Title: Angel/Darla scene-ficlett.
Fandom: Ats
Genre: Angst
Rating: FRC (G)
Pairing: Angel/Darla
Spoilers: None really, though this take place in season 2.
Warning: None

AN: This is just a scene that I had in my head; unfortunately it was better while it stayed there, but oh well...One can place it in season II of Angel. Don't look for consistencies where there are none.

Summary: My first attempt to try and write a drabble but it turned out to be more of a scene –Ficlett. argh

"Please Angel."

"Don't Darla, please, just don't." They could feel the energy, the magic gathering in the air.

"I don't think I can do it."

"Yes you can Darla. You're stronger then you give yourself credit for. You can do it. You must." Looking at him her eyes filled with a fear he couldn't understand.

"What if I forget you?" She said with a weak voice. Giving her a tight smile he dipped his head and kissed her forehead feeling her tremble beneath his touch.

"Then I'll remind you." He whispered to her. The hair at the back of his neck stood as he could literally feel the moment of no return closing in on them.

Smelling the sudden salt in the air he leaned back and watched as tears fell from her eyes. Grabbing both of his hands in hers Darla brought them up to her lips. He could fell the warm breath coming from her mouth and hear her shuddering breath.

"I'm afraid." She said. He was too but he needed to be strong for her. This was the only way left that he was willing to contemplate and he firmly believed that it would be worth it in the end. He had to. Beside she is being given something he never had.

"Don't be Darla." he said to her, a firm tone in his voice. Nodding she was about to say something when they felt it, felt it to the depth of their bones. The Moment had arrived, no turning back now. Crying out Darla jerked looking wildly around before Angel's seemingly calm stand caught her sight.

Throwing her arms around him she hugged him as tight as she could, almost like she thought she could remain there by the shear force of her will. Desperately she urged Angel, asked him and voicing in that single sentence her deepest fear. "Remember me?"

Hugging her back Angel squeezed his eyes shut whispering in her ear, "Always."

And then Everything changed.

He lost the feeling of her body pressed against him like she had suddenly vanished and there was a deathly silence in the atmosphere. Angel shook as he felt the energy disappear and a tear escaped from under his eyelids.

Suddenly the oppressive silence was pierced by the heart wrenching cry of a small child and opening his eyes Angel let out a breath he hadn't been aware of holding and looked down.

On the dirt floor of the abandon warehouse was a small child, a girl with her tiny fist grasping air stretching towards him while big teardrops rolled down her cheeks.

Dropping to his knees Angel carefully drew the child into his arms feeling her take a hold of him, her cries quieting down to small hiccups and gently cradling her head to him he caressed her golden locks.

She had been given a second chance. Her illness to far gone to be able to do anything to counteract the damage. Except this way, curing her this way and by default also giving her a chance to live a life she never could before. Even so he still felt the urge to pummel Lorne into a new kind of death for showing them this road.

But no matter what, he was not going to lose her.

"I'll wait for you." He quietly said to the now sleeping child in his arms as he began to walk back. And with that answering the hidden question she hadn't been able to make herself ask.

The End.