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Harry shuffled along the bar as he went from customer to customer. He had been doing this for awhile. Almost a month and a half to be exact. Ever since he left Head Quarters. He was currently living in a muggle town not too far from Grimmauld place but far enough that no one would think to look there for him. No one knew where he was. Harry had made sure of that. He couldn't let any of his friends find him. No, he wouldn't let them find him. Harry couldn't bear the shame and dissapointment he would face if any of the Order members found him. He would have to explain why he had left, and why he hadn't had any communications with anyone since. Harry had put multiple spells on himself that made him untrackable. So now, all he had to do was gently turn all the owls that came to him back in the direction they had come without a response. He knew he shouldn't worry his friends, the people he considered family, but he just didn't know how to tell them he was with child. Yes, he, Harry James Potter, was currently two months pregnant; give or take. He hadn't even told the other father. He knew it would only cause trouble and that his love would most likely hate him for the baby. Their lives were just to different. One, the savior of all the good in the wizarding world; the other the son of a murderer. No, Harry couldn't tell the love of his life he was a father any more then he could face the dissapointment from his friends.

He knew that at some point he would have to go back to school to finish his 6th and 7th years. He also knew that at some point at school he would have to give birth. He might be able to use a concealing charm untill then but once that actually happened what would he do? He would have to tell Madame Pomphrey who would in turn surely tell Dumbeldore. Then his entire world would come crashing down. Of course, there was always the option Harry not go back to the wizarding world. That was not a very good plan though as Harry doubted even the most open minded muggle doctor would be able to handle a pregnant guy giving birth. No matter how much he tried Harry couldn't think of a solution. All he could do was stand by as his mind went racing around in circles.

Harry groaned as he flopped down on his mattres that served him as a bed. He was currently one of six of the restaurant staff renting lodgings above the resraurant itself. He was happy to have some place to sleep but the matress did nothing to improve the jolts of pain that his swore muscles sent him; protesting at the hours of carrying boxes full of beer Harry had done that day. Not to mention he felt absolutely horrible. He was so exhausted, mentally and physically and his stomach hurt him more then Harry thought it was probably supposed to. Harry was pretty sure he looked like the living dead because of all the concerned looks his fellow staff members had been shooting at him all day. It wasn't his fault he hardly slept or ate. He knew he wasnt taking care of himself properly but he couldn't bring himself to care much. Nor, could he bring himself to care about Katy's onslide of questions after he hadn't been able to think up an excuse for why he had "accidentally" cut himself on one of the broken beer bottles.

As Harry went to sit up and remove his shoes a sharp pain erupted in his abdomen. He only barely managed to surpress a yelp as he fell off the matress but a whimper escaped his lips.

"Harry? Harry, are you okay?" Harry cursed himself for his weakness. Gabriel must have been going into his room across the hall and heard the noise. He couldn't bring himself to answer his friends inquiry as the pain hadn't subsided yet. "Hello," Gabriel's dark brown, shoulder length hair came into appearance along with his black lined eyes as he stuck his head in after opening the door. "Are you alive in he - Harry? What's wrong?"

"It's nothing. Nothing I'm fine. Sorry for the noise."

"Like hell you are." All the way in the room now Gabriel walked over to Harry's doubled over form and gently helped him back on to his matress.

"Please Gabriel, I know you just want to help but please go!"

"Sorry Harry, I can't do that."

"It'll stop eventually and there's nothing you can do so please just go."

"Wrong again Harry. You see, there's this wonderful little invention called Advil." Gabriel strood over to the sink at one end of Harry's room and filled a glass of water. When he came back to Harry he handed him the glass and pulled a bottle out of his pocket shaking it so that the sound of the pills up against the container could be heard. "This wonderful substance magically makes all the pain go away. Now swallow" Gabriel held out his palm which contained three little capsuls and popped them in Harry's mouth indicating he should drink the water. He then took the glass away and came back with a damp cloth.

"You're feverish. I can see it in your eyes," He responded to a questoning look from Harry. After placing the cloth on Harry's forhead he sat down next to the boy still trying to suppress the onslaught of screams and curses caused by the pain. As Harry recieved an especially strong jolt he jerked, and would have fallen of the mattress again had Gabriel not caught him.

"Whoa there cowboy. Hang in there. It'll take a little for the meds to sink in." Harry closed his eyes and tried to breath steadily. When he finnally opened them emerald met a concerned set of chocolat orbs. "Still bad?" Harry could only nod as he fought to keep down tears. Then before he knew it he found his arms being pryed away from his abdomen where they had been clutching.


"Chill Harry. Just trust me." Gabriel then pulled up Harry's shirt and began to gently rub small sets of continual circles. He frowned at the involuntarily contracting and rippling muscles underneath his hands. Jeez, no wonder the guys off lately. His stomachs trying to kill him from the inside.

For his part Harry was sure had he not been in so much pain he would have begun to purr. As it was he did start to feel a little better. Whether from the Advil or the touch of his friends hands he had no idea. As his eyelids began to flutter closed he knew he had to say something, anything to reassure his friend.

"I owe you," Harry whispered.

"Nonsense, that's what I'm for. To make stubborn people like you realize that even hero's need help occassionally not to mention us normal guys." Then, noticing Harry's form visibly relaxing and his eyelids closing, "I'll just leave you to get some rest. Call me if you need anything, I'll hear you." Just as he was about to walk out the door Harry spoke up as he tried to surpress a smirk at the thought of himself being "normal".

"Thanks, for not believing me when I said I was okay and not leaving even though I told you too."

"Pwft, no problem Harry. I'm your friend remember. Comes with the job description." After a moments pause and the sounds of Gabriel leaving the door opened again. "And Harry?"


"Don't even think about setting that alarm. I've got your shitft tomorrow."

"No way, you've done enough! I'll be fine now. Really this was just a -, "Gabriel cut him off.

"Stuff it, I'm working for you tomorrow and that's that. I don't have anything better to do anyway. Blaise has some stuff to do for his work so he's only gonna be able to drop in for a quick visit. Now are you gonna rest and get well like a good puppy or am I gonna have to unplug that alarm and take it with me?" Harry sighed dejectedly in defeat.

"Fine, at least let me take your shift next time you have a day off?"

"Deal. Now SLEEP. Before I force sleeping pills down that oh-so-throttleable throat of yours."

"Thanks again. I - and I'll deny this if you tell anyone - I might not have been able to handle this without you."

"Again, that's why I'm here. I care about you Harry. Don't worry, mums the word that the Mr. Mysterious Harry actually accepted help."

"You really are one of a kind aren't you?"

"My boyfriend certaintly thinks so."