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Gregory House rounded the corner as he followed his fellow caleague. He was cocerned about her, she looked distant, not focussed. Even he admitted it, he was worried about her.

He watched as she through the parking lot as though she didn't remember wher she parked her car, though she usually remembered. He tried to catch up with her, walking as fast as he could with his cane.

"Lisa?" he called to her as he caught up with her.

She turned around, surprised at the sound of his voice calling her by her first name."Yeah?"

"Are you alright?" He asked concerned.

"Yeah, I'm... I'm fine."

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yeah it's just... nothing." She said as she turned around.

"Oh, and Lisa."

"Yeah?" She said as she wondered what he wanted this time.

"You parked over there." He said pointing in the direction of her car.

"Right." And with that she turned in the other direction her face pink with embarrassment.

He watched he as she got into her car and drove away. He knew something was up, he wondered what is was. He didn't wonder why she didn't tell him, after all it was Gregory House.