A New Nindo

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Summary: What if you died? What if it was a mistake? What if you were given a chance to step out of your normal everyday life and become hero? I'd grab the chance. This is my story.

Prologue: Sealing of Kyuubi

Left and right laid corpses. Many courageous souls had tried to stop the demon Kyuubi to no avail. Many questioned why such a great beast would attack Konoha but everyone just assumed it was in its demonic nature.

The Yondaime Hokage stood bravely on top of the frog boss Gamabunta. He himself wondered how it had come to this. He cradled an newborn baby in his arms and smiled sadly at it before turning towards the Kyuubi with a stone cold face. A face that would be engraved on a mountain and remembered as another brave soul sacrificed for the greater good.


"Man how the hell did I get stuck in this mess," I said aloud to no one in particular.

I was in sitting a lobby of what I had assumed to be the afterlife. Not what I expected, it looked fairly normal besides the enormous size of the lobby. It was pretty clean too, almost sterile. I could see my reflection in the black marble floor and white tiled walls. There was a door in the distance but I didn't feel like exploring. I was waiting for the door near me to open. The few people sitting there didn't seem dead but I knew I was. After a few conversations I knew they were. I don't how long I waited, it seemed like an eternity. Truthfully I thought I was going to end up in the abyss or something. I felt like I was sitting outside the principal's office again.

Suddenly a woman opened the office door and called out to me. I walked in and was greeted with an astonishing beauty. Her long flowing blue hair and forest green eyes captivated me. I knew she was probably the grim reaper but I couldn't help myself. She was sitting behind a smooth empty desk. There was no computer, papers, or stationary supplies, just a folder in her hands.

"You must be wondering why you are here?" she asked with a sweet smile and musical voice.

I dumbly nodded like the retard was, as if standing before some sort high school crush.

"My name is Gabriel, I'm an angel of heaven."

Something clicked in my brain at that moment.

"Wait a sec, the Gabriel? As in one of the Four Angels of God along with Raphael, Uriel, and Michael?" I nearly shouted.

She looked amused for a second and stifled giggle with her hand.


"But aren't you supposed to be a guy?"

I can't believe I said that. Dumbass… just kill me now God, please. Wait, I'm already dead. Shit.

She let loose a laugh.

"A common misconception," she said. "Allowing a female figure to be seen in power was not favorable at the time of my presence two thousand years ago."

She calmed down but retained her angelic aura.

I wonder if that aura's automatic or something? Hold the phone if she's an angel does that mean I made it into heaven? Sweet! That's a load off my back.

"But that's not the issue here."

At the word issue my hopes sunk.

Yeah I knew it was too good to be true I'm goin' to hell.

"Am I going to hell?" I asked politely.

I'm sure she could hear the fear in my voice. If not that then she probably heard the shaking in my legs. Since an early age I had been told how horrible hell was, one of the setbacks of attending Christian schools. Thanks to my dad I had seen way too many horror flicks which influenced my vision of hell.

She looked shock for a minute.

"No no no, nothing of the sort."

Hope meter rising…

"So what is it then."

Her smile faded and she seemed serious when she spoke, "We had a small problem in the shinigami section. My sister, Alia, made a slight mistake. She wasn't supposed to collect your soul."

I stood there shocked to the core.

"I wasn't supposed to die?"

Followed by my being pissed, probably not a smart move, but I was known for being an idiot. Nonetheless she seemed surprisingly empathic.

"Yes and your spot in heaven has been taken by another soul, another of my sister's mistake. His name was Uzumaki Naruto."

I was beyond pissed at this point, I thought she was going to throw me into hell to cover up her sister's mistake. I heard Naruto's name but filed it away. I had bigger things to worry about.

"You displayed a remarkable amount of caring during your life."

I noticed she was looking in the folder now and that it had my name on it.

"At the end you displayed impressive valiance when you ran out onto the street to save that child. Even after being hit by the speeding car you cradled the child in your arms to shield it from the impact with your body."

That's right it's some brat's fault that my spine was jelly now.

"I'd like to offer you another chance at life."

My anger faded away and I was ecstatic. I could tell by her pleased look that I was smiling.

"I can't send you back to your old body because as soon as your soul was removed your body died from the physical trauma. However Naruto's body is still alive. Despite having his soul removed he is still a healthy baby. I'd like to place you in his body."

At this point all I was thinking was that I could learn cool jutsus and kick some ass. I counted them off absentmindedly. Rasengan, Kuchiyose, Kage Bunshin…

"Can I keep my memories of the series?"


That's one thing less to worry about.

"Can you change it so I'm not hated?"



"However you may change events on your own because you are knowledgeable about the events in Naruto's world. Also the Kyuubi may not be what it seems."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm afraid that's something you have to find out for yourself."

Can't you throw me a lifeline already it's your sister's fault!

"My other option?"

