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Blossoming Swallowtail

Chapter 7: A Lonely Road-Part Three

Kasumi pulled out her Tanto and assumed a defensive position, blade firmly in hand and ready to cut down any more attempts Kirami might make for a quick kill.

"Nice outfit by the way." Kirami said as she appraised Kasumi's schoolgirl outfit. "Looks a little small don't you think?" as Kirami's eyes stopped at Kasumi's bust.

Kasumi's concentration was shot. She blushed crimsom at the remark. "D-don't say such things!" she cried out as her arms' defensive stance moved a little bit closer to her chest.

Kirami laughed, "My my, aren't we shy. You really are easy to play with! But let's end these childish word games...I think it's time to have some real fun." Kirami smiled as she stopped twirling her Fundo and caught it in mid-air.

"I'll try to make this quick and painless."


"Take this!"

Kirami yelled as she slammed her Fundo down onto Kasumi who narrowly escaped the previous slam Kirami had performed with the weapon.

Kasumi nimbly hopping from side to side, dodging, backflipping and jumping over every attempt Kirami made at striking her. Far from exhausted, Kasumi had this little dance going for a while now.

This battle was Kirami's to control for the moment, but what use was control over the terrain if you couldn't hit your adversary?

None whatsoever, which annoyed Kirami to no end as anyone could tell by her mouvements, which became increasingly violent and erratic. Patience had always been a strong point with her in the past, unfortunately, she always was a little short tempered.

Once again, Kirami's Fundo quickly swept pass right over Kasumi's head forcing the princess of the Mugen Tenshin Clan to duck. She stayed down, the weapon passing over her more than once this time and the Fundo attached to it threatening to knock off her head clean off with each passing swing.

The asphalte covered road had been perfectly smooth before all this had started but everytime Kirami struck her weapon down, the whip like object would create a sizeable pothole with every single swing, which should have made it slightly more difficult for Kasumi to dash around with every successful dodge. However, this little problem seemed to be completely disregarded by Kasumi as she taunted Kirami a bit by giving her a mischievous smile with her tongue stuck out a bit as she cartweeled her way out of another possible fatal wound.

"You know, this would be easier on you (and me) if you'd stand still!" Kirami growled, Tetsugen impacting right infront of Kasumi as she deftly leaned backwards slightly to evade.

"I have something more pressing to do, can't we just end this quickly?" Kasumi asked with a tone filled with a tiny bit of impatience, little by little, Kasumi was starting to realise that this battle might just be a waste of time, it certainly corresponded with the action she had been seeking out earlier but now things were starting to get a little repetitive.

A vein popped up on Kirami's forehead at Kasumi's lack of interest in her present life or death situation.

Kasumi dodged another quick slash from Kirami's weapon, "Eh? I guess that's a no..." Kasumi muttered with a sigh.

Kasumi didn't seem shaken at all by any of Kirami's graceful (despite a certain lack of anger management on Kirami's part) yet deadly motions, predicting effectively where the blows would come down and avoiding the move with the relative ease and grace that only someone highly trained in ninjutsu could achieve.

However, Kirami's frustration reached it's peak as pink flower petals swirled around Kasumi for a moment before she faded and reappeared only a few steps away, just a fancy way of backing up and basicly acting as a kind of taunt.

As one would guess from Kasumi's usual personna, that wasn't exactly the case...though the word exactly has to be stretched a bit.

In fact, Kasumi was more or less worried for Kirami's safety over her own...Kirami just got frustrated so left much to be desired on the level of patience and inner focus and ontop of would seem she left many openings in her attacks...and with no way of knowing if it was intentional or not, Kasumi simply let the question roll around in her mind, curiously wondering why someone would leap into single combat with so many faults in their form.

But...part of her just felt like playing around with her some more, like a kid would play with a somewhat aggressive puppy.

Then again, contrary to most ninjas, Kasumi had been specially trained for combat after all. Much like a certain self proclaimed super ninja who'm she hadn't seen in a bit ever since the Dark Dragon Blade incident.

Kasumi didn't really realise that this wasn't as much fun to Kirami as it was to her.

