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The Past,

By Winterwing3000

"Sesshomaru!" the low voice of the dog demon father bellowed through the split house.

Obediently, a young teenager with long silver hair and a cold expression on his face walked out of his room and looked down at his father from the top of the stairs. "You called Chichi-ue?" he asked coolly, hands inside his jean pockets.

"Come down here, there is someone who you need to meet." InuTaisho requested, turning into the living room.

"Hn…" Sesshomaru walked down the stairs and headed into the living room, greeted with the sight of the family who lived right next to them. The couple's daughter, who looked no older than ten was sitting primly next to her mother on the couch. Hands folded on her lap, ankles crossed, head kept low but with a straight body. Her long brown hair was braided into two pigtails down the side of her head, contrasting greatly against her pale yellow sunflower summer dress.

His father, and despicably, his step-mother and half-brother was sitting across them, and an empty seat was next to his father, where he knew that he would be sitting… since this didn't look like a quick greeting.

"InuTaisho-san, it is good to see that you've kept your word. I see that you've already decided?" The father of the young daughter said.

"Hai, now down to business Ichiro-san. I understand that you wish to hand your daughter over to our family for her safety and that it is the only way for the circumstances that you've been placed under… however, do you not think that she is still too young for marriage?" InuTaisho voiced his concern, giving the other man a chance to change his mind.

"It cannot be helped InuTaisho-san. Now have you chosen who would be her husband?" Ichigo asked, eyes darting from 15 year-old Sesshomaru to the 12 year-old Inuyasha. Though the brothers were physically alike, Ichigo knew that their personalities were different.

"Sesshomaru." Sesshomaru glared at his father at the corner of his amber eyes. He was to be wed to this… human filth? Even though a long descendent of the Royal Family, it was decided without his consent.

"I refuse." The teen voiced, causing everyone's head to turn his way as he stood. Most of Sesshomaru's attention was at the girl, who finally raised her head to look at him. He noticed her pale, yet healthy complexion with rosy cheeks and stunning honey-brown eyes. The way that they shine and filled with innocence caught him in a trance.

"You have no choice in the matter Sesshomaru, or are you willing to allow an innocent girl to fall to her end?" his father snapped at him, eyes narrowed dangerously and flickering with disappointment.

"I will not degrade myself into marrying a human wench. Inuyasha can have her, after all… he's half-human if I remember correctly." The older son sneered, as Inuyasha got to his feet ready to jump his brother.

"Why you son of a—!" the younger boy exclaimed, rolling his sleeves up.

"Inuyasha! Watch your language! And did I raise you to act like this in front of guests!" Izayoi reprimanded.

Growling, Inuyasha sat down on the seat, his dog-ears dropping a bit.

"Sesshomaru! You will marry this girl, no matter what you say! You will protect her whether you like her or not." InuTaisho said sharply to his eldest son and returned his attention to the small family.

"Do not worry about my son. He is a bit tempered when it comes to these things, however, we are still nonetheless, happy to have an addition to our family. And it is good to have a daughter-in-law." The dog demon said to Ichiro.

"Arigatou gozamaisu, we are in debt of you InuTaisho-san. Please, take good care of our daughter. She is all that we have left." Ichiro's wife said, speaking in a clear but obviously in a grieving tone as she looked sadly at her quiet daughter, whose head was bowed once more.

"Rin…" the mother urged.

The girl stood up and walked up to InuTaisho and Izayoi. As she stopped in front of them, Rin gave a small bow. "Domo arigatou InuTaisho-sama, Izayoi-sama. I'm grateful of your hospitality."

"Nonsense! You are always welcomed here my dear! Being the only woman in the house is quite pressuring." Izayoi reassured, patting the girl on the shoulder.

The quiet little girl nodded and walked over to her fiancée. Sesshomaru stayed standing, towering over the girl's short frame. Rin only reached up to his waist, which was pretty tall for a girl at the age of pre-maturing since he was standing at a full six feet one. As the girl stood in front of him, she looked up at him, bangs brushing from her child-like face and around her glowing tawny eyes.

Sesshomaru searched her eyes for any resentment, fear or even anger but found none. All he saw was acceptance and others that blended together in her eyes. Before he could look deeper, she bowed to him. "Teishu, I will look forward to our future."

"Hn… I as well…" Sesshomaru replied nonchalantly, finding her maturity of her age quite intriguing and he had no choice anyways.

Rin busily, wiped the counter of her new home for the past two months. Her husband's family wasn't so bad… her mother-in-law was really kind, her father-in-law wasn't as serious at he seemed, her brother-in-law was fun to watch and her husband…

The ten year old girl sighed and stopped wiping the countertop, hanged the towel on the racks and went to the living room. Her husband was… cold and emotionless… but somehow very kind in a way. He was hard to reach to but that was okay. He was only in this because she needed his protection. The marriage was permanent and legal… and so was the mark on her neck.

