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Ryoko's Wedding

Part 3: Every Day has its Night...

Tenchi stood beside Ryoko in front of a great staircase which led to the honey moon suite, all his friends and family were there: Washu, Ayeka, Sasami, Ryo-Ohki, Mihoshi, Kiyone, Yosho, Noboyuki, even Azusa, Azaka, Kamidake, Lady Funaho, and Misaki were present. This was it, the last time that night any of them would see the happy couple.

"Well thank you everyone for throwing us a terrific wedding..."Tenchi said nervously, as he turned to walk up the stairs. Just as he was about to reach the steps he heard Ryoko clearing her throat.

"Tenchi darling, did you forget something?" Ryoko asked her voice sounding melodious, but Tenchi knew he was about to do something wrong. Tenchi spun about, looking embarrassed, his right arm on the back of his head. "You are going to be carrying me up the stairs to our room, aren't you Tenchi dear?" Ryoko asked as she floated to wrap her arms around his neck.

"Oh yeah, of course." Tenchi replied. He looked up the stair case with dread. "There are more stairs here, than there are leading to the Masaki shrine," he thought wearily, remembering how much strain carrying Ryoko up even those, and he only carried her only part of the way, had put on his back. Reluctantly Tenchi scooped up Ryoko in his arms, and as she waved goodbye to those assembled.

"I'm so happy," Noboyuki said holding a video camera towards the ascending couple, as he started to cry once again. "Just think, we have all these happy moments on tape!"

"Well we would have them if you had thought to take the lens cap off," Yosho said dryly, causing Noboyuki to panic, checking the front of the camera. Yosho laughed, "Got you with that one didn't I?" Everyone else laughed as well, even Azusa.

Tenchi was doing good, he wasn't feeling worn out carrying Ryoko as he had thought he would have. "Have you lost weight Ryoko?" he asked.

Ryoko giggled at his question,"Trying to flatter me Mr Masaki?" Ryoko kicked her legs slightly as the two continued to make their way up the large winding staircase.

Tenchi took a deep breath, "that's odd," he thought. Something was missing he was sure. "Ryoko, you didn't have anything to drink tonight, did you?" he asked her puzzled, that seemed very odd to Tenchi. Ryoko never passed up an opportunity to throw down Saki.

"None for me tonight," she countered putting one finger on his nose. "This is one night I want to make sure I'm sober."

Tenchi threw open the door to their suite. He and Ryoko stared at the large room in shock. It looked almost identical to his room, except that it was much large, and had a bathroom as well. "Wow, Those Jurains are very good. I didn't think they would go so far as to make one of their rooms look like my, I mean our, room," Tenchi said, clearly impressed. As he stepped inside Ryoko flew from his arms looking around for something.

"Here it is," she shouted in triumph opening a suitcase that laid against the far wall. Ryoko quickly threw it open, and began digging through it for something.

"What's going on Ryoko?" Tenchi asked as he watched Ryoko pull a bag with a fancy looking label from the suitcase.

Ryoko smiled wickedly as he as she flew over toward the bathroom door. "Oh you'll see Tenchi darling, you just get ready. Tonight," she accented the word night loudly, "will be the best night of your life..." Ryoko continued to grin as she walked through the doorway.

Tenchi gazed over at the bed, his stomach in knots. Tenchi set his shoes neatly by the door, and

slowly he began to remove his shirt and pants, laying them on a dresser nearby. Soon Tenchi stood by the bed, wearing only his boxers. He looked around nervously wondering what Ryoko was up to. As he did, ne noticed a control resting on the end tables, on each side of the bed. "I wonder what these do?" Tenchi's curiosity, as it always did, got the best of him. Pressing one button, Tenchi noticed the lights shut off, and another opened the skylights letting the gentle light of the full moon in.

