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Part 32

Arsenal looked at the setting sun from the back of the police wagon. His hands and feet were bind. Robin, Starfire, Cyborg and Jinx had handed him over to the police. They might of caught him but Slade was still out there. He gave an insane smile and followed it with a bellowing laugh.


"We had to do it Jinx. The police don't look kindly upon us keeping prisoners, besides they think they're better at interrogation than we are. If they find any information they'll give it to us." Cyborg tried to calm the once enemy.

She puffed her bottom lip and caused her bangs to blow upward, "You'll just end up having to deal with Slade now, eventually."

"It's alright with you on our side," Robin pulled a communicator from his pocket, "We're sure to win."

Jinx fingered over the communicator and laid her hand down upon it. She hesitated and then finally took the object from Robin's hand. Her face kept looking at the object that allowed her to be a true Titan, and then finally she looked up, smiled and nodded.

Starfire unable to control her excitement flew over to Jinx and hugged her tight.

Cyborg gave a thumbs-up.

Robin grinned.


There always comes an end

To where adventure began

To where fun was had

To where dreams were filled

To where friends were glad

There comes a time

Every now and then

Where love begins

And doesn't end


"Shhh, just go to sleep," Raven calmly said again. Reaching out she grabbed and held his shaking body close to hers, she rubbed his head gingerly, and tried her best to calm him, "Shhh, just go to sleep Beast Boy. Just go to sleep." After a few minutes of consoling her friend she felt his body silence itself. She looked down and saw the boys' head resting comfortably on her shoulder, asleep.

She was still idly rubbing her hand through the friend's hair as she thought about what he had said. He was changing; he said that the Beast was taking control of him. He was fearful of hurting all of his friends, of hurting her. He said that he cared too much about her. Raven felt herself blush again; she would have to talk to him in the morning and figure out why he was changing. Sure Beast Boy annoyed her more than anyone else in the Tower, sure he always had a new joke each day, and he would never sit still. Sure he was always trying to get her to play with him and sure he always tried to make her go out and have fun….

She sighed realizing that of all the times she's been mad and mean to him, he only had her interest in mind. He was only trying to make her happy and though he failed to realize more often than not that he came across as obnoxious he was still thinking about her.

She let out a small yawn, in the morning she'd figure out a way to save him. She placed her head down softly on his messy hair and fell asleep.

She watched as they peeled the strips off his body. He was on too much medication to notice, but she imagined they would've probably hurt like hell. They placed new strips on and went out the door.

He looked over at her, "You should get some tea."

She crossed her arms, "I don't do what you say."

"Bah!" He sputtered and made an effort to try and get up but only ended up falling back down on the bed.

"You're going to undo your dresses," She warned.

He stuck his tongue out at her.

Out of nowhere she let out a loud laugh, so loud that it shocked and slightly scared him.

"When can I go home?" He whined.

"You're going to be here for a long-while, which is why next time I'd like you to try and avoid being shot at."

"Since when are you the comedian?" He asked.

"Somebody had to fill in while you were taking a nap," She let out a scarce grin.

"You're so mean Ravvy."

She simply shrugged her shoulders.


Four Months

Beast Boy hobbled into Titans Tower, Raven behind him, making sure that he didn't fall.

Streamers of every color were hung up everywhere; a wide array of colored balloons floated around, and a large banner with the words 'Welcome Home', hung above him.

Cyborg and Jinx held up party streamers and whistled at Beast Boy and Raven.

Starfire hung over Robin's shoulder and gave a hearty smile and Robin flashed a thumbs-up.

"Welcome home!" They all shouted.

Beast Boy turned his head over towards Raven and gave her a weird expression, and then with a shrug he grabbed her shoulders and dipped her down, and gave her a deep kiss. The Titans all cheered but when the kiss kept going on they all kind of just stared at each other nervously not knowing what to do. Finally after an eternity Beast Boy removed his lips and brought Raven back up. Sure to say that she was stunned.


