Summary: Post-Chosen Buffy and the rest of the gang leave for L.A. to find a new place to establish their home. Willow doesn't show it, but the Tara's death slowly killed her on the inside, but what is to happen when the powers that be bring her back?

Pairings: W/T ((My fave )) B/F, D/A, (Others to come)

Rating: Pg13

Chapter Summary: With the resurrection surprising everyone. It is time to start dealing with the lost.

Special thanks: Lauren for Betaing, and helping me do some character placements.

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XXX Scene change


There stood the group in awe. Buffy almost in tears, Willow blinking incredibly fast, Dawn crying her eyes out, Andrew holding dawn and staring in disbelief, Xander, and the rest speechless.

"Is it?..." Willow managed to choke out to Buffy trailing off.

"I'm not sure." Buffy said staring at the doorway.

There stood Giles, Tara, Cordelia, Anya, and Jonathon.

"Tara!" Willow bursted out as she ran into the blonde embracing her as tight as she could.

"Willow" Tara responded smiling slightly as they moved to there knees crying in each others arms.

Andrew whom was still clutching Dawn decided to check and see if he was really seeing what he was.

"Oww" Jonathon whined as Andrew poked him

"Jonathon!" Andrew hugged him as tight as he could then took a step back beside Dawn. "Sorry about killing you" He said frowning.

"No worries. I'm back now and besides I know the first made you do it. So no biggie." Jonathon said with a half smile.

"Buffy" Giles said as he walked over to her hugging her then Dawn.

"I'm sorry for intruding like this, but an apocalypse is nearing." Giles said half-heartedly

"I was hoping you would say that" Buffy said whipping a tear from her eye.


After the initial shock they all decided to fit in the living room which was a challenge but they managed it. It was first priority to figure out why they were all brought back, not that anyone was complaining.

"So. How are you all doing?" Buffy choked out being the first to speak. She laughed nervously. "Sorry you'd think I'd be able to go through resurrections better over a hell mouth"

"It's okay Buffy" Giles spoke up "None of us know why we where brought back either. We uh had some time to discuss that."

"Speak for yourself G-man" Cordelia said "I know exactly why we are back."

Everyone looked to Cordelia with surprised looks.

"What? Anyway we are supposed to be the last defense against evil right? Well as I heard the scoobies ran across a big bad that you barely defeated, and only postponed his plans right?" She looked to Buffy and Buffy responded with a nod. "Well considering the evil you were facing was the Evil that created all evil then the powers that be decided you could use some reinforcements. Since this evil's plan is nothing the play around with they brought back the most powerful of your allies. Me so you can communicate with them, Giles from his old magic and he is a natural leader, Anya being the ex-demon she is, and Tara from all of her magic, oh and I don't know why he's here." She said referring to Jonathon as he scowled at her.

"Well that's uh very interesting Cordelia, but maybe we should think about it more before we jump to any complete analysis' again." Giles said with a half cocked smile

"No. I'm betting she's right." Angel said as he looked to the rest of the group. "She has had this connections to the powers that be. Somehow they decided to speak to us through her back in L.A. So it would be very wise for us to go with her on that."

Cordelia nodded thankfully.

Willow who had been all but listening decided to chime in at this moment. "We have reinforcements, but is that all that the powers think of us? As soldiers to fight there war? There is no way I'm endangering Tara again. Especially in a fight like this." Willow said bearing a very determined look.

"No I doubt any of us are willing to risk what we have gotten back" Buffy said glancing around the room noticing that everyone was grouped up. Tara sat really close to Willow hand in hand. She was practically on top of faith with Giles standing by her side. Dawn, Andrew and Jonathon had decided to sit on the couch together. Xander was standing right next to Anya. Spike was near the back alone, and Angel was standing next to Cordelia who was sitting in a chair. "But this type of fight is going to require us all or else we won't have anything left to protect afterwards anyway." Buffy said grimacing at the thought of losing all of the scoobies over again.

"Well I assume we are all tired and are needing sleep. So we will crash for tonight and get all of this continued tomorrow. I also assume the means we would get some time with those we want to spend some time with." Giles said smiling.

"I agree" Buffy was first to say as everyone got up to headed out of the room.


