Disclaimer: Mara belongs to Timothy Zahn, and the song You Found Me belongs to Kelly Clarkson, Kara DioGuardi, and John Shanks

Mara's thoughts on Luke right after VOTF

Is this a dream?

If it is

Please don't wake me from this high

Life is so strange. I started out wanting to kill you, and now I'm going to marry you. It all feels so surreal. And yet...it all feels right.

I'd become

Comfortably numb

Until you opened up my eyes

To what it's like

When everything's right

Oh, I can't believe

I've always tried to control my emotions. As the Emperor's Hand, feelings got in my way, stopped me from doing my job. Later, it just seemed simpler, easier, to cut myself off. But you never let me do that, did you, Luke? Always trying to get through my defenses.

You found me

When no one else was looking

How did you know

Just where I would be?

Yeah, you broke through

All of my confusion

The ups and the downs

And you still didn't leave

I guess that you saw what nobody could see

You found me

Why didn't you ever give up? Force knows I did all I could to get rid of you. Even when I meant to kill you, you befriended me, taught me. I thought you were nuts and a terrible idealist. But you saw something in me. I don't know what, but I know you. You found something no one else had, and so you ignored everything else.

So here we are

And that's pretty far

When you think of where we've been

You scared me for a while there, dabbling in the dark side, playing fast and easy with your power. I thought you'd turn for sure. Maybe I underestimated you, or maybe I was overreacting. And then there's me. I never wanted to be a full Jedi. I thought it asked too much of me. We both screwed up, I guess.

No going back

I'm fading out

All that has faded me within

I may have to kill Karrde if he keeps giving me those 'I told you so' looks. Nah, I won't bother. Although, if Solo keeps doing the same thing, you may need to restrain me. Hey, I'm not completely reformed yet. I am trying, though.

You're by my side

Now everything's fine

Now I can believe it

Surreal, but so right. Makes sense. After all, has anything ever been simple between us? I mean, really. We fell in love while fighting for our lives on a distant planet. Before that, I had to kill your clone to stop hating you and shut the voice in my head up for good. Talk about complicated.

I was hiding

Till you came along

And showed me where I belonged

So patient. You nudged and you prodded, but you never pushed hard. I guess you wanted me to find my way without being forced to. Well, I did. I found where I was meant to be, and as it turns out, you're where I should be. Never would've guessed it.

I guess that you saw

What nobody could see

The good and the bad

And the things in between

You found me

It's all because you're an idealistic farmboy. That's why you bothered to look past my defenses to find the true me, someone I didn't even know was there. So, now, we just follow this, and see what happens. Somehow, I think it'll be okay.

A/N: Yeah, I skipped Leia and Han, but this has been bumping around in my brain for a while. I'll get to the others...eventually.