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« Oh my god, Luke have you seen your back! You have a giant bruise. How did that happen?"

"What do you think? Believe me, the floor is not the most comfortable place in the world; especially with your mess."

"Oh now come on! It's not that bad! My room's floor is not that hard and everything is perfectly in order..."

"I wasn't talking about your room's. Next time could you not let your heels get in the way?"

"Hey! That is totally your fault mister. You're the one who jumped on me!"

"Well, I certainly didn't hear you complaining", he said, raising one eyebrow.

"Mmh, well it wasn't too bad..."

"Not too bad?" He asked in a false offended tone. "Not too bad hun?" He asked again starting to tickle her. "You said not too bad?"

"Ok, Ok…stop…stop", she said still laughing.

"Well? " He said, still threatening her with his hands.

"It was magical", she answered, simply and sincerely.

Suddenly, a mischievous smile appeared on her lips.

"What?" Luke asked, knowing that smile too well.

"I was just thinking about that thing you did in the stairs".

"What thing?" Luke asked, knowing perfectly what she was talking about.

"You know THE thing!" she said with an enticing look.

"Oh! That!" Luke said while his lips made their way to Lorelai's navel.

"Mmmhmm, yes that…"

Luke gently kissed Lorelai's stomach, subtly caressing her soft skin he missed so much these past weeks. It was at this moment that he realised something: without Lorelai, his life didn't make any sense. Life without her was bland, dull, without color. She was his sun and the simple act of kissing her like this made him crazy. He wanted to kiss her everywhere, make her have an orgasm, scream until she didn't have a voice anymore. Without her soft skin, nothing was soft anymore, nothing was beautiful anymore… He realised that he loved her so much. He was about to go lower to prove his last point when the phone rang.

Luke didn't pay any attention to it, he was too busy enjoying Lorelai's sweet nectar as he felt a shiver run through her body. Nothing could make him happier than that, knowing he could make her get excited like this. He slipped his hand between her legs and knew she was ready for him. While his lips were leading him to her pleasure point, he began to caress her; one or two fingers slipped inside her occasionally.

Lorelai was too excited to do anything to stop the annoying sound of the phone that was disturbing her concentration on what Luke was doing to her. Oh my god
or rather oh my Luke, his hands, his mouth kept her from having any rational thought. As Luke's fingers began moving in a more constant rhythm, she had to bite her
lips to prevent herself from screaming out her strong love for him. The phone finally stopped ringing.

Lorelai's breath was more and more fast and she started to moan. When the phone rang another time, she picked up the receiver and yelled:


"Mom?" Rory answered. She was surprised by her mom's voice tone...

"Rory?" Lorelai answered, also surprised.

As Luke, determined and undisturbable at this point, reached the most sensitive spot of her anatomy, Lorelai bit her lip again to prevent herself from moaning.

"Mom, are you ok?" Rory asked, concerned.

"Mmmhmm!" was the only thing that Lorelai could say. Luke was more and more enterprising, using his long hands and fingers.

"Are you sure you're ok?" Rory asked again. "You have a funny voice. Did you cry again?"

Lorelai started to laugh. What Rory just said was suddenly funny; plus Luke was tickling her navel with his lips while his thumb brushed against her clitoris.

«Ok Mom, I don't know what's going on but I'm coming back right now! I should never have left you alone watching those tearjerkers".

Luke removed his hand, he wasn't really entirely comfortable making love like this to Lorelai while she was speaking to her daughter. He slowly moved to her neck
and stopped a while near her chest; Lorelai gave him an explicit look. She was a little disappointed by the fact that Luke had stopped his wonderful ministrations; but on the other hand, it was kind of hard to concentrate on the phone while he was doing that kind of stuff.

"But I'm not alone", she finally answered.

"Mom, Judy Garland doesn't count as company! She's not real!" Rory said, she didn't even begin to imagine what was going on at Lorelai's place.

"Rory, I swear… I'm not… alone", she said in a sigh while Luke was gently kissing her neck.

At this point, Luke got closer to her and she could feel his hardness against her hip.

'Ok, she thought as she got even more aroused, I have to end this phone call really fast, before I lose control of my body.'

Lorelai looked at Luke in the eyes and asked him:

"Say hello to Rory"

"Hello Rory", he said, smiling and lost in Lorelai's eyes.

"Hi Luke", Rory answered naturally. Suddenly, she realised who she was talking to: "LUKE!"

"Hey Rory, how are you?" He said still smiling.

"Luke, but… what are you doing at mom's?"

Luke didn't know what to say. He wasn't comfortable talking to Rory in that particular position; he was on top of Lorelai, totally naked and totally in full erection… so telling her what he was doing wasn't exactly the easiest thing to do!

"I… uh… here's your mom", he said, handing the phone to Lorelai.


"Mom, Luke is at your place!"

"I know."

"He is at your place and close to you!"

"Oh believe me I know."

"Please tell me you guys have some clothes on."

"You guys have some clothes on."


"You told me: Please tell me you guys have some clothes on; so I told you: You guys
have some clothes on."



"What is Luke doing at our place!"

"We reconciled?"

"Please tell me you weren't reconciling when I called."

"You weren't…

"Ok, stop now, I'm gonna call back when you guys are in a more decent position."

"Who? Us? What position are you talking about?" she said while she was smiling at Luke who was rolling his eyes.

"Bye mom. Oh Mom?"


"I'm so happy for you guys."

"Me too", she said still smiling.

"You'll tell that to Luke."

"I promise."

"Bye mom."

"Bye hon", she said and hung up. Rory said to tell you she's happy for us.

"I'm happy too."

"Well, I have something to ask."

"Go ahead."

"What was that thing you were doing just before Rory called? Because…"

He cut her with a passionate kiss while his hand was going back to where it previously was.

"You're talking about that?"

"Exactly", she said and kissed him again. When they broke the kiss, Luke looked at Lorelai's sparkling blue eyes and wondered if they could ever be any happier.

"You know that you're driving me crazy?" He said.

"Oh, believe me babe, this is just the beginning!"