Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist and High ranked Colonel had many things he hated. One of them was cats. He could never understand how Edward Elric could stand them.

He preferred dogs. Dogs were like soldiers. No questions asked, no reasons, just rush into battle with total loyalty to their master. They were like slaves that couldn't talk. Maybe that's why Roy liked them so much, they were like clones of the military, the life that he was all too used to.

So then why did the Full Metal love those horrible cats so much? They were wimpy, scared of a little water, and plus they weren't very loyal. Putting faith in a cat was like putting faith in the homunculi. They'd use you for what they want, and then abandon you at the most critical moment.

Yes. Roy Mustang was jealous of the cat.

What right did that insufferable creature have to take over HIS Edward's attention?

No. There was no right. That cat would pay.

There was only so much of the Full Metal the colonel was willing to share, and that was not his kisses.

Damned cat.


Word count: 185 words.

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