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The Holidays


Chapter 1


1:57 pm…Are people still actually working on that test? I finished and double checked myself ten minutes ago…1:58...If this school was logical I'd only have two more minutes left until school got out…1:59…oh Thank God! Someone's handed in their test. I can go get rid of mine …2:00…less than two minutes left until Christmas break. Well two minutes and then a swim meet…2:01…sixty seconds until I can go find Jack! Don't forget the swim meet Samantha!...2:02…Ring Bell! I want out, now!...Finally!

At the sound of the bell Sam joined the flood of students pouring into the locker-lined hallways. She fought the flow of traffic to her locker and hurriedly stuffed her backpack with the proper notebooks. Grabbing her swim bag and her coat she sprinted towards the gym lobby. As she rounded the last corner she slowed to a more dignified pace and began scanning the room for Jack.

Where is he? I don't see him. He promised he'd pick me up and drive me to the meet. He can't have forgotten. I just talked to him last night. So…

A tantalizing glimpse of familiar eyes in a face concealed by a Santa hat and beard get up caught Sam's attention.

He wouldn't…please tell me he didn't…oh man.

Jack O'Neill stood in the middle of the high school's lobby wearing a combination Santa hat and beard holding a miniature sleigh full of something brightly colored and attached to a stuffed reindeer. Spotting Sam across the room he waved and started towards her. She stood for a moment frozen between embarrassment, amusement, and happiness. They'd talked on the phone almost every other day, but Sam hadn't seen him since she'd driven out of the college's parking lot almost four weeks ago. Excitement finally won out and Sam rushed Jack. Heedless of the stares of her fellow students Sam dropped her stuff at Jack's feet and threw her arms around him in an enthusiastic hug. The reindeer ended up squashed between them.


Incoming! Clear the…too late! Omph!

Jack shifted in Sam's embrace, trying to move the sleigh which was currently bruising his ribs and find a good angle from which to initiate a kiss. Instead Sam turned her face to the side and tried to stifle a giggle.

"Jack, take that ridiculous thing off. It tickles."

She tugged at the white mess hanging from his chin.

Impatient much! Sweet!

Jack pulled the beard down over his chin and moved Sam's gift from between them, wrapping his arms around her. This time she raised her lips to meet his kiss.

"I saw Sammy kissing Santa Clause…"

"Knock it off Cassie."

"Nice to see you again too, Jack. It's been a while, almost a year, right?"

"If you say so. Senior year agreeing with ya?"

Jack removed one arm from around Sam and turned to answer her best friend, who was smiling broadly at the slightly blush rising on Sam's cheeks.

I guess she approves. Not that it's up to her, but good.

"Hey Sam, not to ruin your moment or anything, but we do have a meet to get to. See you at the car?"

"Thanks Cassie, but I'm going to catch a ride with Jack. Go find Jonas. You can bug me later during the meet."

Jack let out a sigh of relief as Cassie walked away.

Phew! That girl has more energy than is natural. Now I can…Ouch!

"What was that for?"

"I heard that sigh"

"Just glad to get you all to myself."


"Smooth Jack. So what's with the outfit?"

"Found it lying around the house. I figured there weren't too many times a year it could be worn. You don't like it?"

Sam laughed as Jack waggled his eyebrows at her.

"And little Cupid here?"


"The reindeer…Jack, pay attention. He doesn't have a red nose so I guessed."

"Ah, Cupid…he's here to bring you good luck at your meet and…uh…a bunch of Kisses to…umm…make up for the ones you've, we've, missed out on over the last month."

Dear Lord! Where does he get this stuff from? I can't believe I'm falling for such a cheese ball! Swoon.

"Well then let's get him to the pool. He won't do me much good here will he?"

Sam grinned cheekily at Jack and kissed him quickly.

"Thanks. Really. He's adorable."

Stepping back she pulled on her coat, picked up her swim bag and headed towards the door. As she walked lightly towards the parking lot Sam called back to Jack.

"Come on Santa. This good little girl needs a ride."

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