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The bat came down and hit a table that was behind Kaira. "Talk about luck.." she mummbled and ran for the door.

"Kaira! Get back here!" Britt yelled after her.

"There's no way I'm going back in there!" she shouted back, but slowed down. "Am I seeing things, or is the hallway starting to morph?" That was the last thing she thought before the familiar darkness consumed her.

(Back with the others...)

"He's getting so strong! Are you sure we can beat him?" Tori asked, trying to keep her feet as the energy swirled forcefully from Gamemaster.

"I hope so, or the world is doomed!" Krissy responded.

"This isn't good. If he gets anymore powerful this place will collapse!" Kurama stated.

"Oh, you're absolutely correct. I guess I should save the rest for later since I won't be fighting you just yet." GM seated himself on his throne.

"What are you talking about? We already beat that shape shifter of yours." Kuwabara yelled.

"But I'm not talking about her, you poor fool."

"You can't mean the others..?" Yusuke looked at the rest of the group.

"I believe he does." Hiei answered and pointed towards the door where Britt and Kaira were standing.

"Oh not this again!" Krissy sighed fustrated.

"But I thought you sucked out all of their engery? How can you be controlling them?" Tori asked.

"Ah yes, since I'm the one who brought them out, I still control them. And now that I have a more powerful engery source, they should be unstoppable!"

At the cue, Kaira summoned her plant sword and made 2 plant clones of herself. Britt summoned dark energy to her hands, ready to blast anyone who got in her way.

"This just got a little more complicated," Kuwabara said as he dodged an attack from one of the clones.

"Kuwa! Watch out!" Tori yelled and stopped clone 1's attack with her spirit sword.

"Thanks." Kuwa nodded at Tori before creating his own sword and returned the attack on clone 1.

"This sucks! We're going to be all tired out before we can even get to fight Game Master!" Krissy complained and jumped away from clone 2 just as Yusuke punched it in the face.

"Yeah, and it doesn't help that these clones can regenerate." he muttered as they watched clone 2's face return.

"Seems the only way to defeat the clones is to knock you out or kill you." Kurama said to Kaira, who just gave him a smirk and motioned for him to attack.

"Kurama, we have to work fast. The others won't last long against those creatures." Hiei mentioned, preparing for Britt's attack.

He nodded, "Right. Rose Whip!"

"Don't you know by now that you don't stand a chance against me in your human form, Kurama?" Kaira held her sword up and licked the edge. That's when he noticed she had already slashed his arm opened.

"Oh? Just now noticing that wound, huh? You're a little slow aren't you?" she chuckled.

'She's definately faster than she was before. But it's still nothing Yoko can't handle.' Kurama thought to himself as he gathered the leaves from his pocket.

Kaira tilted her head in a curious manner. "What are you doing?"

"Preparing myself for this fight."


An explosion caught them both off guard.

"Hiei! Where are you? Come out already! I'm tired of this game of tag!" Britt blew up another statue.

"I'm right here fool!" he appeared behind her and slashed with his sword.

"Ow! That wasn't very nice!" Britt caught the sword and punched Hiei in the stomach. "Darkness Flame Fist!"

His shirt burned away and he went sailing through a statue. He hit the wall and was burried under the rubble.

"Heh heh, and that takes care of him." Britt dusted off her hands and watched the other battles.

"Oh no! Hiei!" Krissy yelled, which in turn got her a fist in the face. "Arg!"

"Pay attention! Don't get distracted!" Yusuke ordered.

"This is getting us nowhere! Isn't there another way to kill these things off without getting rid of Kaira?" Tori asked, blocking an attack.

"I wish there was. I'm getting tired of this!" Kuwabara took a hit for Tori. "Ow!"

'I've got to end this quick.' Yoko thought. 'I can't use the Sining Tree, that will definately kill her; but then so will the death tree. I guess I don't have a choice.'

"Stop day dreaming, you might die doing that! Ha!" Kaira stabbed at him, but he managed to dodge at the last minute.

"I'm sorry, but this has to end now." Yoko said as he summoned the Death Tree.

Kaira took a few steps back. "You aren't serious are you?"

He noticed the fear in her eyes and it beckoned him. The tree grew and it's saliva ate through the floor. "What will you do now, Kaira?"

"You better do something. Want me to pitch in?" Britt asked.

"Pay attention, our fight isn't over." Britt turned around to see Hiei stand up from the rubble. His Jagan Eye was open, and she knew what was coming next.

"You can't use your dragon! If you do, you'll lose your arm and kill everyone in here." Britt stated.

"Have you forgotten? I am the dragon!" Hiei had removed the bandage from his right arm revealing the dragon tattoo underneath.

"Kaira! Think of something or we're done for!" Britt yelled while watching the tattoo come to life.