Sometime in life there is a dream

There is a a light

Where everyone is content

Where there is no more fight

There comes a time

When heroes rejoice

For always fighting

They have no other choice


Jinx modeled atop the T-Car, "Pay attention to the car Tin Man," She gave a huge grin.

He sighed and stared at her as she moved around the car and kept on modeling, "How am I supposed to fix the car when you're parading all over it!"

She shrugged, "It's your problem Garbage Can."

He threw his monkey wrench on the ground and sighed, then a smile came across his face, "You think you're so slick…well let's see how slick you can be," he reached over and grabbed the can of oil, and began trying to throw it at her.

"AH!" She jumped behind the car and began dodging the onslaught, "Alright I'll help!"

Cyborg started dancing, "Thought so!"


Ever wonder what makes a hero?

It's not courage

It's not strength

It's not skill

It's to keep going

Even when everyone else quits

It's staying persistent

Even when you're too tired

And too hungry to think straight

Knowing to do right

And to keep fighting

To keep hope and peace

In sight

That is what creates a hero

Anyone can be a hero

Even when dealing with the smallest of fights

As long as you keep going

Then you are doing what is right


Robin and Starfire landed on the last rooftop in the city. They looked at the lasting sunrise.

"We did it!" Starfire said excitingly.

"Yeah," Robin went over to the ledge and sat down.


He turned his head. "Yeah Star?"

"Why do you wear your mask?"

"What do you mean?"

"What is the purpose of wearing the mask? Do you wish to hide your accomplishments?"

He gave a small laugh. "The mask is a way for me to hide myself. I don't want people to know who I am," He looked back over towards the sun, "In a way it's a method for me to be intimidating. I don't have powers like you and the others, I don't mean to say that I am normal, but I am not as safe or as threatening as you and the others. Without my mask I am just well human," he shrugged his shoulders, "I don't want the enemy to relax when he sees me. I need to be threatening I need to have some sort of edge to me. Without my mask I am vulnerable in more ways than one. I don't want people to see me for who I really am. What and who I am is something I want to hide. Without my mask I am nothing."

"I like you when you're vulnerable."

He turned towards her; "You're allowed to see me like that."

"Good," she reached with her hand and touched his cheek. Her hand shaking she reached up and took off the mask, "I like you vulnerable."

"I like you too," They leaned towards each other and kissed.


There is a flower out there

With all its pedals

It leaves a pleasant smell

But with time, it will willow

A light shines in the distance

A river leaves a soothing sound

Leaves fall elegantly

The wind pushes them around

Couples dance

And they laugh

Lonely is the man

Who cannot laugh

A silent child sits at a cliff

His tears fall forever

He leans over

And chases them


"I can't believe you did that!" She shook her head as she took the tea bag out of her mug.

Beast Boy sat down on the couch, "You can't believe I did something?"

She sighed, "Good point," she went over and sat next to him. "Ever wondered how this is going to work?"

He shrugged, "I figured I just tell you how beautiful you are each day and from there I'll just wing it," he gave her a smile.

"You can't take anything seriously," She scolded him.

He rubbed her arm gently, "I am serious."

She placed her tea down on the table, "Remember when you had that bad dream and I was out here consoling you?"

He nodded, "I'll never forget."

She looked down, "Yeah."

He leaned down off the couch and got on his knees and took her hand, "Raven, I know we are young but I was just kinda thinking you know, when we like get older and stuff if you, well ya know, would you like marry me?"

She gasped, tears began streaming down her face, she didn't say anything, she simply nodded, and was engulfed in a giant hug.

After a few minutes and her still crying, he took her body and laid it against his, he took her head and laid it against his shoulder. "Shhh," he caressed her hair in his hand "Just go to sleep, we'll have many days to be happy."

She sniffed slightly, "I love you," she rested against his body and felt her body go to sleep.

"Yeah," Garfield rested his head atop hers and went to sleep as well.

The tea was never finished.

The End

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