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Ryoko's Wedding

A Bridal shop

Ayeka paced the floor, "What can be taking her so long?" She asked herself aloud.

"Be patient dear, I'm sure Ryoko will be ready shortly," Misaki told her daughter in a vain attempt to calm her down.

"Oh course mommy," Ayeka said in a childlike tone looking at her mother. She still couldn't believe her mother and Lady Funaho had came all the way to Earth, just to help them plan the wedding. They had all split up into three groups earlier in the morning, Tenchi, his father, and grandfather went to get him measured for his clothes, while Ryoko, Sasami, Lady Misaki, and Ayeka went to have Ryoko try on different dresses. Lady Funaho, Mihoshi, and Kiyone had went to other bridal shops, looking for samples of colors for brides maids outfits.

"When I said I wanted to give Ryoko a Jurain wedding, I had meant a wedding in Jurai style. But thanks to Sasami we are actually going to be holding it on Planet Jurai. I wish she had not called home to tell everyone the good news..." Ayeka thought angrily.

"Isn't it great that father let Ryoko and Tenchi get married on Planet Jurai, Ayeka?" Sasami chimed from behind her pacing sister, Ryo-Ohki balancing on her head. Sasami now looked more like Tsunami than herself, she was about thirteen by now, and would soon be blossoming into a beautiful young woman. "Especially after all this time we thought father hated Tenchi."

"Yes, your father did seem quite pleased to hear about the wedding," Misaki told her daughters. "I knew that deep down he actually liked Tenchi. It was obvious the first time they met. Tenchi really grew on him!"

Ayeka's mind wandered. Her father was a good man, a kind ruler of the Jurai Empire, but he was never this polite when either of his daughters asked for something. "I wonder what he is up to?" Ayeka asked herself, the wait for Ryoko to try on different wedding dresses was starting to grate on her nerves. So far they had been there an hour, and Ryoko hadn't came out of the dressing room with one dress on yet! It was true that Ryoko had selected many dresses, and said she would wear the one she thought was best, and would only come out wearing that one.

"Still it shouldn't take her this long to try on a few dresses," Ayeka continued to think, getting madder as time went on. She was always nervous when she was around Ryoko and her mother, since she acted differently toward each woman, and going shopping with them was not her idea of a good time. "Especially when I think of how quick that woman is to throw her clothes. I suppose it must be the concept of wearing clothes that is so hard for her," Ayeka viciously thought.

"Oh my you are one sexy demon! I'll definitely be wearing this!" Ayeka heard Ryoko say from the dressing room. Minutes past, and still Ryoko did not emerge from the dressing room. Ayeka could wait for her to come out no longer. She stomped into the dressing room like a wild animal, throwing open the door where Ryoko's voice had came from. There stood Ryoko, wearing only a silky white, not to mention very revealing, lingerie outfit.

"Ryoko!" Ayeka shouted her face contorting into a monstrous image, "You can not wear such a thing to your own wedding! There will be children present!" Ayeka, or course, was referring only to Sasami. "I told her to just look at dresses! Where did she get that thing?" Ayeka wondered as she glared at Ryoko.

"You know princess, you should really learn to knock," Ryoko said in a tone meant to aggravate Ayeka. "I never said I wanted to wear this to the wedding, I merely said I was going to wear this." Ryoko reached over to a dress that hung nearby, and in a flash slipped it on. "This is the dress I was thinking of wearing to the wedding." It was a beautiful white gown, with long sleeves, made of exquisite silk, Ryoko, who had been called a demon so many times, seemed more like an angel when she wore it.

"Well..."Ayeka coughed, realizing she had jumped to conclusions, "that is a little better, but are you sure white is the appropriate color? No offense Ryoko, but a woman with your past really shouldn't try to pretend to be something she's not."

Ryoko snarled, once again Ayeka was trying to push her buttons, bringing up the fact that Ryoko was not as conservative as Ayeka. It was true Ryoko wasn't shy about her body, but Ayeka didn't have to be so cruel about it.

The two stared at each other snarling, it was obvious there would be a fight soon.

"Oh girls," Misaki's voice chimed, "Why don't you come out here so we can see Ryoko in her wedding dress?"

The two girls broke off their staring contest, and made their way out of the dressing room. Ryoko came out, and sun around, "How do I look?" she asked spinning around to show off the whole dress.