"I'm kind of in the middle of something right now! Think for your self!" she responded, dodging the tree's attacks in the process. Her skin was burned on her legs and arms from the acid that fell from each attack. 'I have to do something! Why doesn't master help us?' she glanced up at GM's face and noticed the amused grin. 'What the hell is he so happy about!?'

"Distractions can kill."

Yoko's statement snapped her attention back to the fight, but was a little late. The plant tripped her and a hungry mouth shot at her. "I don't think so!" Kaira's sword was the only thing protecting her from becoming plant food; however, the acidic saliva still dripped down her arms. 'I won't last much longer this way.'

"Give up and I might let you live." Hiei stated.

"Oh yeah? And what makes you so sure you'll win? I can do that technique too!" Britt countered.

"No, you can't. I figured out how that shapeshifter managed the attack. She used the mortal dragon, not the demon one. And you have no way of calling either. That leaves you defenseless." Hiei shot back.

"Grr, so you have a brain after all. Too bad your teammates aren't fairing as well as you." she motioned to the others who were getting the crap beaten out of them.

"They aren't my problem."

"Right.." she sighed nervously.

"Besides, those clones have retreated."


"Did we beat them?" Tori asked while trying to catch her breath.

"No. Kurama must of knocked Kaira out." Yusuke answered.

"Or she needs the extra strength, look." Krissy pointed at Kaira who was still holding off the plant.

"He creeps me out," Kuwabara shivered. "I like staying on his good side."

'This is an unexpecting shift. I was hoping they could take care of the little pests. I guess I have to get my hands dirty after all.' Game Master sighed to himself. He stomped his left foot.

"Giving up?" Yoko made the tree back off a little.

"Where am I?" she managed to say before the ground beneath her crumbled and she fell into the black abyss. "Not cooooooool...!"


"What happened?" Britt asked, confused.

"What do you mean?" Hiei stayed in attack mode.

"I mean how did I get here? Duh! And why are you aiming your dragon at me?" she thought a second. "Aw man! He got me again!" Britt shouted and then she too fell into the dark pit. "Waaaah!!"

"Oh what a pity. But don't get upset for they aren't gone, see?" Game Master spoke while a tree rose up behind him with Kaira and Britt merged into it's trunk. "I present my fan club."

"I despise you.." Kaira growled.

"Yeah, me too!" Britt agreed angerly.

"Let them go!" Tori yelled.

"Why don't you make me?" he waved his right hand and a wave of fire was sent towards her.

"Get out of the way!" Hiei shoved Tori and absorbed the fire.

"I see, fire has no effect on you. How about this?" GM raised his left arm to produce a geyser under Hiei's feet.

"Hn, that won't work neither." Hiei mocked, using his speed to dodge the blast of water.

GM chuckled. "But I'm not finished." He stomped his left foot again to raise four walls of earth to prevent Hiei from escaping the boiling water. The top for the earth box fell from the ceiling, completing his move.

"Hiei!" Yusuke prepared his attack. "Spirit gun!"

"Don't you ever learn?" GM stood up and made a high kick with his right foot. Yusuke's blast took an immediate left turn into a wall.

"What happened?" Kuwabara asked.

"That foot is his air attack." Yoko replied.

"At least someone is paying attention." GM smiled evilly.

"Poor Hiei, now what are we going to do?" Krissy panicked.

"Hey, Kaira.." Britt whispered.


"Can't you like, get us out of this tree?"

"I would if I could dear, but his energy is coursing through this thing and I can't over power it!"

" what if I blast us out?"

"If you have enough energy, go ahead."

"Okay!" Britt concentrated on her hands, feeling the warmth of her energy. "Now!" she jerked her arms, but her hands never came through the bark. "Oh well."

"What do you mean oh well! If my hands were free I'd strangle you right now!" Kaira shouted angerly.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Let me try again."

"No! Just stop already. Geez, we are so lame.."

"Tell me about it.."

They both sighed.

"Hey wait, I have an idea!" Kaira whispered to Britt.

"I'm going to try the shot gun! There's no way he can deflect all of the shots!" Krissy suggested.

"Yeah and when you do that, I'll try shooting the box again." Yusuke agreed.

"There's no need to waste your energy on Hiei." Yoko stated.

"Why not? He's a part of this team isn't he!" Tori said.

"Yes, but you misunderstand. He is safe for right now."

"Huh?" Kuwabara was puzzled.

"Just look at the tree behind Gamemaster."

Kaira and Britt looked at the empty space between them.

"You know, I'm not seeing him." Kaira replied.

"Wait, the bark is moving..." They watched as Hiei appeared next to them.

"Now what?" he looked around.

"Welcome to the happy tree. How many nights will you be staying?" Kaira announced sarcastically.

