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Lloyd had started to wander around the town again in hope of finding someone.

Kratos exclaimed," What in the name of the Great tree of Kharlan do you think you're doing Lloyd!"

Lloyd had just gone on his hind legs and started to ram into different windows of different houses and he was just starting to actually search through the house thoroughly.

"Lloyd, get up, off of the floor this instant!"

"Sniff Sniff"

"Lloyd, what in the name of Ra do you think you are doing?"

"I found a……thinking for 5 minutes of the right word………, aha, now I remember what it was called!"

"What was it called then?"

"A sandwich! I found a tuna sandwich."

"It took you five minutes to think of the word sandwich! angry I thought you found something that could lead us to the others!"

started to eat the tuna sandwich Lloyd answered with his mouth STUFFED with tuna sub" wew, I couwen't well whaw winw wof wan which wit was, and shallow in one gulp ……………………of yeah, I remember! I did find something else." (Translation: Well, I couldn't tell what kind of sandwich it was)

"grumbling under his breath: Stupid son of mine what, what did you find? (I totally agree)

"I found a teleporter."

"Uh…was it there before?"

"Let's think.


Lloyd walks into the same house, sees chair, bed, old pair of boots, Matt Ishida, some one who wants to take over the world, desk, and water.

Lloyd walks back out.

He thought he saw something in the shadows.

"Must have been my Imagination."

End flashback!

"Lloyd.Lloyd! SON! ARE YOU AWAKE!"

Lloyd finally awakens from his day dream about a milk carton falling over.

"Wha? Where am I? Who are you?"

Kratos has finally had it! He screams," WHAT KIND OF STUPID SON ARE YOU" to the sky.

"sniff sniff you don't like me anymore. sniff sniff"

Kratos waits for Lloyd to stop crying.

3 minutes 5 second and 34 milliseconds later:

Lloyd is bouncing up and down on top of Kratos messing up his beautiful redish brown locks.

Kratos is getting furious once again and says in a warning tone," Get off of my hair now, or I will kill you and you will finally be with your mother."

bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce

Kratos grabs his katana and swipes it above his head.

"Hey, Dad, That wasn't very nice. You made me lose hit points." pout

"Your problem"


Next time: some one from the past shows up. Wonder who? Find out next time on the next episode of the disappearance.