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Changes pt 1

He looked downward at his four fellow titans. Cyborg had his sonic cannon aimed, Robin had his discs ready, Starfire's hands glowed with power, and Raven frowned sadly at him. He – the Beast, growled in anguish and proceeded to charge his former friends. Ignoring their blasts he swiped his mighty claw and threw Cyborg straight out the Tower window. His eyes peered over at Robin and while Robin was able to dodge several of his swipes he wasn't lucky enough to save himself from his hesitation when the Beast decided to attack Starfire instead. Robin was crushed and flown to the floor as Starfire was thrown upon him.

Slowly the beast stalked toward Raven. He howled in victory as he watched her fearful eyes go wide. She backed up quickly till she hit a wall; she tried desperately to protect herself. She tried desperately to call upon her powers but she felt paralyzed, tears began to fall down her face as she watched the Beasts' fangs open wide and his head motion towards her –

Raven awoke growling in anger but then quickly she let it subside. Looking over at her clock she saw that it was 3 in the morning. Sighing she got up and made her way to the kitchen to make herself some tea. She knew that she wouldn't be able to sleep as long as someone else in the tower was having a nightmare. She could feel the person's anguish and despair and while she couldn't pinpoint on which one of her friends it was coming from, the results were that tomorrow she'd be grumpy, and tired.

After a few minutes she sat down, with tea in hand and closed her eyes inhaling the sweet scent. Her moment of serenity was cut short as she watched a disheveled green elf make his way blindly through the hall and into the kitchen. His hands were outstretched guiding him, he found a cabinet and pulled out a glass, he then proceeded to fill it with water and walk with his head down past Raven and into the living room. Raven intrigued, turned around in her stool and watched as the teen sat down in the middle of the large couch and shake.

She watched him take a sip of the water in an attempt she guessed at trying to calm his body but it didn't work as the next sound she heard was the glass falling to the floor and shattering. She would've normally cursed the shape shifter under her breath but right now she felt a little too worried to be mad. She silently glided over towards Beastboy and peered over at him from behind the couch. With her hand she motioned towards all the glass that was down on the ground and with her powers picked up all the glass shards and moved them into the disposal in the kitchen.

She then flew over and sat down next to Beastboy on the couch. She placed a comforting hand on his shoulder and whispered his name, but he didn't move. She wondered if he could see her since the room was still pretty dark since it was night. Her eyes were well adjusted to darkness especially since she spent most of her time in her room. She leaned her head downwards and looked towards her friends face. The sight in front of her unnerved her - and that wasn't something Raven was used to. "Beastboy," she repeated a little louder and shook his shoulder a little rougher. Beastboy broke his dead stare and looked over at Raven, upon seeing her face he gasped and quickly moved to the arm of the couch and backed up against it, "I don't want to hurt you," he kept repeating.

She blinked, bewildered by his behavior, "You are not going to hurt me now what is wrong?"

He stared down at his hands and let out a sigh of relief, "The others are okay right?" he asked.

Raven nodded, "Of course they are, why shouldn't they be?" She cringed inwardly knowing her voice was sounding more annoyed than caring.

He took a deep breath, "I didn't change?" his voice cracked as he asked the question.

She blinked, now she understood. "You were having a nightmare Beastboy, everything is okay," she offered him a small rare smile.

He moved over back towards her and rubbed a hand through his hair and he slumped forward, "Thank goodness, it seemed so real. I really thought that I, that I…." his hands moved over his eyes and he shook his head trying to get the image out of his head.

"You're not going to change," Raven tried to reassure him, "Remember Cyborg gave you an antidote you're okay now."

Beastboy shook his head again, "No it's not okay," he looked over at her and she gave a small gasp as she saw the tears in his eyes, "I can feel it Rae! I can feel it inside me and it grows larger and larger with each day! I… I…," he looked away from her, and suddenly to Raven it appeared that he had shrunk, "I am afraid. I am afraid that soon I am going to change and that I am going to hurt all of you, that I'm going to hurt you," he swallowed hard, turning to her and clutching her hand, "I don't want to hurt you Rae! I care too much about you to hurt you!"

Raven could feel the heat rising in her face and she hoped that nothing would blow up and she was thankful that nothing did, "Beastboy you just need some sleep," she tried to reassure him.

"But…., but….," he let go of Raven and wrapped his arms around himself, his body shook again at the thought of having those nightmares again.

"Shhh, just go to sleep," Raven calmly said again. Reaching out she grabbed and held his shaking body close to hers, she rubbed his head gingerly, and tried her best to calm him, "Shhh, just go to sleep Beastboy. Just go to sleep." After a few minutes of consoling her friend she felt his body silence itself. She looked down and saw the boys' head resting comfortably on her shoulder, asleep.

She was still idly rubbing her hand through the friend's hair as she thought about what he had said. He was changing; he said that the Beast was taking control of him. He was fearful of hurting all of his friends, of hurting her. He said that he cared too much about her. Raven felt herself blush again; she would have to talk to him in the morning and figure out why he was changing. Sure Beastboy annoyed her more than anyone else in the Tower, sure he always had a new joke each day, and he would never sit still. Sure he was always trying to get her to play with him and sure he always tried to make her go out and have fun….

She sighed realizing that of all the times she's been mad and mean to him, he only had her interest in mind. He was only trying to make her happy and though he failed to realize more often than not that he came across as obnoxious he was still thinking about her.

She let out a small yawn, in the morning she'd figure out a way to save him. She placed her head down softly on his messy hair and fell asleep.

end of part 1