"How professonail to get caught Hiei." Britt sighed.

"Don't start with me, girl. I'll blow us all up if I have to!" he retorted.

"Please don't do that, I like living very much!" Kaira begged.

"Oi, Kaira...what was that plan you mentioned earlier?" Britt asked.

"Oh right! Lets try to combine our energy together to get out of here." she answered.

"And just how are we going to do that if we can't move?" Hiei muttered sarcastically.

"We can concentrate our energy to Hiei and he can burn down the tree." Kaira ignored him.

"Um, but won't that get us too? Why don't we just focus our energy to you so you can control the tree?"

"Because even together we don't have enough to control the tree. At least this way we can escape."

"Yeah, while being burned to death." Britt mummbled.

"We won't get hurt if Hiei can use his attack responsibly." Kaira and Britt narrowed their eyes at him.

"It still won't work if you're not touching me to transfer the energy!" Hiei said irritated.

"Well we can't touch you using our hands or feet, but..." Kaira smirked.

Hiei looked at her suspiciously. "But what?"

"But our heads can reach your shoulder just fine." Britt giggled at his awkward expression.

"What?!" he shouted but he could do nothing. Both Kaira and Britt leaned their heads on his shoulders and gave him their remaining energy.

"Wow, I feel so tired now..." Britt yawned.

"Now get us out of here midget!" Kaira cheered.

"You're going to die slowly..." Hiei grumbled. Never-the-less he opened his Jagan eye and became engulfed in flames.

"Geez...Now what is Hiei doing?" Krissy asked, getting up after an air attack from GM.

"Seems like they gave him their energy...I hope that it was enough." Yoko said before he jumped out of the way of a fire attack.

"This is getting us no where! How are we supposed to defeat him if we can't even get near him?" Kuwabara complained.

"Will you shut up! You're getting annoying!" Tori yelled.

"Hey now guys, we don't need to be fighting with ourselves! We have to focus on GM." Yusuke kicked a rock out of his way and then protected himself from the explosion.

Coughing, Britt sighed. "I told you he would try to kill us!"

"I don't see you dead yet!" Kaira responded, dusting herself off.

"Time for you to die Game Master!" Hiei stood facing the enemy, his demon energy circling around his figure. On his arm, the dragon moved restlessly.

GM chuckled, very amused that this kid thought he could defeat him, the most powerful person in the room. "Alright, if you think you can kill me..." GM guestured for Hiei to attack.

"If you insist." Hiei's energy lept around the room as he started to call forth the dragon's power and strength.

Yoko, who was trying to think of a strategy, stepped in front of Hiei. "Wait a minute. He will be able to block your attack if you come at him head on."

Hiei frowned. "He is not strong enough to withstand my dragon!"

Yoko shook his head. "Just hold on for a few seconds."

Growling, Hiei nodded. Yoko jumped to Yusuke and the others. "Everyone give their energy to Yusuke and Krissy."

"What?! Are you crazy?!" Kuwabara yelled.

"We need to be the diversion! Now hurry up!" Yoko placed his hand on Yusuke's shoulder and gave his comrade the remaining power he held.

Pouting a little, Kuwabara did the same.

"Right. Ready Krissy?" Tori asked.

She nodded. "Yeah! Give me everything you got!"

"Okay!" Tori took her sister's hands and Krissy received the energy.

"Wow what a rush.." Krissy stared at her hands.

"Tell me about it..." Tori put a hand to her head to steady herself.

"Are you going to be all right?"

She gave her the thumbs up. "Sure thing! Now go wipe the floor with him!"

Krissy looked to Yusuke who met her gaze a motioned to start the attack. "Here goes nothing!"

Both fighters took the stance of the shot gun and with the count of three, they fired. "Shot Gun Barrage!"

Game Master glanced at them and noticed the rain of bullets coming at him. "Really, is that the best you can do?" With the kick of right leg and the stomp of his left foot, GM managed to reflect all of the little blasts.

"I-impossible!" Krissy stood, shocked.

"That's incredible!" Yusuke took a step back to keep his balance.

"Dude! He just stop both of your attacks! Elemental Freak!" Tori yelled angerly.

"Now, no need for the name calling. It's not very nice you know?" GM laughed.

"Like it is, Hiei's dragon will be reflected or blocked as well. What to do..." Kurama, now, eyed the room. That's when he noticed the second part of Kaira's plan.

"Mwa hahahaha!! None of you will be able to stop me! Ha ha ha!!" GM looked the floor over. "Where are my servants?"

"Right here stupid!" Kaira latched onto his left leg with her own and grabbed at his left arm. Britt did the same to the right side.

"Let go of me at once! I command you!" GM tried to break free, but it was to no use.

"I'm glad Kaira has some brains or else we would never have figured out a way to defeat you." Britt smirked.