Just then the Runaway realized something was kinda odd... she quickly found that her heart was racing and that the hair on the back of her neck was now standing on end as if she had been hit by a jolt of energy. She looked back up at Kirami who had stopped attacking for a moment and who simply stared intently at her.

"Umm...was I daydreaming again?" Kasumi wondered, her habit of getting lost in thought probably being one of her most annoying weaknesses.

Kasumi gazed at Kirami, whom just gave her something that ressembled an annoyed glare which somehow made Kasumi tense up again very suddenly as another jolt passed through her.

Other than that, another odd appearance caught Kasumi's gaze as she realized Kirami's weapon now stood erect above Kirami's arm, which aimed up at the sky but yeah if you were in her position Kirami's glare would catch your attention first before that did.

The Hajin Mon Assassin had been mumbling for a while now Kasumi realised, the same miffed glare piercing the brown haired girl as strange symbols started floating around Kirami, repeating the words she herself created around her as she went along.

"Let my summon reach the very heavens, it is all I ask,

My adversary is arrogant enough to deny your very wrath,

Let my weapon speak for you and let me complete this task

My adversary shall not survive within their chosen path."

Kasumi glanced at the tip of the weapon, a strange cloud started to billow around it and it all suddenly started to make sense...

Suddenly this aggressive puppy had outgrown it's baby teeth...

Instantly, her feeling of dread increased suddenly and quickly Kasumi prepared for the worst as Kirami's chant suddenly start to gain volume, the symbols moving about violently in the air in a faint blue glow.

"Tetsugen Rain!"

The wiring on Kirami's arm started to pull and fly out of it's reel violently all of a sudden, as if a VERY strong fish had caught her weapon and was now trying to get away but Kirami looked unsurprised by the event, the wiring going off into the cloud that she had created.


Kasumi quickly dodged to the left, falling to the ground from the excessive force of the blast she had just dodged.

Kasumi looked back at what had nearly hit her...

And for a split moment before it dissapeared back into the cloud, she saw Kirami's Fundo...

Suddenly the Kunoichi found herself spinning out of the way of another attack, placing three fingers on the ground and rotating her entire body out of the way of the next blast...she tried hard to stand firm next to the blast but found it hard as debris flew and scratched parts of her body.

" strikes almost as quickly as lightning..." Kasumi thought with a nervous laugh "I guess she wasn't as unprepared as I thought she was...I can't see where each strike is coming from..." she thought as another sudden blast came from the sky, she winced lightly as the wind pressure that came from the weapon's speed of descent grazed her shoulder lightly, leaving a cut where it had passed and forcing her once again down to the ground.

"Yes!" Kirami said with a smirk as she shifted her concentration for the second phase of her powerful arcanum. Kasumi barely had the time to recover from the previous bit of damage as she suddenly found herself rolling out of the way from a multiple string of quick strikes, coming forth one after the other at such a speed that it created an afterimage, following Kasumi as she rolled away quickly before finally using a hand to propel herself back on her feet and jumping away swiftly to dodge the last strike.

Kasumi's eyes narrowed as she awaited the next blow a few shurikens waiting between her fingers however, it would seem that Kirami's special move had hit it's limit...or more like it's user had hit her limit as she looked on in shock and fatigue as the cloud above her dissapated, sending the Tetsugen back to it's user's arm.

Kasumi glanced at both Kirami and the weapon, by the look in Kirami's eyes, a look of slight dissapointment, the spell she had just effected had not turned out completely as she had hoped.

"I get it...that spell was taught to her to make up for her weakness. But she isn't used to using it which would mean..." Kasumi sighed in dissapointment, this battle was completely pointless now.

Kirami took in a few deep breaths and tried her best to get rid of the blur from her eyes from the fatigue that came from using such a highly taxing move like that.

Most people would never even have the proper speed (or warning if Kirami had her way) to do such things as avoiding Kirami's Tetsugen but she had underestimated Kasumi's skills in ninjutsu...something she had never done before with all the connections she harbored...

"D-darn...that spell should have made mince meat out of way she'll leave me the time I need to do it again...plan B I guess..." Kirami muttered as she saw Kasumi's dissaproving look.