"Wow Ryoko you look very sexy.." Sasami started, then remembering her mother and sister were present she gulped, "I mean you look very pretty." Ryo-Ohki meowed her agreement. Sasami had gotten lucky, her sister was still ready to attack Ryoko, so she didn't hear her sister's choice of words, and Misaki eye's were open very wide as she looked upon Ryoko.

"Oh Ryoko!" Misaki moaned, "you are so adorable!" Ryoko smiled, closing her eyes.

"Why thank you pretty la- Ah. .." Ryoko opened her eyes just as Misaki got her in one of her patented vice like hugs. Ryoko's face turned blue.

"How precious," Misaki said continuing to take to hold Ryoko in her arms. Ayeka and Sasami smiled weakly, they all knew this would happen. If you bring Misaki along, she is going to hug someone, and you can't get out of her embrace. "Sasami! Do you have the camera?" Misaki asked, finally releasing Ryoko, who fell to the floor, taking deep breaths.

"Sure do mommy," Sasami said reaching in her dress, "it's right here!" Sasami held the camera above her head as if it was a precious artifact freshly discovered. Ryoko stood up a little dazed, but then again that was how anyone hugged by Misaki felt. "Ok Ryoko, are you ready?"

"One moment Sasami," Ryoko dusted herself off, and took a very proper bridal pose, her hand clasped in front of her waist, looking at the floor. "Ok, go ahead!"

Sasami held up the camera to her eye, "say cheese!"

"Cheese!" Ryoko said, as the flash went off she changed her pose to a much more seductive one, Sasami giggled continuing to take pictures as Ryoko changed to give her different views.

"That's enough!" Ayeka roared stepping in the way.

"I think you are right Ayeka," her mother said stepping forward, "we should have enough pictures for the tailors on Jurai to make you a perfect copy for you, Ryoko. Now why don't you go change, since we still have so much more shopping to do!"

"Wait!" Ryoko whined, "I want to buy this." Ryoko stated to the clerk behind the counter.

"Buy what ma'am?" the sales clerk asked nervously, there was something about these customers that suggested he should choose his words very carefully. "Do you want to buy the dress?"

"No you fool!" Ryoko roared slamming her fist on the table. "I want this," using her phasing powers Ryoko stepped out of the dress, which fell in a heap onto the floor. She was now wearing nothing but the lingerie she had on earlier, when Ayeka stormed into the dressing room.

"T-Take it, it's yours!" the clerk said. The clerk knew the lingerie would come out of his pay, but he didn't care, he was willing to do whatever it took to get these weird women out of the store.


Ryoko, now in her regular green and cyan striped dress, carrying a bag with her new outfit, Ayeka, Sasami with Ryo-Ohki still perched on her head, and Misaki continued walking through the market, trying to find more ideas for Ryoko's wedding.

"I'm hungry," complained Sasami putting her hand over her stomach. Of course Ryo-Ohki meowed in agreement, but then again the tiny cabbit was always hungry for carrots.

"I suppose we should stop and eat, does anyone have any money?" Ayeka asked not having much money on her person, she hadn't expected to buy much since this was supposed to be merely a day to shop for wedding ideas, and themes.

"I've got that all taken care of Ayeka," Ryoko said holding up a golden piece of plastic, Noboyuki's credit card.

"Wow! I can't believe Tenchi's dad actually gave you his credit card to use Ryoko!" Sasami said shocked, "especially after you got his last one cut in half, and he nearly had a heart attack from the bill!"

"That was an honest mistake, Sasami," Ryoko explained light heartedly, as if she was trying to persuade Sasami to see her point of view. "How was I to know that there was a limit on these things. We'll just have to be more careful this time. I mean do I look like the kind of girl who would intentionally spend all his money?"

"Besides, he didn't exactly give it to me," Ryoko thought, "I wouldn't be the universe's greatest space pirate if I waited for people to just give me everything. Where would be the fun in stealing anything?" Ryoko laughed to herself, the others could only wonder what she was cackling about now.

"Come on, let's go eat," Ryoko ordered politely, "there's still so much shopping to do as well, and Noboyuki was kind enough to loan me his credit card. So I figure it's ok to buy a few things..."