"What are you talking about?" he sneered as he struggled.

"Well, I knew that you were quite the weakling before you got all these elemental powers. You have no physical stength what so ever. With your limbs bound, you cannot summon your energy and therefore, you are an easy target." Kaira explained.

"You fools! I can still control your minds!" GM closed his eyes and start chanting something.

Britt's eyes widened and she stared at Kaira. "I didn't think about that!"

"Hiei! Shoot him! Shoot him NOW!!" Kaira screamed.

"Nooo!! If he does...if he does shoot him...then you will.." Tori looked away.

"We do not have time for this! HIEI!! SHOOT HIM!!" Kaira yelled again.

"Hn. As you wish." Hiei groaned as he started summoning his energy once more. "Here it is! DRAGON OF THE DARKNESS FLAME!!" Punching at Gamemaster, Hiei released his hold on the Dragon and everyone watched as this dreadful creature exploded on contact with GM.

"BRITT!! KAIRA!! NOOO!!" Krissy tried to go after them, but Yusuke held her back. "Let me go!"

Yusuke just shook his head.

"They can't way.." Tori sank to her knees in utter disbelief and started sobbing.

"This is horrible." Kuwabara whispered.

Kurama looked at Hiei. "Well?"

Realizing he'd been addressed, Hiei covered his Jagan eye again and smirked. "Hn. See for yourself."

"Damn it Hiei! Could you have gotten it any closer?!?" the silhouette of two firgures emerged from the smoke.

"You people look like terrible. What's wrong with you?" Britt asked, scanning the faces of their teammates.

"Apparently they have no faith in Hiei's control over the Dragon.." Kaira sighed.

"You guys..." Tori got up and followed Krissy over to them.

"You guys are dead!" Krissy grabbed Kaira in a head lock and gave her a noogie.

Seeing this, Britt dodged Tori and ran behind Kurama. "You won't hit him would you?" she laughed but stopped abruptly.

The other two glanced at her when she suddenly stopped.

"What's wrong Britt?" Krissy asked.

"He's...They're...fading..." Britt backed away and turned towards the others.

"What?! That can't be, you're just seeing things.." Kaira responded.

"Guess we get to go home. I wonder what Keiko is doing?" Yusuke wondered out loud.

"But we barely got to do anything here! I don't want to go back yet!" Kuwabara whined.

"Stop your complaining. I'm sure that we will be able to see you guys again." Tori assured him.

"Yes, but lets hope the next time we meet doeen't mean we have to fight anyone." Kurama smiled.

"Well it was very nice meeting you Hiei, and I'm glad that I am your counterpart." Britt leaned down and gave Hiei a kiss on the cheek.

He pushed her away. "I don't do kindness. Just be stronger the next time we meet so I can have a worth while fight."

"Sure, sure."

"Please come back! We had a great time." Krissy said.

"What are you saying? They aren't leaving! ...No they can' be.." Kaira's eyes started to water.

See through yet still solid, Kurama's hand patted her on the head. "Don't worry. I'll come back to you. Good-bye Kaira."

She moved to embrace him, but she was too late. All she grabbed was air.

"Bye Guys!!" Yusuke's voice rang out and then all was quiet.

After the silent pause, Tori balled up her fists.

"What a crappy ending! We Won! Why can't we be happy!!"

"There are no happy endings when fighting Game Master. Everything returns to normal when his energy is gone." Britt sighed and studied her regular clothes.

"Hmm, well we should get the stones and put them in a safe place." Krissy whispered sadly and went to gather them.

"It isn't fair.."

All eyes turned to the now human Kaira.

"It just isn't fair! I-I didn't even get to say good-bye! Why did he have to leave!" She started crying.

"Oh Kaira..." Britt walked over to her cousin. "It will be okay, you'll see."

"No, no." She wiped her face free of tears. "Give me the stones. I'll put them in a safe place." She guestured to Krissy for her to hand them over.

"Alright. Here. Be careful though; you're still too weak from giving your energy away."

Kaira nodded and ran out of the abandonded castle.

"I guess we should be going home too. See you guys at school?" Tori asked.

"Yeah, see ya." Britt answered. Krissy just waved.

They took the same path as Kaira and went home.

Reaching the entrance of her cave, Kaira looked around before entering. Petting her flowers as she went, she thought back to went Kurama was here with her. Finally she arrived at the door, but it was open.

'I must have forgotten to close it. Hmm, that's pure luck. I wouldn't of been able to open it as I am.'

She walked in and placed the stones in various plaes around the room. Then Kaira dropped on the couch and sighed.

"It's so lonely here now." She whispered and rested her hand on something prickly.


Picking up the Red Rose and hugging it closely, she closed her eyes and smiled loveingly.

"Good-bye my dear Kurama."