"You can wait here until a position in heaven opens up but that may take some time. Also without a presence in Naruto's body he will remain in a coma. You of all people should know that Naruto's character is vital to his world. He will change and save many lives."

"I'm not Naruto, I'll admit that I understand what it means to be alone, being an orphan myself. But I don't want to be Hokage and I don't know if I can forgive the way people will treat me."

"Your last actions on Earth and your life in general suggest a great amount of compassion. I believe you can change things in his world for the better."

I sat contemplating. Do I want to sit around and do nothing or be a hero. I grudgingly chose the later.

"Ok…" I mumbled.

"You've made a good choice."

Just as I was vanishing I called out, "What does God have to say about this."

She looked like a deer in the headlights and I knew I'd been screwed.

"Shiki Fuuin," the Yondaime yelled.

The searing pain in stomach quickly spread to the rest of my body and I knew I had been royally screwed. I almost immediately passed out from the pain which override my ability to give the Hokage the finger.

I awoke to sounds. As my head cleared I recognized them as voices.

"Tsunade please reconsider," pleaded the Sandaime.

"No way," she replied sternly. "The crisis is over I'm leaving."

"We need your medical techniques now more than ever to help the wounded," he continued.

"Yeah right. If I stayed any longer you'd find another thing to keep me from leaving," she said.

A long sigh told me he had given up. I opened my eyes to see a ceiling. I was on some kind of soft material. I guess was in some kind of miniature crib.

"At least think of the child," he said.

Wait a sec am I his last resort. I don't remember this in the anime. Then I thought about it the anime is half an hour there are obviously things left out. Like a lightning bolt it hit me. This woman is my meal ticket, so I made some noise. Sure enough she came over and looked at me.

"You and Jiraiya knew him the best, the two of you practically raised Arashi. He saved the village from the Kyuubi at the cost of his life. I don't think there is anyone else he would trust to raise his son."

"Well then what about Jiraiya?"

The two of them looked at each other with a knowing look and the subject was closed.

I guess that means the pervert's out. Damn I wanted to learn Rasengan and Kuchiyose right off the bat. Summoning Frogs seems pretty cool compared to Slugs. Although Snakes would be nice but let's not go there.

Is that the Yondaime? I'm his son? I didn't know that. She moved towards my bundle and looked at me. I looked her and thought something for the first time. I have a mom. She must have accidentally picked up on this as she lifted me up and stared into my eyes. I could see them soften and wanted to cry. I have a mom I repeated over and over. I didn't know it at the time but I stirred her maternal instincts and made her fall in love with me.

"I'll take the kid," she grumbled.

The old man smiled.

"But I'm not staying here!" she said, almost outraged by his smug look.

He seemed shocked but his smile returned.

"That will be fine, I'll send you some money regularly to take care of the child's needs. This is for the child not your hobbies."

She gave him a look but let it pass.

"Now if you'll excuse me I'll go inform the council."

"Inform them of what?"

"Of Arashi's demise and the sealing of the Kyuubi."

"Hold on a second old man!" she yelled. "A few moments ago you were telling me to think about the kid and then you go and issue his death sentence."

I figured I was asleep at the time.

"I have a responsibility to tell the truth to the others."

"You told me yourself the people will hate them if they know. Now it's time to do your part. If you really cared about what Arashi would have wanted then you wouldn't tell them."

Sandaime sighed, "Alright."

"Good," she said. "Only you, Jiraiya, Shizune, and I know."

As she cradled me in her arms I thought maybe it won't be so bad. It was then that I realized I had made huge difference already. I had been saved from the villager's hate. I immediately made a list of things to do.

1. Learn Yondaime's techniques.

I wanna learn that Shunshin technique of his so I kick Sasuke's ass. I've seen the end of chapter 244 and was kinda still pissed at Sasuke for betraying the leaf. I sure as hell ain't letting him put a hand through my chest. I'll Rasengan his ass first.

2. Stop the Cloud Ambassador from being killed by Hiashi.

Gotta save Hinata and this will help save Hizashi. Maybe Neji will turn out normal and I can change the Hyuga.

3. Stop Uchiha Massacre.

This won't be easy. Looking at Itachi's record he's nothing short of a genius. I'll need Hokage level people like Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Sandaime to take care of him. Maybe Sandaime can call up some Anbu will he's at it.

4. Find out about Kyuubi.

Naruto was always pissed off at him because of the way villagers treated him so they never really talked but I think there's something more to it because of what Gabriel said to me.

I noticed that Tsunade had begun to gently lull me to sleep by rocking me back and forth in her arms. I decided I'd done enough for today and deserve my approaching sleep. I'll fine tune my plans tomorrow.


Author's Notes: I know it starts out slow but it will pick up. The story has a lot of surprises since it's different from the Naruto arc. Before I go back to Konoha I'll have learned more than Naruto. I'll also be changing the future so things will be a little more interesting. Please review so I know people are actually reading it. Your input is important to me because it will help me be a better writer to suit peoples needs.