Across town at the Men's tailors

"That looks mighty nice on you Tenchi," Yosho said to his grandson, who stood on a stool wearing attire that resembled what the Jurai Royal family would wear, a long formal robe. Tenchi's arms were sticking straight out, so the tailor could get his measurements exactly. "I think you should wear something like that to your wedding."

"Oh I agree," Noboyuki said looking at his son, "although is that going to be ok for a Jurain Wedding?" The tailor looked at him oddly, about to ask what a Jurain Wedding was, then decided to just keep up his work of getting all the proper measurements. The tailor figured it was merely one of those new fads the kids were into. "I've never actually been to one myself, I'm not sure what is acceptable."

"So you say you just want the measurements, and you'll take care of the clothes yourselves?" the old tailor interrupted as he finished writing down the last of Tenchi's measurements. "Why don't you just let me get everything ready for you right now?"

"Oh no need to bother," Noboyuki said hastily, "we're uh.. Having the wedding out of town, and going to have everything prepared on that plan..ne...ne.. in that... town. Yeah that's what I mean, we're having every custom made in that town."

"Very well," the small man said tearing the piece of paper off his tablet. He handed it to Noboyuki. "Here you are then, and I also wrote down what style of outfit Tenchi is wearing, so you can tell the tailor's there."

"Thanks for your help," Yosho said, "well lets be on our way shall we. I think it would be a good idea to head home. Tenchi! Come on, we are leaving!"

Tenchi hopped off the stool, "just a minute! I have to get out of this thing first." Tenchi struggled with the robes, trying to throw them off. After a few minutes of wrestling with the clothes, he finally got them off.

"Took you long enough," Yosho said with a laugh, "Now then shall we head home?"

"Yeah, but shouldn't we find the girls first?" Tenchi asked as he put on his shoes.

"I'm sure they're doing fine. Besides don't you remember Tenchi, we're all going to meet back home, since they had a lot more window shopping for ideas."

"Ryoko and Ayeka out in the town shopping, that's what worries me..." Tenchi began to complain.

"Oh don't worry Tenchi," Noboyuki laughed slapping his son on the back, "it's not like they have a credit card or anything." He still woke up at night with chills when he remembered getting the bill after Ryoko went on a shopping spree with his credit card.

"Fortunately I keep it on me at all times now!" he mentally reminded himself, as he patted his wallet. "No more large bills like that one to worry about." Of course there was still the bills for repairing the house from the girls battles but that was easy enough for him to get around, working as a building designer and all.

That Night:

Tenchi relaxed in the bath, it was a great feeling after such a long day. "At least now all the preparations are done," he told himself with relief. "Now all we have to do is go to Planet Jurai. Of course according to grandpa and dad, there is still a lot to be done once we get there, but that sounded mostly like practices, and that shouldn't be too bad. Who would have though planning a wedding would take so much out of you." Tenchi had never thought about it before. Weddings on television always seemed so easy. You show up, walked down the isle, say a few words, and it's done.

"Speaking of practicing Tenchi, maybe we should practice for the honey moon," a seductive voice said behind him.

Tenchi sat up at attention, he should have realized something like this was going to happen. "Ryoko!" Tenchi shouted, "how many times have I told you not to come in here when I'm taking a bath!"

"What's the big deal," she asked wrapping her arms around him. "After all it won't be long now, and we'll be married." Ryoko smiled wickedly, there was no telling what she was thinking.

"Well we aren't married yet, and until we are, I would appreciate it if you would not come in here when I am taking a bath!" Tenchi snapped. "Besides aren't you supposed to be picking out the colors for the brides maids outfits?"

"It's already done. Lady Funaho is getting the girls measurements right for their dresses right now," Ryoko replied sounding a little angry, "but since you want to be so rude to your future bride, I'll just leave..." Ryoko disappeared, and a Tenchi exhaled a sigh of relief, which quickly turned into a gasp, as a bucket of icy water was dumped on his head. [much like she did with the luggage in the OVA, when Tenchi refused to do something wild with her at the Hot Springs]

"Oh man," Tenchi mumbled, "I should have known she wouldn't take that well." Tenchi stood, naked, in the bath freezing water dripping off him. He could picture life with Ryoko,"Maybe she'll settle down some once we're married..." Tenchi laughed to himself, "yeah, and maybe I'll grow wings." Tenchi laughed loudly, then threw his hands over his mouth, it was never a good idea to say stuff like that out loud, Washu had a tendency to get ideas for experiments from stray thoughts like that. With a heavy sigh Tenchi sank into the water.

