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CH 1

"I could do it...I could just end all of this right now," Sora Ishida found herself realizing as she stared down at the magnificent view of Tokyo from beneath her company, Demure Amor. "Just one little jump and I could find myself flying towards the unknown..."

"My God, what am I thinking?", she wailed aloud, clapping a beautifully manicured hand over her delicate features before sinking down into her over-stuffed executive's chair with an exasperated sigh. Casting her dejected gaze over toward the picture frame positioned directly beside her elbow, Sora couldn't help but let out a groan and slam it down face-first so that she didn't have to look at her husband.

The whole truth of the matter was that her marriage with Matt was falling apart, yet neither wanted to openly admit it to the other. Their entire relationship had been built on pride, thus why it was the sole element that still held them together.

Sora would never admit it, yet she had become quite the nagging, worrywart sort of wife ever since she had discovered that most of the calls that Matt had made on his cell phone over the past few months were to her best friend, Mimi Tachikawa.

Mimi was a very beautiful, talented young actress on Broadway and was clearly on her way to the top, which was exactly what Matt's excuse had been for calling her all those times. According to her husband, he was merely offering her moral support and congratulating her on a job well done. Sora, being the naturally trusting woman that she was, had accepted his excuse without even giving him a full-blown interrogation, thus allowing their lives to go on as if nothing had ever happened. Until now...

Matt had recently scheduled an appointment that would take him out of town for about two weeks, yet he had neglected to realize that their anniversary laid within that very timeframe. This hurt Sora deeply, yes, yet she didn't want to be a bother and kept her mouth shut. After all, she was still very much in love with her husband and wanted to believe that he wasn't at all capable of ill-will or adultery. If her suspicions turned out to be faulty, she would be accused of being a terrible wife, and she most certainly could not let that happen.

"Mrs. Ishida?"

Sora glanced down disinterestedly at her intercom, then sighed. "Yes?"

"A Mr. Kamiya is here to see you...he says he's got a dress that you will be very interested in purchasing."

Sora couldn't help but gasp upon hearing that name...Kamiya.

Tai Kamiya.

Yes, it had been several years since she had been blessed to see her best friend's cocksure, smiling face, yet why now, of all times? And with a dress? Since when was Tai involved in the fashion industry? Oh, God, had he possibly turned gay?


"Oh!", Sora exclaimed, immediately being brought back to reality. "Yes, Olivia...send him up. Send him up right away!"

Switching her intercom off without so much as a goodbye to her diligent employee, Sora anxiously leaned back in her chair and stared at the two double doors before her, subconsciously chewing the inside of her cheek as she found herself wondering what he could possibly look like. After all, it had been six years, and people tended to change drastically over such a large timeframe.

Would he be just as handsome as his teenage years? Tall? Fat? Possibly bald? That very thought alone caused the redhead to let out an unexpected titter, fore picturing her best friend with a bald spot amidst his massively wild hair was enough to bring her rolling on the floor with delight.


Sora froze, her gaze suddenly locking with the young man's that was peering in cautiously from behind the double doors, her throat seemingly closing up as she breathed in response, "Tai?"

The brunette grinned broadly. "Hello, Sora."

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