Inside the bathroom:

Ryoko removed jewelry, except her pendent from Tenchi. She looked at herself in her dress, and smiled. "Hello Mrs Tenchi Masaki," she told the woman in the mirror. Folding the dress neatly, she laid it on the counter. She stood, completely naked , looking at herself in the mirror. "What am I so nervous about?" she whined. She wondered what it was that caused her to feel this way, was it the fact that she had let Zero become part of her? Or was it her secret? "I mean just because this will be Tenchi and my first time together, I.." She paused listening to her own words. "The first time, for Tenchi and me..." Ryoko blushed slightly, holding her face. After a few moments she regained control of her emotions, and reached into the bag she had dug out of the suitcase, pulling out the white teddy she had 'bought' at the bridal shop. It took her a few minuted, but she eventually got it back on. "It's time," she exhaled, barely able to contain her excitement.


Tenchi continued to study the controls as he sat on the bed. He had left the room dark, letting only the moonlight illuminate everything, for some reason, he felt this was the way everything should be. "Tenchi...," a voice called behind him. Tenchi spun around, coming toward him very slowly was Ryoko, she was wearing a very seductive outfit, more seductive than anything he had ever seen her wear before, which in Tenchi's experiences was a lot of different outfits. She looked beautiful in the moonlight, and the pendent, which hung between her breasts, sparkled like a diamond in the bright sun.

"Well, how do I look?" she asked him as she reached the bed, spinning to give him a complete view of her lingerie. Tenchi was at loss for words, he could only gawk at the vision of loveliness in front of him, bobbing his head up and down to agree with her. "I'll take that to mean I look good," Ryoko said sitting beside him on the bed.

Tenchi and Ryoko once again kissed, this time for several minutes. Each time they touched it was like all other cares in the world melted away. Tenchi moved his hand to touch her face, stroking her perfect skin. Ryoko held his hand with one of her own, following his motions.

The two lovers broke off their kiss, Ryoko looked away from Tenchi, ashamed. "Ryoko? What is it? Did I do something wrong?" Tenchi asked. Then in a voice that sounded almost like a growl, he scolded himself, "I knew I wasn't any good at this type thing, I'm sorry Ryoko."

"No Tenchi, it's not that," she said, looking up at him with hurt eyes. It was time. Time to reveal to Tenchi what she had never told anyone else. "Tenchi...,I...," she stopped unable to continue, afraid of what he would think. He watched his bride, something was eating her up inside. He wanted to help her, but he felt inadequate to do so.

"Just remember, do what comes natural to you," Tenchi heard his father's words echo in his mind. It was the last thing his father had told him before they left Earth. It was also his grandfathers advise in most matters that involved training. Tenchi chuckled realizing what a bone head he had been. He had been spending all his time trying to be make sure everything was perfect, instead of letting things happen as they are supposed to.

"What is it Tenchi?" Ryoko looked up, thinking he must have figured out her secret, and was mocking her. Tenchi responded by putting his arms around her drooping shoulders, as he kissed her fully once again. As they kissed, Tenchi leaned slightly, causing him and Ryoko to drift to the bed, laying beside each other.

"I was laughing, because we've been sleeping in the same bed now for so many years, and I was feeling nervous to be doing it tonight. Sounds silly doesn't it Ryoko?" Tenchi asked her.

Ryoko laughed lightly in response, "not really Tenchi, I mean after all, tonight we are going to be making love, and..." Tenchi stopped her.

"Ryoko, we don't have to do anything you aren't comfortable doing. I am not going to force you. If you don't feel right about it, then we won't."

"No Tenchi, I want to be with you, more than anything else in the world, but I have a secret to tell you, and I'm afraid that if you hear it, you'll hate me for keeping it from you." Ryoko's stomach hurt, she imagined it was how Sasami felt every time she was going to tell Ayeka, about Tsunami.

"Nothing you could say, or do, could ever make me hate you Ryoko," Tenchi told her. Ryoko could feel her nervousness starting to fade, very slightly. Every time Tenchi spoke, it was like he had read her mind, and knew exactly what to say to make her feel special, make her feel wanted.