"Are you alright?" Kasumi asked in a worried tone, noticing that it was taking longer than she expected for Kirami to recover.

Kirami slowly pulled the Tetsugen up in the air again, reeling in the excess wire used for her Tension Rain to prepare for another slam "Then I'll just have to do this the other way!" she called out.

"Geez..." Kasumi thought as she quickly took on a running crouch position and moved in on Kirami, determined to end this.

Kirami looked mildly surprised as Kasumi came in rushing, but her expression soon changed to a confident smirk. "It was about time she tried this..." Kirami whispered as she dashed back to meet Kasumi's sprint. Maybe things were looking up after all?

Twirling her Fundo around her shoulder once, removing excess wire with the reel and catching it on the second pass, giving it the most tension she could afford without cutting herself much like a martial artist would hold a pair of Nunchucks ready for release.

Kasumi realised too late that this was in fact, Kirami's counterstrike position.

Her stance rattled as bit, the tiniest bit of hesitation giving Kirami ample time to reach Kasumi who had slowed down only 2 feet away, pushing Kasumi's Tanto out of the way by forcing her Tetsugen's wire into it, she quickly pulled her other arm in for a moment as her Tetsugen arm forced danger out of the way before performing a quick jab with her elbow to Kasumi's stomach.

"Oooomfh!" Kasumi gasped as she lost most of the air from her lungs in that single blow. Kasumi thoughts went black for a moment, not bothering to clutch her stomach as she slowly started to fall backwards.

Kirami wasn't done however as she quickly backed away with a hop and dashed back, pulling her legs together as she momentarily leaned on one arm before using the momentum from her dash to thrust her legs in a spear like formation while spinning them right into the Runaway's surprised form, knocking her back a few meters.

Kasumi tossed and rolled but caught herself around three meters later, ending the roll in a crouching ready position, catching the blade that had fallen out of her grasp during the kick right out of the air infront of her as it passed infront of her eyes.

Kirami looked on with a confident smirk, her first real blow having delt a significant amount of damage to Kasumi without a shadow of a doubt though Kasumi did not seem at all phased by the power behind the blow. A few scratches from the distance crossed and a bit of dirt on her blue sailor fuku but nothing else, Kirami had to admire Kasumi's bluff though, it was pretty convincing.


As Kasumi's blade found home back in it's users grasp, the Kunoichi raised her eyes to face Kirami and she smiled gently at her opponent, causing a large imaginary question mark to pop up over Kirami's head.

Why exactly was she so calm?

Kasumi finally placed the shuriken she had unsheated from an unknown area of her body back into her bag and got up while dusting her schoolgirl outfit off a bit and wondering to herself what the heck possessed her to wear such a thing..."Kirami was right...this thing really is small..." she thought to herself with pensive look on her face, ignoring Kirami for now but the shadow of a smile still present.

Kirami's gaze widened, "Wha-..." she started before a small sound coming from her weapon caught her attention, barely noticeable but there none the less and quite easy to take into account thanks to the uneasy silence between her and the smiling Kasumi.

She gulped lightly before daring to gaze at her Tetsugen...

Which had been effectively and cleanly deprived of all it's steel wiring by what looked like a few quick slashes from a very sharp blade.

And as if it had just realised that it was now defying gravity, the tattered pieces of wiring fell from the reel mount on Kirami's arm and landed on the ground, the Takeda ninja staring on with a mixed expression of shock and amazement.

Kasumi had rendered her weapon...useless.

And what was worse...she had done it while sparing her and the weapon itself, just disposing of it's ammunition. How and when was something Kirami knew nothing about...Kasumi had attacked her without her even noticing...and maybe this was her way of telling her...telling her that she had no hope of defeating her...

...a warning.

And a damn good one at that.

Kirami fell to her knees, the shock of it all hitting her hard.

"I knew lack any real speed and you rely on that weapon for surprise attacks and you have no experience with that spell of yours..." Kasumi said with a reproachful tone, as if she were scolding Kirami for having failed to bring in a test at the right time or like a mother would scold their children for staying up too long.

Kirami's didn't move, she just couldn't believe it...

