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Two days later, Calleigh gratefully left the hospital. Since her foot was totally useless for now, she needed a little extra help getting along. Eric just so happened to be around, and offered a place to stay.

The drive to Eric's was quiet, mainly because Calleigh was still up on painkillers. Eric parked the car and went over to help Calleigh out of the car.

"I'm fine." She mumbled trying to get out herself. She stumbled, but was caught by Eric's strong arms. She flushed for a moment before letting Eric help her inside.

Calleigh's first impression of Eric's house would have been a pigsty, but it was quite the opposite. Every book had a place on the shelf; there was no random disregarded clothing about; and he had decorated the walls with warm pictures. Eric glanced unsurely at Calleigh, waiting for her opinion.

"It's not much." he mumbled.

"It's great," Calleigh commented smiling. Eric blushed, swinging Calleigh bag off his shoulders.

"I'll go put this in my spare room. You'll prefer that over the couch."

Eric served T.V. dinners, not willing to make Calleigh eat his horrific cooking. She didn't mind; it was better than hospital food.

"I normally would get fast food, but these were more convenient." Eric said through potatoes.

"Don't talk with your mouth full," Calleigh snapped playfully, even though she appreciated his thoughtfulness. Eric swallowed and poked his tongue out.

"Make me," he replied childishly. Calleigh smiled.

"You are the biggest kid I know," she said in an undertone, shaking her head. She looked up in time to see a pea flying her way. She let out a small scream, flinching. "Eric Delco! What would your mother say?"

"What she doesn't know won't hurt her," he played along, launching an entire army of peas at Calleigh.

"Hmph!" Calleigh joined in casually flicking some potatoes at him. She hit dead on.

"What?" Eric looked stunned at his splashed shirt. "Not cool!"

"You should know not to pick a food fight with a ballistics expert!" Calleigh retorted, hitting him again. So much for dinner.

By the time the children were done playing, the dining table was a mess, along with their persons.

"I'm taking a shower," Calleigh called from the hallway.

"Not before me!" Eric shouted back from the dining room.

"Wanna bet…I'll race you?" Calleigh heard Eric get up and poke his head around the corner to face Calleigh.

"You are so weird." Eric said before going back. Taking that as Eric's forfeit for the shower, she proceeded in.

Twenty minuets later Calleigh left the bathroom, or at least, tried to leave. The door was jammed. Cursing, she eased herself down to look under the door. There was a chair wedged in the handle. As quietly as she could, she poked her crutch under the door and knocked the chair out. She painfully got up and slowly made her way to the kitchen.

Not to her surprise, Eric hadn't finished cleaning up yet. She grabbed one of the ruined T.V. dinners and went into the living room. Thankfully, Eric had his back to her and was oblivious to her presence. She threw the plate at the back of his head, making him yelp in surprise. The food was everywhere.

Calleigh sat down comfortably, smiling innocently at Eric.

"You can take your shower now,"

Eric stared at her in awe for a second before running to the bathrooms, calling out behind him,

"This means war Calleigh Duquesne!"

Calleigh looked up at Eric as he walked back in.

"What do you want to play for now?" she asked.

Eric thought. "How about the most comfortable bed in the house?"

Calleigh smiled. It was promising. "Okay."

"What do you want to play?"

"I'm tired. How about something easy like cards?" Eric shook his head.

"The same person who dumped food on my head wants to play cards." He laughed. Calleigh smiled, but wasn't lying about being tired. "Okay, cards then. One hand wins all."

"That's they way I like it." Calleigh replied. They got out the cards and sat around the coffee table.

"I bet ten," Calleigh put her blue chip in the 'pot.'

"Ten it is," Eric also added his chip. Calleigh replaced one card, while Eric took two.

"Ten more," Calleigh stated again, putting her chip in.

"Call," Eric answered. He was nervous now! Calleigh threw down her hand. It was a strait flush-ten high. Eric's heart skipped several beats, laying down his hand.

Strait flush-ten high. They looked at each other, before Calleigh stated,

"It's a tie. I guess we'll have to share the prize." Without missing a beat, Eric stood up, grabbed Calleigh, and let her to his room, abandoning all else in the world, and smiling like he had never smiled before.