She looked into his eyes, knowing he was speaking from his heart. She kissed him once again, trying to eliminate her nervousness, she placed her right leg over his legs, cuddling closer to him, "be gentle with me Tenchi, I'm a virgin," Ryoko quickly whispered under her breath. She stared at him, her secret was revealed.

Tenchi was slightly shocked, but as he thought about it, it made sense. When in Ryoko's life would she have had time to have a relationship for any amount of time? Kagato had kept her busy killing, blowing up planets, and looting.

"Of course I will Ryoko,"Tenchi promised her as he placed his hand on her leg, caressing it thigh slowly. "You are the best thing to ever happen to me." Tenchi kissed her again, it was time...


Sasami walked up to the door, she was now wearing her regular clothes, instead of her wedding outfit. "I wonder why they're having a hot tub party here? I don't remember the guest rooms having that big of a bath." Sasami told herself as she threw open the door, to her amazement, she stepped not into the guest room, but into the living room at Tenchi's house. "Wow, cool!"

"Mya! Mya!" Sasami heard Ryo-Ohki, now in her little cabbit form, meow happily as the cabbit bounced over to see Sasami.

"Hey Ryo-Ohki!" Sasami chimed picking up her little friend, "you were so good today! I can't believe we are back at Tenchi's!" Sasami had gotten lost in her excitement, and suddenly remembered why she was there. "Come on, I know where the others are!"

The bath a short time later:

"Glad you could make it Sasami," Washu said as the youngest princess of Jurai stepped into the warm water.

"How did you do that Washu?" Sasami asked always full of questions for the number one genius in the universe.

"It was simple really, I took my inter dimensional transport, and configured it to each of our specific aura fields, and calibrate the exit axis for the Masaki house..." Washu continued to explain in great detail how she had set up the doorway to only allow certain individuals to be beamed directly to the house, while those not on her transport's list, would merely enter into the guest room.

"I don't get it," Mihoshi said after Washu finished explaining.

"Of course you don't Mihoshi! You never get anything!" Kiyone snapped downing what appeared to be her fifth bottle of Saki.

"Oh Ayeka, I didn't know you were here," Sasami stated, seeing her sister sulking in a distant corner. "What's the matter? Don't you feel well Ayeka?"

"Oh she'll feel a lot better once the last two guests arrive. Now then Sasami, you did get that seed planted for me, didn't you?" Washu asked, avoiding the subject of the other guests. Sasami nodded about to ask about the seed.

"Excuse me Washu," Kiyone interrupted, "What's this about a seed?"

"It's Tenchi's seed, from Tsunami!" Sasami replied, thus saying everything she knew about the subject.

"What!" Ayeka shouted becoming animated, as she marched herself into the area where the others sat. "What are you talking about?"

"Settle down Ayeka, and let me explain." Washu instructed. Reluctantly Ayeka say down. "You see, a long time ago, I was running an analysis on Tenchi, and recorded his bio scans. I was comparing them to the data I had on Tsunami a few weeks ago, and noticed something very strange. They were nearly identical. While we were on planet Jurai, I had Sasami take me to see Tsunami's tree, and I found a seed, one which I am positive is Tenchi's." Washu paused, as if she heard something, "Ryo-Ohki, please go to the house, and bring our other guests to the bath please. Make sure you show them the changing room!" Ryo-Ohki meowed understanding her task, as she hopped out of the room. "Now where was I... Oh yeah! I had Sasami plant Tenchi's tree on Planet Jurai, which means, that Tenchi and his wives will be able to have a nice long life together."

"Excuse me Washu," Ayeka interrupted, "but how do you know it's lord Tenchi's?"

"There are a few things that make me positive it is Tenchi's,"Washu stated. "One is, of course, my bio scan's of Tsunami, based of Sasami, and Tenchi. Then there was the fact that Sasami happened to be in the hall earlier, and knew I was looking for Tsunami, which I believe was Tsunami's way of making sure I found her gift to Tenchi. Most importantly, I have my own intuition that tells me it is his tree. So I guess this all means that in a way, Tenchi is bound to Tsunami. I imagine Tsunami must have made Tenchi's tree when he was nearly killed by Kagato."