"Sooooo...what will you do now?" Kasumi asked in a friendly tone, resheating her Tanto and placing it in her bag. She lifted the bag and placed it over her shoulders and waited for Kirami's answer.

"I'm..." Kirami said shakily, still taken aback by how much skill this "little princess" had...

Ayane's name for her certainly was misleading...

"I'm...not done yet." she turned her head violently and gave Kasumi a hateful glare before she stood up and got into a typical Hajin mon stance, too stubborn to give in just yet.

Kasumi sighed lightly, she didn't want to keep fighting...She was slightly afraid of hurting the older yet much less experienced (at one on one combat anyways, who knew what she could do under the right circumstances) girl and to top it all off, she had to tend to Bass' wounds before continuing her mission, she still had much to find out about.

Kasumi looked away, "You don't have to really prove anything? You were a competent fighter..." she stated walking over to Bass who was finally beginning to stir.

Obviously Kirami got miffed at this, but not because of Kasumi's overwelming amount of confidence now but was well founded.

It was as if...this girl was on a completely different level than herself and despite the age difference...she didn't have anything near the skill needed to handle her.

That didn't mean Kirami wasn't going to try thought, no way in hell was that small detail gonna get in between her and her chance at showing Ayane up.

"Who has something to prove? I have my own little mission to handle and i'm not about to drop it either." Kirami replied stubbornly, getting between Kasumi and Bass.

Kasumi let out a slight sigh.

You had to admire the girl's persistence.

At first, Kasumi was worried that Kirami would be a really dangerous person to tangle with but as the battle went became a little obvious to her that Kirami wasn't very experienced when it came to single and fair combat, something Kasumi had always been a natural at.

So she didn't feel threatened at all when Kirami placed herself between Bass and herself. It wasn't as if she was underestimating her opponent, if anything, it was most likely Kirami who underestimated her judging by all the trash talk she had done at the beginning of the battle.

But, like some would say, the rose's thorns had been removed, not much left to defend itself with now was there.

Kasumi tossed her bag to the side and assumed her ready stance.

Kirami struck out with her own version of Genmu-So again, jumping back once and then back forward quickly, using the momentum and an arm that kept itself on the ground to unleash a powerful drill like kick towards Kasumi, who swiftly moved out of it's way, having predicted it right before because of how long it took Kirami to prepare the movement...and because she saw it before.

Grabbing her backturned opponent as she got up. Kasumi quickly and mercilessly jammed her knee into her Kirami's back and grasped her opponent's head firmly between her hands, rolling her body backwards and disorienting Kirami in the process.

Kasumi's roll finished with Kasumi ontop of Kirami's back and quickly, before Kirami even knew what hit her, Kasumi drove her palm into the back of Kirami's head, slamming her face into the ground beneath her and the impact making Kirami grow very still.

"Ah! Gomen-nasai! Are you alright?" Kasumi asked in a sudden burst of worry, akwardly wondering if she had maybe been a little too rought, however a quick twitch from Kirami's fingers and a quick look at her pulse told her she'd live.

Kasumi let out a sigh of relief and smiled.

Kasumi dragged Kirami off the road with little effort after making sure the wounds on her face wouldn't cause any real damage before heading towards Bass to examine his wounds.

While he was still breathing, he had not moved since the fall. She checked the back of his head and saw that nothing serious had happened to him, he should wake up soon enough seeing as how the fall hadn't really been that violent.

Kasumi removed the metal wiring around his neck and put it away in her bag and as she prepared to set him down in a lying position so he'd be able to rest, she once again, caught sight of his DOA Tournament invitation.

Kasumi just looked at it for a moment, longingly. Her eyes shining as if she were staring at her favorite dessert...

It was her best chance to complete her mission, Raidou was most likely there and all she'd have to do would be to get close to him...that invitation could get her the distance she so desperatly needed without attracting too much suspicion and it would certainly make her long and difficult task much easier...

All she needed to do was to reach out and...

She quickly turned turned her head away, "I...I can't resort to such a thing. It doesn't belong to me." she told herself, trying her best to think straight.

But the thought was still there and the prize as well...she stole another quick glance at it...

And then turned her attention to Kirami to distract herself, "I wonder what I should do about her..." she wondered, the thought of leaving her there with Bass not sitting to well with her.


