Dawn walked next to Angel, quickly taking in the surrounding area. Lawyers, demons, and weird bald men giving her strange looks. Angel caught the man's stare and casually draped an arm around her. She smiled up at him, brushing the wrinkles out of her skirt. She had appeared in a light blue cashmere top and a mid-thigh length black skirt. Boats the reached her mid-calf graced her feet and her hair was done in curls. It was the outfit she had worn that same day in Rome. The past Dawn (or was it present?) was wearing the exact same thing. They entered Angel's office to see a green demon, clad in a bright orange suit seated on the loveseat talking on a cell phone.

"Ciao sweetheart," He muttered to the other person before clicking it shut and standing up. He extended a hand to her and Dawn smiled. "Angel, why didn't you mention you had such a pretty little thing around the building, I would have been here sooner," He winked and her smile only widened.

"Dawn, this is Lorne," She placed her hand in his and raised a mental block. She could sense that the man was an empathy demon the second she entered the room. Last thing she wanted was for him to mess up her plan. Instead when he read her, he saw the mind of the girl she had been before.

"It's nice to meet you," Dawn told him, and he released her hand.

"Dawn, how bout you take a seat while I got tell Harmony to page the rest of the team," She nodded and sat next to Lorne.

"So, how do you know, Angelcakes,"

"He dated my sister," Recognition hit Lorne, he knew her. She was the girl he saw when he read Spike. She was little Dawn Summers, the Slayers sister. "Yes, Buffy." She answered, not even having to read his mind to know what was flashing through it.

"And you're here because she asked you to stop us, right?" He sounded agitated and she almost laughed.

"No. I'm here to help,"

"And what are you going to do?" Gunn asked as he entered the room. His voice was bitter and she realized just how fresh the wounds from Fred's death were. He probably thought of her as just another little girl they were going to get killed.

"Dawn is highly trained by her sister. She knows physical defense and I believe you have had some training with Willow, right?" Dawn nodded.

"I'll never be nearly as powerful as her but we found a way for me to control and use the Key,"

"The Key?" Lorne asked, noticing how much power radiated off the girl.

"Peaches, why is Harmony trying so bad to keep me out of here…." His voice trailed off as his vision focused on Dawn. She took him in, seeing how different he looked then how he did after the battle. His hair was carefully gelled back, his trademark leather coat on. He looked so different then when she first met him. He looked less lonely. Less like empty. She stood up, feinting hurt. "Niblet…" He whispered, but before he could say anything else she had punched him. Same way, same place as she had before they had done the spell. He fell to the ground and looked up at her. She knelt next to him.

"Now we're even," She told him, hugging him tightly. The rest of the room watched the display quietly; they had never seen the blonde vampire so emotional. "I love you, Spike," She whispered to him and he began to cry into her shoulder. She wasn't too sure why, since this hadn't happened before but she embraced it. She held him as she cried and ignored the fact that the room cleared out. She rubbed his back slightly, only stopping when he fell asleep. She just lay down, resting her head on his chest and allowed sleep to overcome her too.

Angel checked on them three hours later to find the two on the floor of his office, hudled together and holding each other like they would never let go. As much as he hated his grandchilde seeing how loved he was by his ex's sister made him smile. And the smile didn't leave his face for long after he closed the door and informed everyone not to bother them.

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