"Who would ever have thought an average guy like me would have so many beautiful women chasing after him?" He thought as he let the warm water carry his cares away. "If anyone ever told me I would end up marrying the demon of the Masaki shrine, I would have laughed until my head fell off. It's funny when I first met Ryoko all I wanted was to get as far away from her as I could. Now all I want is to be close to her, although I think her and I have different views on what closeness is. Still I probably shouldn't have yelled at her like that, since we are leaving for Jurai tomorrow. Tonight would have been the last chance we had to be alone together until after the wedding."

"maybe we should practice for the honey moon" Ryoko's words echoed in his mind.

"Wait a minute...," Tenchi realized then something that had not dawned on him before, he knew about it, but he had not really understood the implications until just now. "After the wedding, I'll be all alone with Ryoko, as her husband...Which means she'll probably want to..." Tenchi's nose began to bleed, just thinking of what his future wife would want to do to celebrate their marital status. He realized his experience in that area was lacking, and that a woman with a past like Ryoko would probably be bored by his poor attempts.

[I'll give you a hint, he realizes Ryoko isn't going to celebrate with party favors... SSJ4 Broli]

"Well, that's enough relaxing for one night," he decided scrambling out of the bath. "Although I feel more tense now than I did when I first got in here."

In his room:

Noboyuki prepared for bed, when he noticed something shiny near the door. "What is that?" Walking over he was shocked to discover it was his credit card. "I wonder how it got out of my wallet? Must have fallen out of my wallet when I picked up my wallet this morning. It's a good thing I found it before Ryoko." With a shiver, Noboyuki climbed into bed, the thought of another credit card bill generated by Ryoko was definitely not something one should think of before bed.

Tenchi's Room

Quietly Tenchi opened the door to his room. Carefully he stepped around a few shopping bags of things Ryoko had told him were 'On Clearance Tenchi, they were practically throwing them away, I promise' For some reason, Tenchi There was Ryoko sleeping soundly on what she had declared her side of his bed, which was pretty much what ever area she was laying on.

"Ryoko?" Tenchi whispered as he climbed into bed beside her. "Are you awake?" There was no answer. "Alright then, if you are awake, I'm sorry I yelled at you. I guess I'm just nervous about the wedding. Probably sounds pretty silly huh? I mean I've faced opponents like Dr Clay, Kagato, even you when we first met, and I'm actually afraid of something as simple as walking down an isle." Tenchi paused, "Well...Good night Ryoko. Tomorrow we begin our journey to Jurai."

Ryoko lay awake, she had heard everything Tenchi had said, and she also felt the same way. She wondered what Tenchi would say if she told him the truth, if he knew her secret. Would he laugh at her, or would he not even believe her. Tenchi might even be offended she had kept such a secret from him for so long, and might leave her. Well, he would find out soon enough, there was no avoiding it.

In Another Room

Ayeka stared at the ceiling, tears streamed down her cheeks as she cried quietly. Sasami lay sprawled out in an 'X' beside her, covers thrown everywhere. Mihoshi and Kiyone slept against the far wall. She had figured out why her father was so happy to see Tenchi marry Ryoko. It should have been obvious from the beginning. "If Tenchi marries Ryoko, then father doesn't have to worry about him choosing me. Which means that he'll force me to marry a suitor of his choice." Thoughts of some of the men her father had picked for her in the past fluttered into her mind, it was a scary thought. Ayeka bit her lip to keep her sobbing from waking the others.

When she was a little girl she wanted nothing more than to be with her brother Yosho. However thanks to Ryoko she lost him, since he was on Earth for so long, and had grown old, but she found Tenchi, a man of Jurai's Royal family. Once again the man she loved was stolen by Ryoko. It wasn't fair, all Ayeka wanted was to live a happy life, a simple life, with the man she loved, yet each time she fell in love, that person was taken from her, and ironically enough, it was Ryoko who had done it.


Lady Funaho and Lady Misaki sat at the dinner table enjoying a hot cup of tea before they would retire to the crude beds Tenchi had thrown together for them. "You realize the reason he's so happy don't you?" Funaho asked her sister.

