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The Long Road Home

Chapter Five

Any other time, Bulma would have been in complete shock that not only was Vegeta apologizing in a way, but he was also admitting a weakness. This moment, though, she had other things on her mind.

"Well, we aren't giving up just yet."

She leaned forward and prayed that the little she could remember about CPR would be enough to save Mirai Trunks' life. With a few quick words, she placed Vegeta's hands on Trunks' lower chest and explained CPR the best she could remember. Then she proceeded to tilt the demi-saiyans head back and try to breathe life back into him. Vegeta followed her instructions, but on his first try a resounded crack echoed from under his hands. Bulma turned to her now paled husband's face.

"I think I broke a rib!"

Bulma nodded.

"That's normal. Keep going."

He went back to his task as she went back to hers. Everyone gathered in close, watching mother and father trying to save their son. This timeline's Trunks was having mixed emotions as he stared at his future counterpart. This man had tried to kill his father, but he couldn't hate him, no matter how much he tried. How can you hate yourself?

Vegeta had made him angry many times before, but never enough to make him feel like destroying his father. Yet, Mirai Trunks had just lost everything he knew, so maybe he hadn't been able to handle all the pent up rage. Trunks sighed and kneeled next to his mother and prayed to Kami for this version of himself to take a breath on his own.

Just as the thought had finished itself in his mind, Mirai Trunks drew in a ragged gasp of air and everyone froze. He continued to breathe almost painfully, but his eyes didn't open. Goku held a hand out towards Bulma, a senzu bean waiting in his palm. She hadn't even noticed him leave.

She took it and gently placed it to Trunks' lips.

"Trunks, it's a senzu bean, eat it."

His lips parted slightly and he accepted the bean, chewing it slowly until it was gone. His eyes slowly opened and he focused on Bulma, leaning over him. A look of such hope entered his eyes, that Bulma felt a pained clench in her heart.


She smiled warmly at him, but then Mirai Trunks noticed his counterpart sitting next to her, and the truth struck home. An anguished sound escaped his lips and he squeezed his eyes closed. He stayed still for a moment more before pushing himself up to a standing position. He didn't look at a single person standing around him, just walked to the very edge of the lookout and sat down hanging his legs over into the air.

Bulma looked to Goku, unsure what to do, but before she could decide, her own Trunks started to walk towards his counterpart. No one followed. Trunks sat down on the edge and copied the position of his other self. Mirai Trunks didn't look at him, but he knew who it was. Suddenly, his arm began to itch under the gauntlet and he quickly unbuckled the device and pulled it down. The arm underneath was completely healed from the senzu bean, so he laid the gauntlet down on the ground behind him.

Mirai Trunks absently rubbed the newly uncovered arm, and finally broke the silence with a hushed voice.

"I didn't mean to hurt Father."

Trunks nodded.

"I know. You've been through a lot. You just lost control. We all do sometimes."

Mirai Trunks finally turned to the teenager that sat next to him. He used to call this person Chibi Trunks, but now that seemed ridiculous. They were nearly the same size. Almost the same age as well, Mirai was probably only a couple years older than him at this point.

Chibi Trunks smiled warmly at him.

"What are we gonna call each other, huh?"

Mirai Trunks blinked at him. He hadn't expected the subject to change so quickly. It took him a moment to stutter out a response.

"It… it doesn't matter. I don't belong here. I'll find someplace…"

Chibi Trunks snorted and waved a dismissive hand at him.

"Oh please! If it weren't for you, this timeline wouldn't exist anyway! I don't think a single person present would mind if you stayed."

As an answer, Mirai Trunks turned back to glance at Vegeta, who was standing in his usual manner, arms crossed and glaring at them. Chibi Trunks followed his gaze and chuckled.

"Don't worry about Father. He only respects people that have beaten the crap out of him anyway, so you're one up on me."

Mirai Trunks met his younger self's gaze once more.

"But you're his son."

Chibi shrugged.

"So are you."

Mirai shook his head.

"No, not really."

Chibi nodded.

"Yes you are."

Mirai opened his mouth to reply, but Chibi spoke before he got the chance.

"Stop arguing with me."

Mirai Trunks blinked, and found a small smile playing across his lips.

"Okay… I'm … um… I'm going to go. I've got to get my head together."

Chibi Trunks nodded.

"Just come back to Capsule Corps whenever you're ready, you're welcome there. It's your home, too."

Mirai Trunks moved to shake his head in denial, but Chibi Trunks interrupted him once again.

"I told you to stop arguing with me."

The two Trunks' smirked at each other for a moment, then Mirai nodded towards the gauntlet lying behind them.

"Take care of that for me, will you?"

Chibi smiled.

"Hai. No problem."

With that, Mirai Trunks was gone. He rocketed down to Earth in search of a quiet place where he could find some peace for a time. Chibi sighed and stood, picking up the heavy gauntlet with him. He walked back to the crowd of people, all awaiting his words in silence. Bulma looked toward him with pleading eyes. Trunks smiled.

"It's fine. He'll be back when he works things out with himself."

His mother sighed in relief, along with several other people in the group. Vegeta however just scowled and took to the air. Trunks dashed up to cut him off, arms outstretched wide.

"Father, leave him be, please?"

Vegeta scowled.

"Get out of my way, brat."

With that, Vegeta shoved Trunks to the side and took off in a flash. Kryllin chuckled in the back of the group.

"Just like old times, huh?"

Trunks turned a questioning look to the smaller man. Kryllin grinned as he explained himself.

"Mirai Trunks used to do that to Vegeta all the time, what you just did, block him like that. You're lucky, Mirai Trunks tended to get a fist in his gut for doing that."

Trunks' eyebrows furrowed. A deep sense of sympathy was coursing through him as he thought of his future self. Maybe Mirai Trunks really did have more reasons to hate Vegeta than he.