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Ages (when in italics)- Kasumi 7 years old

Ayane 6 years old

Ages (standard text) – Kasumi 15 years old

Ayane 14 years old.

Blossoming Swallowtail

Chapter 1: Ayane and Kasumi

Only a soft blow of the wind graced the mountains as the clear blue sky spread out like an ocean high up in the heavens. The sun's light kept the air warm and none to moist, meaning a perfect day for those who were fortunate enough to bathe within it's rays.

"Onee-san...where are we going?" a young girl's shy voice could be heard as a whisper carried out by the breeze.

"I want to show you something!" another girl's voice answered, excitement evident in her tone.

Among the trees of the vast forest which belonged to the Mugen Tenshin Clan walked two young girls, hand in hand towards a still destination that was still unknown. The girls chatted away as they strolled, excited whispers and giggles filled the forest giving it life in a way that was rarely seen considering how dangerous it could be to venture too far into the ninja clan's domain.

The Mugen Tenshin Clan was strict about it's methods and would allow no risks to the safety of their clan. Secrecy of course was the sole solution to keeping the clan's secrets safe from outsiders and of course, if any outsiders managed to actually get passed the deadly traps within the forest...they were swiftly delt with with said secrets.

Yet, the older of the two, a bubbly young girl with large almond colored eyes that went well with her light brown colored hair, seemed to know exactly where to go and how to avoid being hurt by the forest's many hidden tricks. In fact, it seemed as if she was barely paying any mind to where she was stepping and yet, both girls were perfectly fine.

It was quite obvious that these were not by any means, ordinary girls.

"Here! Here!" said the brown haired girl to the younger one before coming to a screeching halt. The other girl barely had the time to say or do anything before she collided face first into the older one, a soft moan escaped her mouth as she fell to the ground, using her rear end to cushion her fall. The older girl quickly told her to quiet down with a quick gesture of a finger to her lips while the other tried vainely to soothe her pain.

The brunette looked back to the smaller girl and gave her a worried look, the younger one caught sight of her gaze and simply gave her a reasurring smile which in turn, was returned by the other girl.

"Are you alright Ayane?" the older girl asked a few instances later, having judged that her question would most likely not really disturb the peace within the woods. Ayane smiled and nodded, shaking off her mild daze in the process.

"I'm okay Kasumi..." Ayane assured her, she quickly rubbed a small scratch off her nose with her hand before giving Kasumi another sweet smile.

Kasumi returned her grin and then turned her attention back to the main objectif for their walk.

A small clearing in the middle of the forest, filled with thousands upon thousands of flowers.

She had stumbled upon this little discovery during one of her little excursions and had insisted on keeping it a secret from everyone except Ayane. She knew that the young purple haired child would be the only one who would be able to appreciate it, that and she always had a hard time explaining how she stumbled upon things in the forest when she wasn't even supposed to leave the village, being practically royalty and everything, atleast Ayane didn't question.

"Wow..." Ayane was at a loss of words, it was one of the most stunning sights she had ever seen. She was literally hypnotized by the sight of all the differently coloured flowers before her. The poor girl wasn't quite as lucky as Kasumi was, living in a small rundown hut deep in the forest as opposed to Kasumi's luxurious home. Her lifestyle was also quite different in comparason to that of her older friend.

The girl knew about Kasumi's way of living, and yes, she was a little envious, who wouldn't be in her situation? But she never once said anything about it as it really wasn't Kasumi's fault or anything to begin with. Besides, despite their different social standings Kasumi had always been such a kind person to her. Pretty much the only person who ever showed her kindness and that was around her age.

And Ayane was grateful to her for that.

Ayane kept her sights on the beautiful clearing without paying much attention to her surroundings. Still busy absorbing as much as her young mind could of the magnificent field of flowers to her memory.

Which proved to be a fatal mistake as she took one step too many towards the enticing plants, completely entranced by the sight before her. Her friend tried to stop her, but it was already too late.

Ayane had stepped somewhere she really shouldn't have.

For that moment, Ayane's thoughts remained blissfully unaware of the many poison laced arrows that were now prepared to completely skewer their target.

That is, until Kasumi intervened.

