Anywho, as requested by Ren, here's the glossary, incase you do not understand/know the translation to the Japanese words that I have been using throughout this series!


Hai: yes

Arigatou gozaimasu: thank you very much

-san: formal attachment, Ms., Mrs., Mr.

-sama: very formal attachment, Lord or Lady

Domo arigatou: thank you very much (somewhat formal)

Teishu: husband (formal sense)

Otou-san: father

Okaa-san: mother

-geiki: brother-in-law

nan desu ka, yome: what is it, daughter?

Miko: a Shinto priestess

Youkai: demon

Iie: no

Onegai: please

Nii-san: big brother (informal)

Aa: yes

Itai: Ouch!

Ano…: uh…

Ano gomen nasai: uh, I'm so sorry!

Kami-sama: Japanese god

Moshi moshi: way of answering the phone, somewhat like "hello?"

Kitsune: fox, vixen

Rin desu: it's Rin

Demo doshite: but why?

Sayonara wo tomodachi: goodbye my friend!

Ja ne: see you

-chan: intimate attachment for girls' mostly, but could have a meaning of affection

Oi: hey

Itsuwarimono: liar

Washi: I

Ningens: humans

Obaa-san: grandmother

Tadaima: I'm home!

Onee-chan: sister

Onii-sama: brother (formal sense)

Nanada: what is it

Nani: what

Kuso: damnit

Daijoubou: are you okay?

Suimimasen: excuse me, I'm very sorry

Chichi-ue: father (formal)

Haha-ue: mother (formal)

Kisama: you (in a vulgar sense, something along the lines of "you bastard")

Inu-youkai: dog demon

Teme: you!

Miasma: poisonous gas

Ohayo Rin: good morning Rin

Arigatou anata: thank you love/sire