Rin went to gather the laundry from the bathroom, quietly walking past the master bedroom on the ground floor. Izayoi-sama was sleeping, since she had been ill for the past month. InuTaisho-sama was at work, as were her parents. Inuyasha-gikei and teishu were still at school, since they were older than her, they were in junior and high school. Being only in elementary school, she returned home two hours earlier than they, so Rin always took up the job of cleaning the house when Izayoi-sama was resting.

Opening the bathroom door, the ten-year-old wife picked up the clothes and put them into a plastic carrier.

Sure she was only 10, but that didn't mean a thing. She was trained diligently by her mother to be a proper lady at the age of five. Learning how to cook, sew, and clean was a breeze as Otou-san said to her when he saw her work. However, she only lacked in growing up department. Okaa-san has taught her of what would occur during one's marriage; the sexual intercourse, the marking, the results of it all. But not all of that took place.

Her husband hasn't forced her to lay with him but has marked her. Every time there was this tingling between her neck and right shoulder, where a bluish crescent laid. Whenever she bathed, she would finger the marking and feel a jolt. Rin concluded that it was just a response to her husband's marking. It told her husband that she was safe and well.

But what was the point… when he could careless about her?

Lifting the carrier with both of her hands, she stumbled further down the hall to the basement door, unlocked it and went down to prepare the wash.

There were times where she would wait at night for him, sitting on their bed and looking at the door, all prepared for bed. And then… when it was past midnight, he would come in, haziness in his eyes and unbalance-ness in his steps. He would come up to her, sometimes glare drunkenly at her and maybe even slap her or hurt her a bit when she never responded to his harshness.

The first time he had laid a hand on her abusively was a week after their marriage. His eyes had turned red, markings ripped on his face and hands. He growled predatorily at her and grabbed her wrists, yanking her up from the bed and half-dangled in the air. Rin winced at the short pain at her wrists, where his long claws were attacking them, but there was little fear in her heart.

When he was unsatisfied from her scent of fear, he narrowed his bleeding eyes at her and bit viciously at her neck, where he had marked her. A surge of white horror claimed her body and she had started trembling violently, struggling against him. "T-teishu? You a-are hurting me." Rin whimpered when she felt blood seeping from her wound.

Then he had stopped and threw her on the bed, realizing what he had done and left the room with a quick snap at the door. In the mornings, they would act as if nothing had happened, though the family would give them suspicious looks when Rin wore collared shirts during the summer. But when they were left alone, Rin would tell him softly that she forgave him and lightly peck him on the cheek, though still a bit fearful on the inside.

Rin wiped the light sheen of sweat that appeared on her face with the corner of her white apron. So much clothing and carrying them down to the cool basement was a difficult job in the summer. It was nearly the end of September and yet the summer heat remained. Rin wished to enjoy staying down in the cool cellar, but she had to take care of Izayoi-sama, it was time for her to take a walk.

Heading back upstairs, the little wife went to her mother-in-law's room and knocked. Rin opened the door when Izayoi told her come in and helped her dress and brought her to the large backyard, where the two female always took a nice long stroll before dinner.

"Oh!" Rin exclaimed.

"Nan desu ka, yome?" Izayoi turned to her young daughter.

"I forgot to turn the wash on. Sit here Izayoi-sama and I'll be right back." the young girl helped the mother onto a wooden bench nearby a fountain and then fled to the house.

"Such a wonderful daughter… it is a wonder that she can stand Sesshomaru." Izayoi shook her head, chuckling.

Rin panted slightly as she finally came to the backdoor. Unlocking it, she scrambled quickly into the house and down the basement, wishing to not keep her mother-in-law waiting long.

When she heard footsteps upstairs, Rin thought that it was her husband and Inuyasha-gikei so she headed up to greet them. However, what she found was the least she expected.

Her parents were dangling from ropes on the beam above the doorway. Lacerations were all over their body and two people were standing by them, katanas stained with crimson liquid that dripped onto the carpet. When they heard her gasp, their beady eyes behind the ski mask turned to her and advanced.

Rin ran, her legs burning with pain as she tripped against the hardwood floor and as her feet scraped against it. Panic rushed into her veins and fear gripped tightly in her chest…

Sesshomaru! Teishu! She screamed in her mind as she ran blindly up to their room and locked the door behind her. Rin backed up to the end of their room, tripped over the bed and fell over to the other side of the mattress. There were scratching noises and attempts of ramming into the door. The wooden door would now and then shudder, but not give away.

Frightening tears welled up in her eyes as Rin tremblingly reached up and squeezed at her mate's mark, hoping for some assurance and wished that they would just leave and forget about her. The moon pulsed strongly, telling her that she will be safe.

But… the door broke down…

Sesshomaru stared up at the plain sky. He was supposed to be in a study, but the teacher was absent, so the students did as they pleased. And he chose to head up to the roof of the school and lounge around while the others went to make mischief.