"Who were the other guests you were talking about?" Kiyone asked.

:"That would be us," a polite voice said behind them. It was Lady Misaki and Lady Funaho. In her hand, Misaki clutched a scroll very tightly.

"Ah you made it, and was everything a success?" Washu asked barely able to stay calm.

"Yes, although I don't imagine he'll be very happy once he realizes what he has signed," Funaho told the tiny genius.

"What are you all talking about?" Ayeka asked tired of listening to the vague statements.

"Here you are my little Ayeka," Misaki said handing the scroll to Ayeka, who took it reluctantly. "Don't worry about getting it wet, it has already been put on file in the Royal archives."

Ayeka opened the scroll, noticing on the bottom that it was signed by her father, mother, Yosho, Lady Funaho, Tenchi, and even Ryoko. Ayeka took her time, and read it very slowly. As she finished she couldn't stop herself from crying. Although now she cried tears of joy.

"What is it?" Mihoshi said, "Is it bad news?"

"It's an agreement," Lady Funaho stated. "It clearly states that Ayeka is to be wed to Tenchi. Not right away of course, but that she is to be his, on the day he ascends to the throne. Since Yosho has declined the throne, Tenchi will be his successor, and thus has chosen Ayeka to be one of his wives. It also says that no actions will be taken against the Masaki family, or any of it's friends, due to past violations, such as Kagato's attack on Planet Jurai."

"But won't the king be able to dismiss the document? Since you had him sign it under false pretenses?" Kiyone asked. Lady Funaho stared at her, with that look Kiyone knew, the king could try all he liked, but it would be a battle he would end up losing.

"Besides, Azusa loves his daughters, even if it doesn't show much. He's just a bit stubborn. I think he'll like the idea, since it lets him legally allow his daughter to have her wish." Misaki added. "Ayeka," she continued, "I think you should thank Little Washu, it was her idea, after all. She came to Funaho and I before we left Earth for the wedding, in return all she asked was to be allowed to see Tsunami's tree. (Chapter 1 very end)"

"Thank you Miss Washu," Ayeka said gently hugging the smaller woman. Washu groaned, turning her nose up.

"I'll accept your thanks under one condition..." Washu said sternly.

"What would that be?" Ayeka said sniffing hard.

"That you call me LITTLE WASHU!" Washu blared. Everyone laughed, there was no need for sorrows.

"I'll tell you what though I never thought Ryoko would go for the idea, but you must have done something to make her be on your side Ayeka." Washu commented. She looked at Lady Funaho and Misaki, "I asked Ryoko to sign this contract the night Tenchi proposed to her. She must have been so happy that she signed it without realizing what it said."

"Yes, that must be it," Ayeka said smiling. Her mind drifted back to the day Ryoko had sat on the roof, depressed because she felt Tenchi didn't really love her (No Need for Proof). Ayeka had joined Ryoko on the roof, not to drive her away as everyone would have thought Ayeka would, but to help her through that tough time, it was at that time the two had become friends. "Ryoko knew what she was signing," Ayeka thought happily, " She will have Lord Tenchi, until the day he ascends to the throne, then it will be just like old times." Ayeka smiled, she could hardly wait for the day when she too would be Tenchi's bride.

One final time, Ayeka's mind drifted, to her thoughts jsut before they had left Earth. "I blamed Ryoko for taking all joy from my life. But it looks like I owe her an apology, without her I would never have known Lord Tenchi, and would not be as happy as I am now. Thank you Ryoko. Even thought I swear I will be a better bride than you ever could be, I am grateful to have known you." Ayeka once again smiled, as she sat back down. The seven women, and the little cabbit, relaxed in the warm water, telling stories well into the night, about their adventures with Tenchi, and all the good times they had shared.

THE MEN'S Guest Room

"There! I think I've done it!" Noboyuki threw his head back, laughing maniacally, much like Washu after she finished an experiment.

