Vacation of a lifetime

Disclaimer: I own nothing. This is inspired by "pirated", but I own nothing. This is my first Miami fanfic, but what? I own nothing. Onward to the story (that, did I mention I don't own?)!

Author's Note: Okay, like I said, I got a lot of ideas from "pirated." Also, this starts as a Calliegh/Other, but will change to a little Calliegh/Eric. I'm not a shipper of any kind, so if it does go, it won't go far. Hope you enjoy, and as always, please review.

A private yacht splashes through the water. Calliegh and her boyfriend Mark Roberts stand on the deck together.

"This is wonderful!" She shouts over the waves. "I can't believe your brother let us tag along!"

"It's was the only way our mom would let him and his girlfriend rent the boat," Mark explained. "Three couples plus the captain, minimum."

"Three? Harsh mom."

"Yah, but still. We're already breaking rules. We haven't gotten the third couple yet. Don't have to pick them up for another few hours." Calliegh laughed and Mark brought her closer to him.

"Still," he said, "This will be nice."

"I hope so," She replied. Mark kissed the top of her blonde head.

Eric moves quickly through the hallway, dressed in khaki shorts and a faded orange t-shirt. He stops at every door he comes to and looks in. Horatio catches up with him and walks along.

"Hey, I thought you'd be gone by now." He says.

"Yah, we were just leaving, but I had to stop back here to drop a sample off for Calliegh. Have you seen her?"

"Eric, she left yesterday after work." Now, Eric remembers.

"Oh, yah. Oops."

"So, what you just left your girlfriend in the car?"

"No," Eric said defensively. "She's…in the lobby."

"You are the charmer aren't you?" Horatio replied smiling.

"Yah, I'll see you in a week H." Horatio nodded and heard his phone ringing.

"Caine." After a long pause, "Okay I'll talk to him. Yah, I know there's no other choice, but I am not all for putting him in danger." Another long pause during witch he sighs multiple times, "If anything goes wrong, I will blame you." He hangs up angrily and runs out.

In the parking lot, he runs up to Eric's car. His girlfriend is sitting inside, and he is preparing to get in.

"Eric," he calls out. Eric pauses, and looks toward Horatio. He glances inside the car before shutting the door and meeting Horatio.


"Eric, something came up and-" Horatio was interrupted by Eric.

"H, no way. I'm going on vacation."

"Yes, you're going on vacation. But, while your there your going to be doing Miami a favor." Eric glances at his car again, before nodding to Horatio.

"What is it?"

"Glad you're on board Delco. Okay, there is a suspected terrorist on board a yacht that carries a fair amount of people. It's the one you and your girlfriend were going to cruise on." He pauses to let Eric's response come.

"You're kidding." He said in awe.

"Afraid not. They want you to monitor the situation before we make a move. Now, no one knows what part the terrorist is playing. It could be anyone, so trust no one. Just be careful, okay. You will need to check in your position every day, and if we don't here from you in twenty-four hours, we'll go and find you."

"What about Jesse?" Eric motions to his car. Horatio shakes his head.

"She can't know." Eric runs a hand through his hair. "Eric, I know, it's not my first choice either, but you can get this guy."

Eric sighs, and then concedes. "Okay."

"Good man, Eric," Horatio nods to Eric and turns to leave. Eric goes back to his car and puts on the best show he can. He gives Jesse a reassuring smile and they drive off.