Kasumi stopped moving for a moment, taking a few swift glances all around.

"No one..." Kasumi mumbled with a perplexed look on her face.

"Here." a melodiously young voice said from beside her, causing Kasumi to jump, another one of Kasumi's strange habits that replaced most other ninja's reflexes to simply cut down those who snuck up on them.

There sitting right next to her and with Kirami's head laying on her lap was a young girl, thirteen, fourteen maybe wearing a short white kimono with a few butterfly imprints on them, a few real white butterflies fluttering around her. The girl laughted at Kasumi's reaction while Kasumi tried to recover from the initial shock of having been snuck up on.

"Here." the girl repeated, handing a small enveloppe to Kasumi a shy smile on her face.

Kasumi tilted her head lightly in confusion, taking the enveloppe from the girl. She started to open it when she noticed the girl's gaze had fallen on somewhere she'd rather it not be on.

"So...big..." the girl mumbled lightly.

"Ahem." Kasumi coughed purposely giving the girl a dissaproving look, Akemi got the message quickly enough and removed her envious stare from Kasumi's umm...assets. Kasumi turned her attention back to the piece of paper inside the enveloppe.

"Umm...a grocery list?" Kasumi wondered, staring at the piece of paper.

"Oops, wrong one." Akemi said, ripping the piece of paper from Kasumi's quizzical gaze and replacing it with another sheet of paper.

Kasumi took her time to read the sheet of information, Akemi evaluating her reaction while she did so, noticing that Kasumi's breathing seemed to become more and more silent.

Kasumi just let her grip fall, her arm falling limply to her side, "Is this true?" Kasumi asked through her teeth, a strange aura possessing her eyes.


"I don't know. I'm just the messenger, if you want to find out more go and do the detective work yourself Kasumi-chan." the girl said with a polite tone while poking her sister's head with a stick, trying to wake her up.

Kasumi considered this with no detectable emotion.

"Geez, Kurenai isn't going to be too happy when she wakes up." Akemi muttered.

Kasumi got up and walked over to Bass, bent down for a moment and took his invitation, leaving Akemi's information sheet with Bass to explain her action.

"You're a Hajin Mon Ninja aren't you? Why are you just giving me this? Are you just letting me go?" Kasumi asked quietly as she tucked the invitation away in her bag while giving Akemi a wary look. .

"Hmm...for now, our orders are to leave alone. So think of it as a head start. As for the information the one who is in charge of your capture said that you have similar interests and to think of that as a small gift." Akemi answered, trying hard to remember what Ayane, who had showed up shortly after Kasumi and Kirami's battle had begun, said word for word.

Kasumi shot Akemi a look that said "I aint buying a word of this." which only brought on a slight shrug from the younger girl, Akemi didn't really understand Ayane's orders either. Then again, Ayane was a mystery to most people anyways.

Kasumi's slightly opportunistic mind finally decided to kick in, telling her to forget about the details and to just leave while she still had the opportunity to. Why ask questions when things were finally starting to set themselves into place for her?

However, she had one final question to ask when she realised that an ambulance was starting to head their way at full speed and with it's sirens wailing. She looked on in disbelief before turning back to the strange butterfly girl who simply gave Kasumi an impish grin while presenting a cellphone for Kasumi to appraise.

Kasumi eyes widened at the sight, that was something she hadn't expected a ninja to carry.

"Hey, even ninjas can have a little bit of high technology on them." Akemi said as if she had read Kasumi's mind putting the cell away and then placing two fingers between her lips and letting out a silent whistle.

Kasumi raised her arm up in an attempt to stop her but it was too late, hundreds of white butterflies suddenly appeared and surrounded both girls, engulfing them in a flurry of beating wings which caused Kasumi to lose sight of them.

When the butterflies finally cleared, Kirami and Akemi had dissapeared along with them.

Kasumi stared at the spot they had once been and simply looked back to the ambulance and then back down to Bass. She closed her eyes and uttered a soft apology to the motorcyclist before slumping her bag over her shoulder and dissapearing back into the forest.

Her destination, Tokyo.

You unlocked Character Prologue: Kirami!

