I was rereading my reviews and decided to answer them. How many times do I have to say this is based on the play? If you don't like my story, fine, it's up to you, no one's forcing you. If you want to tell me you don't like my story then go ahead. Would it kill you to be nice about it! Would it just kill you to instead of just critiquing me, to tell me how to improve? Some of you were very helpful through your reviews and I greatly appreciate it! As for my Cosette-hate, I don't feel she is out of character. Look why. In the play, we don't know much about Cosette. All we really know is how she knows nothing of Valjean's past, and how she falls in love with Marius in two seconds, and how she doesn't want Valjean to die, that's all we know. (In My Life, A Heart Full of Love and the Finale.) So, as I feel I do not know much about Cosette, I feel she is not out of character. Of course, you are all entitled to your own opinion. If you got more out of the play as to her character than that's great. I didn't. Now, in this chapter Marius will say "what's up" to Eponine. I don't want a single review saying that it's out of time period, because in the play he says "Hey, Eponine, what's up today?" If you review about that, then it shows that you just don't listen. Sorry to be so mean, I'm just in a bad mood because it bothers me when a person gets flamed when they could so easily get constructive criticism. Thank you to all, who reviewed nicely. Here's the next chapter, if anyone cares.

The next day Marius was taking a walk when he found Eponine. He was oblivious to the fact that she had been picking through a garbage can just a few second earlier.

"What's up?" He asked smiling.

"Nothing…" She trailed off. "And you?"

"Nothing. Just walking. I had to get out of the house. Cosette is driving me crazy."

"Really? How? You guys are so in love. So happy." Marius didn't notice the sadness in her voice as she said this.

"I don't know what happened. It's like one day I woke up and everything had changed."

"I still love her…but I had to get out." Eponine nodded. Marius continued walking, now with Eponine by his side.

"Please spare a sou…my baby's not eaten…" Eponine noticed her father. She sighed. They were at it again. If she didn't go over there and help. Well, she didn't want to think of that.

"I have to go Marius." She said. "I'll see you later." They parted. Eponine went over to her father, and without a word, stood ready to take money from the next kind, oblivious fool, who was giving some money to the "poor starving child."

Ugh, it's short as hell, I know. But I don't have any ideas now and I'm tired and I'm pissed off and no one wants to hear my excuses. Anyway, instead if making the next chapter really long, I split in two so that I could get out my frustrations about my oh so lovely reviews. My screen name is Madde0nlevel27. IM me if anyone has any ideas for this. And in case anyone missed my first explanation for "what's up", here's the part from the play.

Marius: Hey, Eponine, what's up, today? I haven't seen you much about.

Eponine: Here you can always catch me in.

Marius: Mind the police don't catch you out.

Eponine: Here, what'd you do with all these books? I could've been a student too. Don't judge a girl on how she looks. I know a lot of things, I do.

Marius: Poor Eponine, the things you know. You couldn't find in books like these.

Eponine: I like the way you grow your hair.

Marius: I like the way you always tease.

Eponine: Little he knows, little he sees.

There it is and more than you needed. Do I dare ask for reviews?