Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to George Lucas and the song Taking Over Me belongs to the band Evanescence. I'm only borrowing them.

Padme thinks of Anakin/Vader: near the end of Episode 3

You don't remember me

But I remember you

She knew he was gone, not dead but close to it. His past – and she – no longer meant anything to him.

I lie awake and try so hard not to think of you

She hated to remember it, to recall the love they had once shared. Worse, she knew that their love had destroyed them both – taking the galaxy with them.

But who can decide what they dream

And dream I do

He haunted her at night when she slept. Each time her babies moved within her, their father returned to her mind. It hurt so bad and she couldn't stop it.

I believe in you

I'll give up everything just to find you

I have to be with you

To live, to breathe

You're taking over me

She had to believe he would come back one day. Her Ani couldn't be completely lost within that mechanical monster. He just couldn't.

Have you forgotten all I know?

And all we had?

You saw me mourning my love for you

And touched my hand

I knew you loved me then

She asked him things in dreams. The questions swirled in her head – Our wedding was wonderful, do you remember? We held hands and whispered our vows as the scent of dying roses filled the air. Even Tatooine and the Tuskens meant little then. Love conquered all and I had no fears. Did you?

I look in the mirror and see your face

If I look deep enough

So many things inside

That are just like you are

Taking over me

As the pain of giving birth engulfed her, Padme knew she'd die giving life to her children – Anakin's children. Luke and Leia were the hope of the galaxy. She knew that, but the pain was unbearable. "Anakin!" she screamed, anguished.

I believe in you

I'll give up everything just to find you

I have to be with you

To live, to breathe

You're taking over me

Padme held her babies in her arms, crooning softly to them. Her handmaiden took the children and put them in cradles. Padme sighed. The last of her strength was gone and she could hold on no longer. She trusted in Obi–Wan's ability to find safe, loving homes for Luke and Leia. As her breath stilled, Padme had time for a final thought – Ani, I never stopped being your angel. I'll wait for you! – before she slipped into eternal darkness. At that moment, Anakin felt her pass and Vader was truly born. Obi–Wan walked into Padme's bedroom to find her dead and her children screaming. Every year on that day for 18 years, a Tatooine farm boy and an Alderaanian princess went off to cry alone, not knowing either why or that another cried with them.