Dear Readers,

On March 13, 2005, Hazel Gibbs opened her door to a desperate-looking Tom O'Bryan. Six years (300 cycles) later, I posted the last two chapters and the epilogue. Six years exactly! How did that happen? There was a time I forgot about the story and thought I'd never finish it. Life was just too busy. But the rumor of the sequel to Tron and the encouragement from reviewers got me going again. What a great feeling it is to finish a long story like that. And what an amazing character arc developed for Hazel. I didn't even know she was on the path she was on until I had traveled it with her for a while. Being such a long-time Tron fan, it was wonderful to play in that sandbox, develop new characters and grow the old ones. I mean, how can you not love writing dialogue for Tron and Flynn? I began this with thanks to Steve and Bonnie and I thank them again. Without them, I wouldn't have Hazel, or Wulf, or Tracer. And I love those characters.

A HUGE thank you to all my reviewers, especially Swashbucklist, Silver Shadow Spark, Shan DaMan, Jyn-the-Racoon, Mel, EricSB and so many others who have (probably unknowingly) kept me motivated and encouraged to continue when life got busy and getting up in the morning before work to write just wasn't that appealing. It was also lovely to hear from new Tron fans who had only seen "Tron: Legacy" but were still jumping right in with "Fallen Away." Biodigital jazz, man. Thank you to all of you.

Spark asked if there was going to be a sequel to "Fallen Away." At this time, I'm not planning one, but you never know if it will strike my fancy in the future. Personally, I think Hazel could use a break for a while, don't you?

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Take care, Readers! See you around the grid!

Nicole Villacres