt to save them, she had packed her bag and taken off for L.A. She'd be damned if she let them die, she'd sooner die first.

No one picked her up at the airport, which was understandable because no one knew she was coming.

"I need to rent a car," I informed the woman.

"Name," She requested.

"Dawn. Dawn Summers," She handed Dawn the keys fifteen minutes later, who glanced at her watch as she walked towards the car they assigned her. She didn't bother seeing the brand, or hell even the color, and sped off towards Wolfram and Hart. The building was crumbling, and she stared at it for a moment. "Aw shit," She pulled a map from her bag, and quickly got out of the car. Pining it to the ground with rocks from the building, she pulled out the cross Angel gave Buffy years ago. Dawn stared at it, knowing how her sister hadn't worn it since she met the Immortal. It had been easy to snatch it from her jewelry box. She stood back, dropping the cross. The point of it stuck into an address. The address of the Hyperion hotel. Quickly gathering her supplies, Dawn hopped back into the car and drove as fast as the small car would allow her. A block away from the hotel, she realized just how hard it would be for her to get past the wall of demons facing away from her. She parked the car, rushing into the nearest, non-demon-infested ally. She jumped, grabbing a-hold the fire escape and climbing to the top. She jumped from building to building, settling herself on the roof of the one overlooking the ally. Spike, Angel, Illyria, and a half-dead Gunn. She momentarily shook her head, wondering how they had gone from so many to four. She pulled four candles from her bag, creating a square around her. Lighting them for east to west, she focused on her inner key and began chanting. A green light shot from her, surrounding the champions below in it.

"What the bloody hell," Spike demanded, looking around as the demons crashed against a force field.

"Figured you could use a hand," Dawn called from the roof, smiling in delight at the look on the four people's faces. She quickly climbed down from the room, swinging from ledge to ledge.

"Is Buffy here?" Spike and Angel asked at the same time, and Dawn pushed back the feeling of inferiority.

"Nope, just little old me,"

"Did Willow do this?" Angel looked at the force field with awe.

"Let's just say I've picked up a few tricks in the past year," She turned her focus to Gunn. "Come here," He staggered towards her. She quickly removed his tattered shirt, wincing at the large gash. "Anyone ever tell you you're supposed to keep that red stuff on the inside?" She smiled, pulled a jar of white cream from her bag.

"Spike said the same thing," Gunn said, his eyes landing on the blonde vampire, who looked onto the girl with pride. He had heard the slayer's sister mentioned before, mainly by Spike.

"Hold still, alright?" He nodded, and Dawn said something over the cream before carefully applying it to the wound. She closed her eyes and said something else. The wound came together, and she focused on the tissue mending, the veins closing, the organs replacing to their correct places. Her eyes popped open, glowing green, and she muttered something else before stumbling back. Gunn did the same, landing in Illyria's arms.

"Woah," Gunn laughed, his fingers tracing the scar.

"Sorry I can't make the scar go away. I cant only heal the tissues, not the memories and scars help remind us of that. It's really kind of complicated," She stood up, brushing dirt from her jeans before turning towards the God-King. "I've heard of you. Apparently we're related,"

"I see this. You are very powerful, from my people,"

"How did you do that?" Spike asked, staring at her with intent.

"The little one is my family. Another God from my people,"

"God?" Angel, Spike, and Gunn's voices echoed throughout the small enclosed space, and Dawn simply smiled sheepishly.