Later that night everyone had been together for food then they decided out how to split the living arrangements. Though is was hard they fit Tara and Willow together in her and Dawn's room. Managed to fit Dawn and Cordelia into Buffy and Faith's room so Willow and Tara could be alone cause they all figured out of all of them. They had the most to talk about. Xander, Andrew Jonathon and Giles got the men's room barely. Anya volunteered for the couch which was very unlike her.


Willow, and Tara were in there room. Neither of them wanted to break there silence but one had to.

"Tara." Willow spoke up noticing her voice wasn't working the way she had wanted it to. coming out light semi weak.

"Hmm?" Tara said smiling at her.

"We need to talk." Willow had to tell her about her magic problem. It had been going through her mind ever since she saw Tara. Even though she knew it would be hard her love needed to know.

"About what Will?" Tara said. To her she thought everything would end up being just as she left. Given it wasn't her fault she left.

At that Willow looked down. She thought she her stomach was going to burst from what she had to say.

"Oh god." Tara said seeing the look on her face. "What is wrong Will?"

Willow looked up teary eyed. "I-… After you left I…"

Tara looked at her and decided nothing she did would be worse than putting her through this hell she's in right now. "It's okay. I'm here and I'm not going anywhere. Wh-what happened?" She said hugging her. Seeing Willow like that brought out her stutter that she hated so much.

Willow eventually managed to choke it out. "I killed him… I killed Warren… Not only that after you were gone I almost destroyed the world…" Willow's tears went to a flood right after she spoke fear of losing that what she wished she could have back exploded.

The words registered in Tara's mind slowly. Willow dove head first into the dark magics and almost destroyed the world after she died. Killing she could easily forgive right away because she didn't know what she would've done if Willow had died instead of her, and the thought of losing Willow again this soon after getting her back troubled her to beyond life so she would forgive her no matter what. "It's okay. I don't care. That was the past. You have more control now."

Willow's mood lightened barely after hearing those words. She hadn't had expected to be forgiven that easily. She knew she didn't deserve it either.

Willow decided that one part of the story was enough for one night so teary eyed and Happily back with her lover she fell asleep in there beds. Which had been pushed together so they could sleep soundly.


"So what was it like?" Andrew said sitting on the edge of his bed staring at Jonathon.

"I don't remember. All I remember is a sudden pain in my back then ending up with everyone else near the bar down the street." Jonathon said with a frown.

"Oh." Andrew said looking down. Remembering how Jonathon had died just put a lot of thoughts into Andrew's head

"It's okay Andrew" Jonathon said quickly. "I understand you thought you were doing the right thing… Dawn told me about Warren. I don't care. All I care about is me being back alive."

"That's good you guys now can we just get some sleep" Spoke up a half asleep Xander who decided instead of torturing himself awake he would just sleep so he could she Anya tomorrow.

"I agree with Xander lets just get some sleep and talk this off tomorrow" Responded Giles


In Buffy and Faith's room Dawn was passed out on the floor as Cordelia slept soundly in the corner on top of about 5 blankets made to look close to a bed. Buffy couldn't sleep and knew Faith wasn't asleep either.

"I can't believe there back." Buffy said to Faith trying to keep her voice low.

"It is kinda peaceful having G-man back" Faith said next to Buffy

"Makes me feel like things aren't crumbling anymore." Buffy said with a smile.

"Makes you feel like you can handle things?" Faith teased.

"Oh I can handle them." Buffy said smiling and winking to Faith as they went off to sleep.


"Does it make you feel less special?" Spike said breaking the silence that they had been keeping.

"What?" Angel said looking over to him.

"You were the one brought back to fight off this evil… And because you couldn't they had to find more reinforcements." Spike said with a smirk.

Though he knew spike was just taunting him. He also knew he was correct. Angel was brought back by the power's that be to kill the first evil. He also knew know this wasn't his fight.

"Tomorrow we're leaving." Angel said grimly. "They don't need us anymore."

"Whatever boss man" Spike said lighting a smoke.


Willow felt a feeling she hadn't felt in forever. Not in the longest. A sense of love and necessity. A sense of passion, and this time she promised herself it will end happy. No one would interfere this time.

The pain of having her gone again would push her to far. For Willow that was the worst feeling ever.


The blonde witch stood next to Kennedy over the slayers. They were practicing as usual now with weapons.

"You sure there ready?" Kennedy asked

"They will be by the time we need them." The blonde wicca smirked making her face resemble a rat.

"Okay" Kennedy responded jumping down to the group of slayers "New exercise people" Kennedy said smiling.


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