Reacting as soon as Ayane's foot hit the trap, she lunged forward and knocked Ayane down to the ground with her weight, sending both girls rolling down a small hill and allowing Ayane to escape an untimely demise as the arrows hit nothing but a small slab of dirt which helped indicate where one of the more obvious traps layed. Sadly, that wasn't all that that trap could do.

A loud sound ressembling an explosion filled the forest, as the second part of the trap was triggered by the arrows, agitating the denizens of the prairie and causing a huge puff of smoke that would most likely agitate their clan as well. That the trap had filled it's function quite well. If it didn't kill it's target, it would alert the clan of the presence of an intruder...or of an unfortunate accident.

Millions of swallowtail butterflies took to the sky, frightened by the sound of possible danger, each leaving an individual flower making it seem as if the flowers themselves were throwing themselves to the sweet breeze of summer. Ayane slowly opened her eyes, only to find a teary-eyed Kasumi on top of her, Kasumi, now completely devoid of her earlier excitement was now donning a look of extreme worry and mild anger as she glared at Ayane with her big brown eyes.

"Ayane..." she said, softly biting her inner lip, Ayane looked back at her with a look of mild confusion, she was not unaware of the danger she had just narrowly escaped, it was Kasumi's present reaction that threw her off. "Kasumi...? Are you alright?" the young girl asked, even thought, given the situation, the question probably should have been adressed to someone else. Kasumi closed her eyes and turned away from Ayane, rubbing the sleeve of her red yukata over her eyes to wipe away the tears of fear that she had just shed.

"I'm...i'm fine Ayane!" Kasumi quickly replied, flashing a bright smile to Ayane in an attempt to lighten the mood, "How about you?" she asked.

"I'm alright, Onee-san" Ayane said as she nodded and attempted to return the smile. Something caught her attention after a few instances thought, she pointed up at the sky, at the butterflies that were flying above them, "Hey, look at that!" she said excitedly to Kasumi as the both got up. Kasumi beamed, "I'm glad you enjoyed...though I was actually hoping you would spot them before they took flight..." she said with a playful look of dissapointment.

Ayane stuck her tongue out at Kasumi, "Guess i'm not as well trained as little miss perfect huh?" she said with a giggle.

Kasumi made a face at the mention of that name, she hated it when Ayane called her that, that and Little Princess. She took a look back at the place where Ayane had nearly met her end.

Kasumi didn't quite know why, but for some reason, Ayane didn't receive as much training and teachings as she did. Which was strange since they were both in the same clan after all. She smiled though, being the older sister that she was to Ayane, she took it upon herself to teach Ayane some of the basics that she would learn during her own lessons so that Ayane wouldn't feel too left out.

Then an idea came to mind, maybe it was because she lived so far away from the village itself that she wasn't receiving as much guidance from the village instructors? Ayane lived quite a ways out into the woods with her uncle, so far that Kasumi often wondered why they chose to live there since she could never see Ayane unless she herself went to visit and play, Ayane being too undertrained to wander on her own in the forest.

Kasumi liked Ayane a lot, she couldn't have Ayane wandering around the forest where she could get hurt now could she? What kind of big sister would she be?

And Kasumi knew that...some people weren't quite as fond as Ayane as she was...

Ayane was only one year younger than she was and had bright purple hair as well as reddish brown eyes which acted as a powerful contrast to her pale white skin. She was shy, sweet and for a 7 year old, very clever . Ayane was a little smaller than the brunette but that only helped to make her even more adorable to her ever loving "big sister".

Both of them did everything together ever since they met. They acted as one would suspect loving sisters would do.

They even refered to each other as so. Ayane was the little sister that Kasumi had never had and she cherished the girl's company like none other.

Ayane didn't treat Kasumi differently, like everyone else in the village did. To her, Kasumi was just Kasumi and nothing else.

Ayane waved a small hand infront of Kasumi's now dazed eyes and asked "Big sister?", trying to wake Kasumi up.

Ayane's attention had been brought back to her friend's state and had since been trying to communicate with her.

For a solid 10 minutes.

"Eh?" Kasumi spoke out in surprise as a result of Ayane's snapping fingers.

"What were you thinking about Kasumi?" Ayane asked calmly as she sat down on the soft grass and came face to face with Kasumi.

Kasumi had somehow fallen back on her rump during her daydreaming. So she sat up and straightened up her clothes before announcing that she was simply thinking about this and that with a sly smile.

End of Chapter 1

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