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Pairing: LL (of course)

Rating: R (you'll understand why later)

Author Note #1: First, thanks to everybody who worked on this fanfiction, Laurence (JJlolote) who wrote it with me in French, Jessica who translated it and Cat who corrected the mistake because we're just three dirty French girls! Thanks girls. I love you.

AN #2: We started to work on it before 5.17. This is another take on what happened after Lorelai closed the door at the end of Say something. Like Cat said, it's fluffy and dirty!


Judy Garland was in the background while Lorelai closed the front door. Then, she put her hands around his neck, trying to convince herself it was all real.

Luke. He was here. He was kissing her, hugging her, rubbing her back. She couldn't believe it. They were balancing from one foot to another and dancing their own special dance

Luke had never kissed her like that. Never. This melt of passion, frustration, sadness, disappeared and wounds, that they had accumulated these past weeks, were exploding.

Luke couldn't stop his hands from touching her, caressing her, he missed her so much. He never wanted to have to dream again about her lips, her firm body, her hands doing those amazing things if he couldn't know if he'll see them again.

Lorelai got him closer to her, she wanted to feel him again, comfort him, feeling the safeness that only he could give her. Luke was the only man with whom she was totally safe, she knew she couldn't live without him anymore. But now, he was here, my god. He was here! He was kissing her like old days, no… better than that!

They would like never break the kiss, but they were soon breathless. They separated slowly their lips, they didn't want to loose each others taste.

Lorelai slowly snuggled her head into Luke's shoulder, taking a deep breath to smell his particular 'Luke-like' smell as she snuggled her face closer into his neck. She couldn't stop but smell it again. She loved his coffee smell soaked in his flannel's shirt. Yes, she loved coffee, but was it just the coffee smell she loved? Everything was so clear now. She was hugging the only person in the world she could love almost as much as her daughter.

"I love you Luke", she whispered before closing her eyes again, she didn't even care if he was feeling the same way.

Luke couldn't believe what she just said, he could only close his eyes, hold her tight and kiss the top of her head, enjoying this moment. He was more than sure of his love for Lorelai, always has been as he gently and slowly stroked the back of her neck.

"If only you could know how much I love you Lorelai. You're the most important person in my life"

Lorelai couldn't help but raise her head and look at him. She met his eyes full of love. He smiled a little and put his forehead against hers while she was smiled back at him.
"I missed you so much" he said and kissed her with passion. She quickly responded and their hands started to reach each other's body. They weren't listening to reason anymore

A few hours later, their body were tenderly embraced on the sofa. Every part of them was in total harmony. Luke was watching Lorelai's face intently with admiration. He was trying to understand how he could be so lucky to have such an amazing woman in his life. Her eyes closed, she smiled.


"Mmmh?" she whispered

"Are you sleeping?"

"No, I'm enjoying", she said opening her eyes. She realized that Luke's mouth was really close to hers. Still smiling, she started to kiss him gently, softly placing kisses on his lips until he could do nothing else but respond with passion. Their kiss became passionate and ardent; massaging each other's tongues like they hadn't kisses in years.

Lorelai tried to get on top of Luke but the sofa was too tiny and she fell… pulling her lover with her. On the floor they couldn't help but find the situation really funny. They got up and shared an amused look.

However, Lorelai's wish came true because she was on top of Luke. She started to smile and kiss Luke with passion, she sliding her tongue inside his mouth, without asking, devouring him. Luke welcomed her with a soft moan.

As the kiss went deeper, Luke decided he wanted to take control again. He was on his back, holding Lorelai's hip, he moved to put her on the floor and as he tried to get on top of her, his head hurt the coffee table.

"OUCH!" he screamed

"Oh my god, Luke are you ok?" She asked, starting to laugh nervously.


"yeah?", she answered still laughing

"How about going to your room!"

"Oh you know, I don't usually accept guys to sleeping in my room"

"I didn't say anything about sleeping" he said with a grin

"Oh, in that case" Lorelai said with a cheeky grin, Luke got up and helped her up. She took his hand and jumped on him, placing her legs tightly around his waist. With a Lorelai completely naked jumping on him, Luke was afraid they would never make it to the room. Her soft legs around his waist, her lips kissing his neck, and her sex going wet against his stomach, visibly excited by his proximity… he wanted to take her right on the stairs. Although, he was a man with a mission, he had to get to the room and he wanted to prove himself that he was able to do it, even against Lorelai's protests. As he was walking the stairs, it seemed harder and harder, Lorelai kept rubbing some parts of his anatomy, plus it was difficult to be insensitive to her presence. Lorelai could feel his erection going harder against her hip, she looked at him…

"Butch ! Am I wrong or are you happy to see me?" she asked in her most sexy voice as they were in the middle of the stairs.

"Oh, ok I give up", he said before dropping her on one of the stair.