The woods, filled with it's aging foliage, the place considered to be a striking image of beauty to most anyone's first thoughts. The trees having seen so many different lives pass by here, they paid no mind to the people who came to visit, their wisdom kept solely for themselves as they monitored the man who had just entered with keen eyes, whispering to one another with only quiet murmurs, making their leaves flow and move about lightly in the sunlight.

Genra had never been to this part of the woods before, his clan needing too much of his support to be wandering around idely.

And today was no different.

He had heard, that several of his men were being attacked and stripped of their belongings before being released in the most undignified of fashions. It was a true dishonor for him to know that his men did no trust him enough to tell him of this before, having to find out from having accidentally eavesdropped into a conversation between two victims. From what they say, the attacks came silently and without warning and apparently most of his men feared it was a kind of spirit who had recently arisen from the grave.

Genra had his own ideas of what this "spirit" could truly be, seeing as how it had been kind enough to let everyone it had robbed go free. Besides, the very fact that it was robbing people was reason enough to believe this was no ghost.

His eyes trailed lightly the outlines of the trees, the daylight offering him no trouble in his search.


The sound of a small twig breaking under the weight of an unknown source, barely audible and most likely something most would simply ignore, a mistake Genra never made. "So the ghost sits in a tree?"

Genra smiled, turning away from the source of the sound to look in the other direction, trying to coax this entity into attacking him.

A few moments passed...before finally...


Genra's hand suddenly lashed out, gripping tightly onto the weapon that had been drawn against him, wrapping his hand around it once to prevent it from being pulled away.

He gave it a small glance through his mask, "A...weight..." he mumbled.

Now part of the mystery was clear...the reason why his ninja fell was because of this harsh blunt object colliding with it's victim's head, knocking them out for whoever it was who wielded it to get what he or she desired from the fallen.

Now, just the other half of the mystery remained.

Genra felt the wielder trying desperatly to pull the weapon away but obviously the person who used it wasn't strong enough to compete with his strenght. "I shall have to have a stern talk with those who were defeated." he mumbled as he gave the thin metallic wire a strong tug to bring out whoever was using it from hiding.

"KYAH!" a loud yell could be heard as the wielder was suddenly pulled out from her hiding place on a branch not too far from the ground, only to land on her face on the hard ground below.

Genra unhanded the wire and walked slowly towards the young girl.

From the looks of it, she had been through quite a lot, her dirty and slightly tattered red kimono was evidence of this. She was most likely no older than 10 from what Genra could assess and her skin seemed to bear many bruises and cuts, her right arm seemed to be slightly tainted in dry blood too.

She got off of her face and sat back on her legs, mumbling a few small curses for her pain and she looked up at Genra with hatred in her dark chestnut eyes. Even in her state, she was defiant.

"Child, are you alright?" Genra asked, his voice filled with compassion trying his best not to frighten the girl as he held out his hand to help her up.

Instead of behaving positively to his kind gesture, the girl quickly pulled out a small knife she had hidden in the back of her laced shoe and attempted to stab his leg.

Genra was patient with the girl, as he grabbed hold of her wrist before the blade connected and simply karate chopped her hand with his other hand to make her drop the weapon.

"Ah!" she cried out in surprise as she was disarmed. Her eyes filled with a few tears, but she seemed to force herself not to let them out as she glared defiantly at Genra with the same fury as she did before.

Once again, Genra held out his hand for the girl, who simply ignored him and got up on her own, starting to reel in her weapon back to it's mechanical mount on her bloody arm.

"Tell me...are you the one has been attacking my men?" Genra asked the girl.

"And what if I am?", she showed no fear whatsoever in her words as she spat them out to him with the same venom her eyes showed.

Genra knew better, her hands were trembling lightly as she reeled in her weapon. She herself seemed as if she was ready to break into a run if ever she needed to, so he kept his tone calm and friendly.

"If you are, then I would like to congradulate you on your skill child."

The girl turned and stared at him, her shocked expression was absolutely priceless.

Before she could recover he tried to start some small talk, "You have a fine weapon there and I see that you have quite a bit of skill with it, do you have a name for it?"