"So you got your camera hooked up to the television? It's about time. I've been waiting for over an hour," Yosho said with a sigh.

"Well this isn't as easy as it looks, you could have given me a hand you know.." Noboyuki complained having a seat beside Yosho as the video began.

"It looks like everything turned out quite well," Yosho told him. They watched the wedding, that they had just seen, over again remarking how nice everything had looked, even the Saiyajin prince looked respectable.

"I'm still shocked Ryoko invited him," Noboyuki commented. Yosho shrugged his shoulders, not wanting to get into that argument again, ever since they had arrived on Jurai, and seen Vegeta, it had been the main topic of Noboyuki's conversations.

"Ah here we are." Noboyuki stopped fast forwarding. The tape was now showing the reception. Noboyuki had been going past the parts where guests arrived. It was now showing where the wedding cake was cut.

Ryoko and Tenchi each held a part of the cake, intending to feed it to each other. Ryoko was to feed some to Tenchi first. Unfortunately she miscalculate how large Tenchi's jaw could open, and nearly choked him when she forced the large piece into his mouth. Tenchi coughed, swallowing hard, frosting covering his face. Ryoko rubbed a finger over his face licking the frosting off her finger. "That's pretty good!" she stated, making an okay sign. "Now then Tenchi dear, why don't you give me a piece of cake," Tenchi nervously aimed a small piece toward Ryoko's mouth. The happy bride snapped her jaws forward, engulfing Tenchi's fingers and the cake completely. Tenchi pulled his fingers back, relieved to see they were still attached. A servant handed Tenchi a cloth, and he wiped his face off as best he could, as they made their way back to the head table.

Yosho and Noboyuki laughed loudly at the sight of Tenchi covered in cake frosting. "That boy sure is a nervous! I don't think I've ever seen anyone as jumpy as Tenchi!"

"Remind me to show you some of your reception pictures when we get home then," Yosho asked him.

"My reception! I thought you told me you got rid of all those things!" Noboyuki said in a panic.

"Hmm, did I say I was going to do that... oops. Must have slipped my mind." Yosho told his son in law with a devilish grin.


Three hours.

Tenchi lay sprawled out on the bed completely naked, he had no idea where Ryoko had tossed his boxers. Ryoko, who was also nude, pressed against him. She was utterly wore out. In the past three hours Tenchi had been making love to his new bride. He looked at her sweat covered body, her hair clung to her forehead, and he gently brushed it aside. They had started very slow, very timidly, but after a while, Ryoko had gotten her usual passion back, and... Well Tenchi was still amazed at some of the things they had done. He didn't think he could move in so many different directions at once. Now his body ached in places he had never realized existed before. His entire body, especially his lower half, felt like it was on fire. Tenchi felt a chill, the sweat on his body was starting to cool down. As he reached for the blankets, which had been thrown everywhere, his motions waking his sleeping bride.

"What are you doing Tenchi?" she asked, her eyes still closed as she rested her head on his chest.

"I was just getting some covers," he informed her, "it's starting to get a little cool in here." Ryoko smiled wickedly.

"Now Tenchi dear..." she began, "you don't need covers. Not when you have me to keep you warm." Ryoko sat up, crawling over to lay on top of Tenchi, kissing him repeatedly. "Oooh," Ryoko cooed, "are you ready to play again Tenchi dear?"

"Ryoko..." Tenchi said between kisses. Eventually she stopped, cuddling up beside him. He reached down, grabbing a comforter that lay beside the bed. He threw it over the two of them. Ryoko and Tenchi snuggled together, drawing warmth from each other as they lay side by side. Soon the two young lovers fell asleep, holding each other in their arms. Tomorrow would be a new day, and they would no doubt be making love many times throughout the day, it had become Ryoko's favorite thing to do with Tenchi, and they would need their strength.

The wedding was over, now they were husband and wife. Their new life together had begun, with all the usual energy and excitement anyone would have expected from those two. What will happen in their future? No one can truly say, but one thing is certain, today two people, who had always been destined to be together, were united.

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