Rating: PG

AN: Yes, this is incredibily short! I know there are a lot of mistakes but come on people! I was bored so I jotted this down. Yes... this is what my brain creates when it gets bored. BE AFRAID.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Harry Potter Characters. I wish I did though... especially Sirius...

The time had come.

Sitting, the two youths watched the other's movements with all their attention. Suddenly, they dived into play but never taking their eyes off the other.

Moving against each other, all aspect of time was lost between the two. Their surroundings faded out and soon they could only focus on the other. Feelings were enhanced and all caution was thrown to the wind. The only important thing was that they were together.

Then suddenly…


"OH MY GOSH! Ginny! What is HE doing here?" demanded Ron, openly staring at his younger sister and was standing in the doorway leading into her room. How did that, that THING get in here! Slowly he raised a shaking finger and pointed it at Ginny's companion in the dark room.

Blushing, the young red head jumped up and attempted to push her brother out and away from her room.

"Ginny, what are you doing! And what is he doing here?"

"Nothing Ron! Just leave us alone! We're trying to finish something here!" screeched Ginny, managing to close the door behind her and continued to push her brother up to his room. By this time, the young thing had invented a new shade of red and could barely keep her voice the same note for very long.

Draco sighed. Placing his head in his hands, the blonde looked at the door with a sad expression on his pale face.

It seemed that they were never going to finish their chess game.