The girl seemed to calm down a bit but gave Genra a bewildered look which distanced itself from her nervousness, she looked away and mumbled a few things before finally speaking up loud enough for Genra to hear, "...Tetsugen." she said quietly, looking back up at Genra, her reply in filled with a sense of pride for the strange weapon she used.

"A fine name for it child."

"...aren't you mad?" she asked quietly, she seemed to calm down a bit but at least she wasn't quite as defiant as before, but then again, that was perhaps because of her confusion.

"Mad about what?"

"That I...robbed your men of their belongings?"

Genra smiled beneath the mask, "They should have been more careful. We may practice the art of stealth but we musn't let our guards down just because we believe that we are skilled enough to avoid detection and besides, while you may have damaged their pride when they came into the villages in only their left them with their lives and for that, I should be thanking you."

Genra stopped for a moment before continuing, eyeing her carefully "However, I trust you had a good reason to explain your actions." he wanted to know what had happened to her.

The girl looked away while Genra waited patiently until she finally spoke up, "...I am..., she paused, --was, a member of the Takeda Ninja Clan...two weeks ago our clan was attacked by mercenaries from the Vigoor Empire...we were a clan that specialised in..."

"In gathering information or so I've heard..." Genra added his two cents about the subject, he had heard about the small ninja clan this girl came from, apparently they gathered information thanks to supernatural forces who could guide them to where they needed to be, when they needed to be there. He had also heard that they were the only clan left who actually used the wire as a specialty weapon for stealth killing and that certain of their operatives had refined the technique to a point where they could use it as an actual weapon that could rival swordmasters but much like the other ninja clans, they were secretive and he had heard little more than that. Althought considering ninja secrecy and all that, that was a pretty impressive amount.

"...they sought vengeance upon us for revealing information about some of their secret plans, they paid a rival clan, the Black Spiders to find out about those who discovered their secrets...and my village was destroyed, my family was killed..." a few more tears threatened to come down but the girl stayed strong.

"Me and my sister...our master made us run away to keep us alive and ever since we had no place to go...our allies didn't even show up when we needed them so I couldn't bring myself to go we wandered around, begging what little could be offered by strangers and taking whatever else...trying our best to survive...but sister fell ill and i've been trying desperatly to find objects of value to sell for some medication...that's why..."

"That's why you took everything from my men...and I guess you probably were hoping for some herbal medicine while you were at it, which is why you chose to steal from ninjas rather than easier targets." Genra finished the story. He had to admire her courage, to face off against ninjas would be considered as suicide to most but here she was, risking her own life to get what she needed to help her sister regardless of the consequences. She was just lucky that he was the one to unmask her, had it been someone else and her fate might not have been quite so easy.

"The girl may be arrogant but she has a good heart." Genra thought, not aware of the fact that in a few years from now, a certain purple haired kunoichi he had recently added to his clan would be developing her own attitude problem.

"My name is Genra miss...?"

The girl hesitated for a moment, but found that even though he was at his mercy, he was actually asking her if she wanted to give out her name, something that he didn't really have to do.

She looked up for a moment, her bright brown eyes shining in the sunlight. Maybe now, she had someone else to trust.

"My name is me Kirami."

And that's what happened on the day I became a member of the Mugen Tenshin Clan along with my sister Akemi, who later recovered from her ailments thanks to Genra's care. We, who had no where else to go found a new home here and for that we were eternally grateful to the Hajin Mon.

Genra taught us alot and even though much of our clan's techniques died the day our home was burnt down to the ground, we managed to revive as many techniques as possible from what little we could remember, to make ourselves as useful as possible to our new family.

He helped me master Tetsugen, further than I could have hoped back when I was a child. The training was rough, but it was for my own good, to learn how to survive out there without having to resort to the methods I used on him long before.

He treated us both as if we were his own and thanks to him, we learnt how to accept our situation.

He was like a father to us, like he was to most people in the village...

And I had no problem thinking about him that way.

But I always knew.

I always knew who was his favorite.

And I envied her...because father's attention was always set on her...

So i'm selfish, sue me. I'll show Genra who has the most potential in this clan...

...and reclaim the right to be called by my true name.

End of Character Prologue!

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