It had already been two months and things had been complicated at some nights.

His wife, she was truly something. She acted brave and selfless around him, forgiving and acknowledging even though he closed up on her and sometimes even hurt her. Why does he do that?

Simple. She plagues him. That smile that she wore every time. The way she would look at him with those shining eyes. He would feel the independence aura around her. Why was she unafraid of him? It makes him frustrated to see that she is unaffected by his coldness, it made him despise her even more… no, he couldn't hate such a gentle and innocent creature, despise, yes, but not hate.

Why did he mark her? Was it for the sense of her protection? That she was now his responsibility, his property? No… it was for pride. He married her to provide her protection and his family's vow to hers. Breaking a vow is the lowest thing that he would do.

She was also a hard worker. Since his… stepmother was currently ill, and his wife, being the other woman of the family took charge of preparing meals, cleaning the house and other housewife chores like a regular married 20-year-old wife, though she was only half the age. Sesshomaru hated to admit it, but she was unique, helpful and loyal… and mature.

She was perhaps, groomed differently from all the other girls of her age. The way she spoke, the way she acted around his parents, the way she acted as she took care of things. Her voice would always be soft and polite. Her manners were the utmost respecting. Her posture would always be perfect. There was not one single fault that he could find about her.

For some reason… he couldn't help but admire her courage and self-determination. She acts if nothing is wrong, she accepts things too easily. She somehow always makes him feel at ease… somehow always affect him. Whether it was on the outside or the inside, there was something that would always be new to him. It was as if she lighted his way to newer things. As if she showed him the things that he has yet to know of…

Suddenly, a shock traveled through his blood, turning it cold as his marking pulsed furiously.

Something was wrong… his mate was calling. The fear… her fear speed through his body and he heard her pleas. Sesshomaru! Teishu!

Anger flashed in his amber eyes as he prepared himself for a flight. Summoning his cloud, Sesshomaru flew towards his house as quick as he can.

The birds parted ways as he sped passed them and the wind whipped at his long mane, trailing like silver streaks across the blue cloudless sky.

The pulsing on his forehead increase, beating rapidly as he felt Rin's heartbeat increased. Damnit, why was his school nearly halfway across the city!

The houses and apartments flickered below him, blobs of colors and ant-sized humans looked up when they saw the quick dusty cloud.

As he saw some more forests parts of the city, relief didn't make its way to his head since the throbbing was multiplied ten-fold. His wife must be having a shock attack. His heart clenched at the thought… but why?

Sense of responsibility, of duty, of pride… of… worry…?

Finally reaching his home, Sesshomaru sniffed the scent and tension that hung in the air. His smelt blood… lots of blood. And one of them was his mate's.

His stepmother's scent was deeper into the forest, so she was safe. The demon quickly rushed into the house through the back glass doors, shattering them as he barraged right through it. The smell of blood nauseated him. The sight of Rin's parents hanging at front door made his insides churn.

"Sess-!" a feminine voice cried from upstairs.

There was a shattering of glass and Sesshomaru sped up to the second floor and into his bedroom. There were a total of four people in his bedroom.

Two dressed in black ski masks with swords, one in a miko garb, and his wife who was pushed back to the windows. The miko was standing right by Rin, half protecting her from the two men who stood in front of the two girls. However, now all eyes were on him.

"T-tei…" Rin sobbed, but was cut off when the miko threw a ball of blue purifying power towards him and the other two intruders.

At the attack, Sesshomaru lashed out his light-beam whip to slash at the energy, keeping him from being nullified. He got to his feet from the crouching position and prepared to attack the miko, trying to find an opening where he could inflict damage without injuring his mate.

"We're leaving. Die, you youkais." The miko muttered, tossing another pack of purifying energy at them, turning the murderers into ashes as Sesshomaru fell to the floor, merely remaining paralyzed.

"IIE! Teishu!" Rin struggled against the holy woman's hold around her waist, one arm reaching out desperately for him to pull her back.

Sesshomaru's face turned into a dark scowl as he pushed his body up, his clawed hand only inches away from her petite fingers. "He is a youkai. And youkais do not mix with humans." The miko said harshly, white-blue light illuminating around the two females.

"Iie! He is my husband! Teishu!" Rin screamed as Sesshomaru watched with a twisting heart as they started fading by particles from the light.

"Teishu! Onegai! Save me! SESSHOMARU!" Rin screamed for the last time, tears following down her cheeks, her hand missing his as she finally teleported away from the house.

The blue light faded and he lay there, staring at the spot where Rin was originally standing. Her pleas, her screams, her tears… they were all depending on him… and he failed… she was his… his responsibility, his pride, his… Realization dawned upon Sesshomaru when he found the whole house silent.

"RIIIINNNNNNNN!" His anguish howl lasted throughout the entire city, scaring the animals and putting the birds to flight.

The light and love of his life… disappear… right in front of his eyes.

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