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XxXxX - separations between parts of the story or points of view

blahblahblahblah - thoughts/Flashback


Fuck, fuck, fuck! Harry panted with exertion as he rushed to Snape's chambers. He didn't know who else to go to. Someone had to stop Draco from a one-way ticket to Azkaban. Snape was the blond's best bet, especially if Draco had already reached Bellatrix. At least, Harry thought Draco was headed for Lestrange. He could have an ulterior target but Harry sincerely hoped not, because if that was the case he had absolutely no idea how to stop his boyfriend.

Reaching the door to Snape's chambers, the pregnant boy didn't even bother knocking, he just barreled through.

Snape was sitting at his desk and upon Harry's arrival; he rose so quickly he almost knocked over his chair. To Harry's surprise, Snape immediately hurried towards him and put a hand on the boy's shoulder.

"Potter, what is it? Are you okay? You're ghastly white. I'll help you get to Madame Pomphrey."

Harry hadn't even though about what he must look like. He certainly felt like he was about to pass out. Snape must have assumed something was wrong with the baby and Harry hadn't been able to make it to the hospital wing.

"N-no." The Gryffindor struggled to catch his breath. "Not-not me. It's Draco. I-I think he's gone to- gone to kill Bellatrix Lestrange! I-I could- couldn't stop him. You can't let him do it!"

Having relayed his message, Harry's body promptly betrayed him and he passed out cold on the dungeon floor.


"Harry, Harry can you hear me?" A worried female voice pierced through Harry's fogged brain, causing all the evening's events to come rushing back. Draco. Draco crazed and blood thirsty.

The boy sat up sharply with a cry of "Draco!" but soon realized that he should have stayed down. Harry's head felt like it was splitting in half and his vision swam.

"Whoa! Slow down there, Harry." Ron appeared at Harry's side and gently pushed him back down onto the bed.

"Now Harry," Hermione on Harry's other side looked worried- never a good sign. So it had been she who initially spoke. "You have to try and remain calm. You-" Harry yelped in surprise pain, interrupting her. It felt as if his abdomen was being run over.

"WHAT IS GOING ON?" The baby, Harry had lost the baby. He shouldn't have been rushing around so much, he shouldn't have gotten so worked up.

"Harry. Harry!" Hermione grabbed the pregnant boy's hand and squeezed it painfully hard. "You're in labor. Madame Pomphrey had to induce contractions and start the process. When you fell in Snape's chambers you fell pretty badly; Snape was barely able to catch your head before you cracked it completely open. Madame Pomphrey needs to start the operation to remove the baby. It'll be like a muggle C-section, in a way, but because it's all magic the whole thing is a lot safer."

"B-but Draco isn't here." Harry's mind was reeling. Where was Draco? Snape had gotten to the blond in time, hadn't he?

"It's okay, mate. Snape went after him. It's Snape. He'll get there in time." Ron placed a reassuring hand on Harry's shoulder, his big-brother instincts most likely recognizing that his best friend was about to burst into tears and hyperventilate.

Harry wanted to say 'no,' wanted to tell Pomphrey just where she could stick her ruddy wand, that they had to wait for Draco…but he knew that wasn't actually an option. Draco wasn't here but Harry knew what the blond would say if he was. Harry had to assure their child's well being. It's what Draco would want and it was what had to be done.

Just then another excruciating pain engulfed the pregnant boy's senses as a contraction hit. Grinding his teeth against the pain, Harry met Hermione's anxious stare.

"Get Pomphrey."


Draco blinked his eyes slowly against the flaring light of the hospital wing. His body ached and throbbed, he had to have at least three ribs broken. There was still blood dripping down his arm.

How had he gotten here? Oh…that's right, he had gone after Bellatrix. He had just caught up to her; she had been on the move, no doubt going around murdering in the name of her master. Draco had raised his want to cast the killing curse just as she had begun to turn around, sensing danger. Then the bitter struggle had begun. It was Bellatrix after all, she wasn't about to go down without a fight. No, it wouldn't be that easy.

He hadn't been able to finish her. Severus had apparated smack-dab in between them and with no warning, knocked the blond out. That bastard! Who the Hell did he think he was, to ruin Draco's revenge? How had Severus even known? Harry. It had to be. Harry must've gone and found the Potion's master.

Harry! Where was Harry? Everything was so loud. There were so many people. What was going on? Slowly, Draco sat up in the bed, looking around dazedly. All the commotion seemed to be focused in the back of the wing, around an enclosed section.

Hermione stood against the curtain, ringing her hands and pacing. Dumbledore and McGonagall's heads bent together in quiet discussion. Severus leaned stoically against a wall, emotions hidden as always. Weasley, upon seeing Draco conscious, shared a glance with Hermione and then began walking over.

"As much as I would love to smash your face in Malfoy, because you're a fucking twat, Harry needs you. Pomphrey had to induce labor. They had to go ahead with surgery, he couldn't wait for you."

For a second Draco couldn't absorb what the red head was saying. Then it clicked. Harry in labor. Harry in pain. Harry being cut open.

Draco shot out of the bed but moved too hastily, nearly crashing to the linoleum floor. Luckily Weasley reached out and caught the blond, hauling him to his feet.

"Is he okay? Is the baby alright?!" Draco struggled against Weasley's arms even though they were the only think keeping him upright.

The piercing cry of a new born answered Draco's inquiry before Weasley could.

Wordlessly, the Gryffindor helped a trembling and pale Draco towards the curtained off area shielding Harry and the baby from view.

Suddenly Pomphrey pulled back the curtains, revealing a beaming Harry holding a squirming little bundle with black fuzz and grey eyes. Instantaneously, tears came to Draco's eyes. Unable to speak, the blond reached out and grasped one of his boyfriend's hands. Harry had done it. Both the father and child had survived.

"Draco," Harry smiled up at him softly, expressing more emotion than the blond would have believed possible; forgiveness, joy, relief, all were evident across the Boy Who Still Lived's face.

"Meet Adrian Lucius."