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The Yu Yu Gang stood in front of this huge building that would lead them to the end of the earth.

"Should we go in? I mean it looks a little spooky in there," Kuwabara muttered.

"Ofcourse we're going in there! How do you expect us to defeat this enemy? Throw teddy bears at it?" Hiei fussed.

"You can't tell me that you are scared Kuwabara," Yusuke said.

"Well, I might be a litle bit...um...scared..." Kuwabara mummbled.

"Don't worry. We'll be here with you when you go in," Kurama tried to comfort him.

"Just stay out of my way," Hiei said and blew up the doors.

"Nice way to enter there, Britt," Kaira said as she rolled her eyes.

"What? If I'm going to play as Hiei, I've got to act the part!" she whined into the mouth piece.

"Are you guys done complaining or can we go in now?" Came Krissy's voice.

"Yeah, I wanna go kick some butt!" Tori added.

"You know, your acting more like Yusuke's part rather than Kuwabara's, Tori," Kaira said.

"Yeah, so stop stealin' my lines!" Krissy hissed.

"Ok ok, sorry!Geezz" Tori sighed.

"Ahh! You guys! I need help! Hiei can't do everything for himself here!" Britt yelled.

They were all playing Ps2 on the internet connection and they all were playing as Yu Yu Hakusho people. Kaira as Kurama, Britt as Hiei, Krissy as Yusuke, and Tori as Kuwabara. Right now, they were getting the mess get beaten out of them for not paying attention. Alive Zombie people were attacking them and winning.

"Well if Hiei didn't blow up the door then maybe we wouldn't of lost!" Krissy yelled.

"Sorry! But if I remember, you guys where the ones not paying attention and fussing about silly things," Britt said trying to save herself another arguement.

Just then they all heard a crash outside their houses.

"Did you guys hear that?" Tori asked.

"I would have something to say to that, but it happened here too so I can't," Krissy said sadly missing another chance to prove herself right.

"Yeah at mine too," Britt said.

"I'm creeped out you guys, I think I hear somebody outside my door," Kaira whispered.

"I think that you are just-ding dong-crazy?" Krissy's voice became questionable.

"I'm going to go see who it is be back in a jip!" Britt said all loud and happy, apparently not listening to what the others had been saying.

The girls could hear her answer the door and everything got quiet. So naturally, they listened harder.

"HEY GUYS!" She came back and everybody jumped from the sudden loud noise.

"Ooooohh, Ow! What!" Tori complained.

"You will never believe who is in my house!" She said excitedly.

"The Easter Bunny?" Kaira said.

"No no, Way better! It's Hiei!"

The moment she said that, all the girls busted up laughing.

"What? It's the truth!" Britt whined.

"Yeah, and I bet Kurama's at my door," Kaira laughed.

"I'm sorry to but the door was open. I hope you don't think I'm rude for intruding," a smooth voice said from behind her.

"Um guys...I don't think she's kidding," Kaira said as she turned around.

"What? You can't actually believe her!" Krissy said shocked.

"What? Is he really there? Ow! Hey man! Watch it! All you had to do was ask! Sheesh..." Britt seemed distant for a bit and then a guys voice came on the line.

"Kurama, what the heck is going on?"

"Whoa! Not really possible?" Krissy said a little shaken from seeing a large blast of energy go by her window.

"Do you mind if I use that?" Kurama asked Kaira.

"Oh sure! Go right ahead!" She said as she gave him the head piece.

"Hey girls! How are you doing?" an irritable voice came on the line.

"Go away baka!" Hiei grumbled.

"Well, since everyone else is here, I wonder where Yusuke is?" Kurama asked.

"Oh, he's here. Heh heh. I'm just wondering what he's shooting at," Krissy said a little distant.

"Well go let him in you stupid human," Hiei growled.

"Well well! Somebody sounds grumpy," that voice said again.

"Kuwabara, where'd you come from?" Tori asked.

"Uh, really I have no clue! Heh heh heh..." he said as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Hi guys! I'm sorry to who ever's cat I shot," Yusuke said.

"WHAT! You better not of shot my cat!" Britt yelled into the mouth piece, which got her shoved to the floor by Hiei.

Kurama looked at Kaira. "Do you happen to own a cat?" He asked.

"Nope! I'm allergic to cats, but I have a dog around here somewhere," Kaira said.

"Ok good. Just checking."

"Well it wasn't my cat, she's still here with me," Tori said on the line.

"Well, it must of been a stray. This humans cat is here too," Hiei muttered.

In the background Britt is trying to be cute to the cat. A/n: You know, how they do to babies to make them laugh and stuff?

"Um, I hope you didn't own a cat. I might of shot it," Yusuke said to Krissy.

"I do but my cat is sitting over there on the chair," She said.

"Thats nice now I'd like to know what the heck happened?" Hiei yelled to get everyones attention. Then he looked at the game the girls had been playing.

"What is this?" he asked in thought.

"What is what Hiei?" Kurama asked his friend.

"It's called a game system, duh." Britt smarted off to Hiei.

"Watch your mouth human," Hiei Growled again.

"My name is Britt! Get it right! Geez.."

"May I ask you what they might be talking about Kaira?" Kurama asked.

"Oh yeah. They are probably talking about this. points to a Ps2. It's called a Playstaion 2. We were playing a game called Yu Yu Hakusho Mysteries when we got killed and then you guys fell from the sky outside. And by the way, you guys are the main characters of this game." Kaira finished explaining.

"WHAT?" All the guys said at once after hearing what was just said.