Hey everyone! This is the sequel to 'Perfect Day'! Hope you all enjoy!

"Squib," Cody called through their New York apartment, "what flavoring do you want on the popcorn?"

"Uh…Nacho?" 20-year old Gary 'Squib' Furlong called back from the living room.

"Sounds good," she answered. Sprinkling some nacho flavoring on the bowl of popcorn, she headed into the living room.

"DVD player all set up?" She asked, taking a seat beside him on the couch.


"If you would have just used the instructions like I suggested 2 hours ago…"

"I do not need instructions," he cried in mock rage, "I am a man!"

"Whatever," Cody laughed at her boyfriend, "start the movie." Squib hit a button on the remote in his hand, placing it on an end table by the couch afterwards. As the opening titles appeared on screen, Squib placed an arm around his girlfriend as she snuggled into his chest. He smiled down at her, his girlfriend of…well, it was hard to say. If he was measuring from their first kiss, it had been five years. From when they officially got together, 4 years. From the second time, three. And from the third time, 2 years. They had only broken up once since their short time apart when they were seventeen. It had been when Cody had been accepted to university in New York. Squib had, however, after a month and a half apart from her realized that he cared about her too much and was ready to commit. So he, too, came to New York, and they now lived together just off campus.

"What time do you have class tomorrow?" He asked softly.

"Not until one. Why, when's yours?"

"I don't have class tomorrow," he told her.

"I hate you," she glared playfully up at him.

"I know," he smiled, kissing her.

"I have to leave tomorrow night, though," he told her after they separated.

"Why?" She asked curiously.

"Match in Regina, remember?"

"Oh, right," she nodded. Squib was quickly rising the ranks of tennis, often playing matches in Canada, the US, and occasionally even Europe. Unfortunately, this meant he and Cody were often apart. Cody, herself, was pursuing a career in journalism. She worked on the university news paper, and had already peaked the interest of the New York Times, having a few articles published.

"When do you get back?" She asked, lacing her fingers with his.


"Oh, that's not too bad,"

"Mmm hmm," he agreed. After pausing a moment, he continued, "Do you ever think about coming with me?"

"I think codependency is uncool," he could tell she was joking by the way she giggled, "I would love to, but I have to stay here. I've got tons of work to do on the paper."

He nodded, "You should, though, if you ever have time. We don't see each other enough." She nodded in agreement, but said nothing more as she snuggled deeper into his arms.

Hours later, Squib found himself carrying Cody's sleeping form into their bedroom. Placing her gingerly on the bed, he changed and quickly climbed in beside her.

"Squib," she said sleepily, opening her eyes.

"Yeah?" He smiled.

"I don't want you to go,"

"I know. But I have to. Besides it's only two days," he said as he brushed her red hair out of her face.

"I guess," she yawned.

"I'm taking you out for breakfast tomorrow," he stated mater-of-factly.

"Mmkay…" she mumbled, already falling back asleep. He wrapped his arms around her and a few minutes found himself drifting off as well.

Do you remember the first kiss?
Star shooting across the sky
To come to such a place as this
You never left my mind

I'm watching from the wall
As in the streets we fight
This world all gone to war
All I need is you tonight

And I draw a line
To your heart today
To heart from mine
A line to keep us safe

All through the rising sun
All through the circling years
You were the only one
Who could have brought me here

And I draw a line
To your heart today
To heart from mine
A line to keep us safe
And I draw a line
To your heart today
To heart from mine
And pray to keep us safe

Watch the stars now moving
Across the sky
Keep this feeling
Safe tonight

-PJ Harvey 'One Line'

Hope you all liked the first chapter! Don't worry, this story will have drama (I do thrive off it, after all), and the rest of the Top Guns will make an appearance!