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Summary: It's been a year since Anna escaped Port Royal and joined the crew of the Black Pearl and she's never been back. When they decide to return to Port Royal for a visit, all hell shall break loose.

Okay, so this summary is kinda vague, mostly because my whole plot to this story is kinda vague too. I'll figure it out eventually. Hope it doesn't sound too crappy. I'll post what crap I have in my head for the first chapter, really just a snippet (lol, funny word) I thought of. It might not be exactly the same as the sequel's first chapter but here's the idea.

Chapter One

The Black Pearl floated calmly in the cool Caribbean waters. It was merely a shadow in the dim light of the moon. All the crew slept in their hammocks in the forecastle, all but one. Anna Wilson stood on the deck looking up to the stars, something she had done every night for the last year. Although she could've been nearly halfway around the world from Port Royal within the last year, she always would think that back in the town she left, William Turner could be looking at those same stars. Yes, it had been nearly a year since she had last seen him, yet she had always fantasized about him. Her heart never seemed to get over him. She knew he was most likely blissfully married, but she still dreamed of him and saw him in everything. Her mind would tell her it was all just a fantasy; just like the adventure she had taken with Will and Jack a year ago, just a fantasy…

Anna's heart fluttered wildly in her chest, though it wasn't from a particularly good fantasy. No…this was because when the sun rose, the crew would awake and get to work so they could finish their journey to the town that sat just on the horizon. The Black Pearl would be docking in Port Royal for the first time in a year. She didn't want to go back and face what would be waiting for her. Her family would be there. Her former fiancé, Lieutenant Anderson, would be there. Will would be there.

The stars began to fade away and the sky turned from black to dark blue and soon purple. The sun was rising, and with it came a red sky. Just the omen Anna needed to prepare herself for the day.

"Red sky at morning, sailors take warning," a voice said behind Anna, startling her out of her thoughts.

She turned and saw Gibbs standing there, sipping from his flask of alcohol.

"Not really something we need right now, eh?" Anna said folding her arms in front of her.

"It's alright, luv," Jack said out of nowhere, "Ye can handle it. Ye've handled much worse."

Anna nodded in agreement. She hand handled herself well as a pirate. Port Royal should be a piece of cake after all the places she'd been to around the world.

"What could be worse than Madagascar, luv?" Jack said smiling.

Anna grimaced at the memory of their little visit to the pirate island off the eastern coast of Africa. That was an experience she'd never forget and never forgive Jack for it either.

"I have no idea why I still trust you Jack," Anna said shaking her head, smiling, and looked to the east at the sunrise.

"'Cause I'm dishonest!" Jack said smiling, "I thought you knew this already."

"True…" Anna replied now staring at the black shape of an island on the horizon that was the island of Jamaica. They would arrive by afternoon.

Slowly but surely, the crew woke up and got to their duties without complaint. They hoisted the anchor and unfurled the sails, and soon, they were back on their way to Port Royal. It was a stupid idea, really, to go back. But everyone had no choice but to trust Jack and all his wild decisions. For it was because of him that they were all still alive. It was because of him that they could get away with anything.


Will walked slowly to Elizabeth Swann's home nervously. He didn't understand why he was always still nervous whenever he had to go there. He always felt awkward and out of place at her house, like he didn't belong there. He wished he could just spend time with Elizabeth in the open and familiar air instead of going through the humiliation of sitting at tea. This was how the rest of his life was going to be. Gradually over the last year, Will began to understand the confines of high society that Anna always complained about.

Will's head shot up. He was doing it again, thinking about the woman that ran away to the sea a year ago, the woman that that followed his dream. He had hoped she'd one day come back. He had hoped for a year and it never happened. He was ready to give up any hope of seeing the Black Pearl ever again.


Elizabeth sat near her bedroom window looking out to the sea, so peaceful and calm in the morning light. Something caught her eye. Will was walking up the path to her house. She sighed knowing she was going to put him through another long and boring day at the Swann residence.

She hadn't gotten dressed yet; no one knew she was up. She enjoyed the peace of the morning before her hectic days began. This was her time to herself and no one could take that away from her.

A knock came at the door. Her time was up. She stood up and hit the journal that sat on her lap, where she wrote all her true feelings during these peaceful mornings.

"Come in," she said sweetly.

The door opened and two maids walked in. They walked to the closet and pulled out a dress for Elizabeth to suffocate in that day. Elizabeth walked behind the dressing screen and braced herself as her corset was fastened. The heavy wool dress came next. It was still morning and she was already sweltering hot. Her hair was piled on top of her head letting only a few strands fall down, framing her face. A butler then walked into the room.

"Miss, Mr. Turner has arrived. He's waiting in the parlor," he said.

Elizabeth nodded and he left. She stood up and walked downstairs to meet her blacksmith pirate. She found Will sitting quietly on the sofa and twiddling his thumbs nervously. She smiled and sat next to him, placing her hand on his. He looked up and smiled.

"Good morning, Will," Elizabeth said in her sweet voice.

"Good morning," he said nervously.

"Why are you still nervous when you're here? We're getting married on Saturday. You're going to have to warm up to me sometime," Elizabeth teased nervously.

Will laughed drawing a laugh from Elizabeth, that perfect melodic laugh that he loved so much. His mind wandered away again to the Black Pearl.

"Do you think they'll come?" Will asked, "Jack and the crew of the Pearl."

Elizabeth shrugged. "It'd be very surprising if they got our invitation. It's been a year Will and we haven't heard anything from them. I don't think they'd risk Norrington. He'll be on special guard for the wedding I assume," she said quietly.

Will's heart sunk as any last trace up hope that he had of seeing them again. He knew he should have run away to the sea when he had the chance, but he rejected his heart's calling for Elizabeth. His new place was in the confines of high society, where he found it hard to breathe.

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