"Yes," Misaki replied, "I originally thought he was just happy for Tenchi, then I realized what Tenchi's marriage to Ryoko would mean, that he could break all ties to Earth completely, since a relative of Yosho's married Jurai's most hated enemy. Not to mention that he could then select a husband for Ayeka."

Funaho stared at her sister with a look that suggested she was very impressed. "That's very interesting, I didn't think about how Ryoko would affect the outcome, I was merely thinking about the situation with Ayeka."

"I don't see a problem," a high pitched voice interjected, "at least not if you play your cards right." It was Washu.

"Ah. Hello Washu," Funaho said very formally. "What are you doing up at this hour? Do you have a solution to this situation?" Lady Funaho avoided calling the Ayeka, Ryoko, and Tenchi love triangle a problem, mostly just to sound diplomatic.

"Lady Funaho...please call me Little Washu, ok?" Washu said in a childish tone laughing as she did.

"You know Lady Funaho," Washu began sitting down across from the two women appearing to have not heard Lady Funaho's question, "you didn't have to take all our measurements earlier." Washu moved her arm in a complete circle as she sat down, she could still remember having Funaho take her measurements, it wasn't a pleasant experience. One wouldn't have thought that simply getting measured for a dress would involve so much stretching... "I could have done it with one of my inventions, the same goes for Tenchi. I have all Tenchi's stats on my computer." Lady Funaho and Misaki stared at her wondering what she meant by 'Tenchi's stats.' "He's my guinea pig," Washu explained under her breath, realizing that didn't explain much she decided to drop the subject.

"That's true Washu,.. I mean Little Washu. I didn't have to, but I wanted to be some help in the wedding," Lady Funaho said before taking a sip of her tea, "I think that is why Tenchi went out to be measured, that and it let him spend some time with his father and Yosho. Since it will probably be while before he sees them for any length of time once he's married."

"That's true, Ryoko can keep you pretty busy. As her mother I can tell you that," Washu told them. "By the way, where did you learn how to do all that tailoring stuff anyway?" Washu asked helping herself to a cracker from the table.

"Well you don't live over 700 years on a planet without learning a few new tricks," Funaho said with a smile, making small talk with the genius scientist. "I think lavender will make an excellent color for all the bride's maids to wear don't you Washu."

"I guess you're right," Washu replied. Although Washu figured Ryoko selected that color because it was the first one on the stack. Washu had noticed that Ryoko had picked her color shortly after Tenchi had declared he was going to take a bath. "Coincidence? I think not," Washu thought with a laugh.

"I can just picture my little Ayeka and Sasami in their dresses! Oh they'll be so beautiful!" Misaki's voice sang out as she clasped her hands together, tears of joy flooding down her face. "I'll have to make sure I take lots of pictures!"

"I'll let Noboyuki know, he has a camera or two..." Washu commented flatly, taking a deep breath, "by the way, to answer your question from earlier, I'm usually up around this time of night. It's the only time I can get any work done with those jokers," Washu pointed with her thumb behind her, toward the stairs, "running around. I mean when you have people like Mihoshi blowing up everything, and Ayeka and Ryoko destroying anything Mihoshi misses in one of their fights, you can't really focus on your work much, even if you are a genius like me." Washu chuckled. It was time to get to the point, the real reason she had came to talk to these two women, "getting back to the whole Ryoko, Tenchi, Ayeka thing I think I have a solution."

"What is it Little Washu?" Misaki asked her eyes growing large, she would do anything to make sure her little Ayeka was happy.

"Oh it's simple really," Washu proclaimed leaning back, "but first I have a favor to ask..."

NEXT TIME: A tiny bit of a jump between the end of this chapter and the next. The preparations are over. Everyone has made it to Jurai, all the clothes have been made, all the guests are assembled, now it's time for a wedding. But I can't help but wonder, what is Washu's plan to help out Ayeka, and what favor could she possibly need? Not only that, but what is Ryoko's secret, could it be so bad that she's afraid Tenchi would laugh at her, or even worse leave her?! PART 2 - WEDDING DAY

[Boy that would really ruin it for me if he left her, how do you complete a marriage trilogy without the marriage? I'm sure I'm insane enough to figure out a way...]