Title: Heat Wave 2?
Fandom: Ats/Btvs
Rating: FRC (G)
Pairing: Angel/Spike

Summery: Next morning comes with some concerns.

Chapter 2.

The next morning Cordelia woke up feeling like she was being cooked in an oven. Blearily, she looked around and saw nothing amiss. The chill bottle Dennis handed over to her was almost like liquefied heaven. Muttering, she crawled out of bed her head feeling too small for her brain.

This must be the worst summer she has ever lived through. If she didn't know better she would have said that she must have gotten into a Hell dimension when she didn't notice. Although, the one time she voiced that thought to Wesley she made sure that Angel was nowhere within listening range – counting on his enhanced hearing.

Her underwear was sticking to her skin and she could feel some droplets of sweat already on their way down the back of her neck. Gulping down the cool water she stumbled to the bathroom for once not thinking that she was in effect only wearing her panties and bra. Usually she slept with something more but she actually wanted to survive this fucking weather.

Blessedly the shower was already turned on when she finally managed to get there. Not bothering to take off anything, and with the bottle still clutched in her hand, she climbed in and lent her forehead against the tiles. She just knew that if she had a vision right about now she would drop dead.

She slowly came back to herself, feeling a little better. Eventually she managed to both relinquish her hold on the bottle – letting Dennis take it to the kitchen – and undress herself. She quickly soaped her body; it was really a moot point to shower considering the minute she stepped out she would begin to sweat again. Something she had been under the disillusion she couldn't ever do.

Turning off the water she stepped out and swiftly if not thoroughly towelled herself dry, throwing her wet underwear into the dirty laundry.

Wrapping the big towel around herself she left the room knowing that Dennis would deal with the breakfast part of the morning. She made a mental note to thank him as she looked at the clock and noted that Wesley was due to arrive in ten minutes. Thankfully the Scoobies would be otherwise occupied today, since she didn't have any idea how to deal with them. Today was already shaping up to be the worst day of all of the heat wave.

Hearing Dennis setting the radio on low she heard the sad news that someone had died of heat exposure and she briefly wondered how Gunn was managing. Stepping into her bedroom she dressed as fast as she could manage with heat exhaustion already taking its toll on her. Stepping out of her apartment was out of the question as at least it was marginally cooler in here then out there.

Peeking out the window she was almost blinded by the brightness but as her eyes adjusted she could practically see the air vibrate. The green had already bled out from the surrounding vegetation and the grass was nothing more then brown patches. For the first time in her life she really hated the yellow ball in the sky.

Turning her back at the sad sight, she had gone into the living room just as a knock was heard at her front door. As the door opened it revealed Wesley, whom, with a slight nod at the air in deference to Dennis, walked in. There were big dark patches around his neck, front and under his elbows. As he turned around to close the door, she noticed a dark patch on his back too.

He looked absolutely drained, in a way worse then he did after the bomb blew up. Lifting his hand he showed her the bags he had brought with him and she tiredly waved him to the kitchen. As he walked into the slightly cooler tiled room, Dennis relieved him off one of the bags.

Wesley muttered his thanks as together they deposited the blood bags and more ice cream into the fridge. Grabbing a bottle of water he walked back to the living room and sat beside Cordelia on the couch, watching her as she fanned herself with a magazine, dark circles under her eyes.

"You know, I can't for the life of me remember why I ever left England."

"Well I'm about to wish we lived in damn Antarctica. This is killing me."

Dennis tried to do his best for them as they lapsed into silence and stared blindly ahead. He wasn't bothered by the heat considering he couldn't feel it but he nevertheless didn't like what it was doing to his friends.

Silently leaving them to themselves he drifted down the hall and pushed Angel's door further apart, peering into the dark room at the two figures sprawled on the bed. They were unnaturally still.

As the door creaked a little he saw Angel twitch and slowly lifted his head. The vampire cracked a bleary eye and looked around. Seeing no one, he croaked, "Dennis?" As two soft knocks were heard he sighed and let his head fall back. Turning his head to the side Angel watched his child beside him, sleeping with his mouth open. For a moment amusement filled him at the sight before he noticed something.

Rolling to the side until he fell with a thump to the floor he rose to his knees, peering over the bed. Lifting a hand he pocked Spike's side. Several thing registrated in him, one; the heat was worse, two; Spike wasn't moving. Feeling the cool caress of the ghost he momentarily leaned his forehead against the ghostly touch. He was feeling really bad, almost sick, his thought processes sluggish, can't think…

He could see the indentation in the bed where Dennis was doing the same to Spike but still, the blonde vampire never moved.

"What?" crocked Angel, painfully swallowing, trying to bring moisture to his dry throat. "What's going on?"

This was beginning to remind him eerily of another time – Siberia – Grabbing hold of Spike's elbow he shook him more forcibly, but still he didn't move. Putting his hand on the bed Angel managed to push himself to his feet with some invisible aid of a friendly ghost and walked around the bed before sinking to his knees again at Spike's side. Once again he tried to stir Spike up, the connection in his head refusing to… well, connect.

Grabbing a hold of Spike's elbow again he dragged him to the edge of the bed. Slapping his face didn't do anything either. Panic started to rise in him as the realization that this could be serious came to him. Crawling backwards he dragged Spike off the bed not worrying about the hard thump as his Childe's body hit the floor.

He managed to crawl partway to the door before letting him go. He managed to turn around and cling to the doorway, his strength leaving him in a frightingly rapid pace. He saw from the corner of his eyes how Dennis re-arranged Spike more comfortably.

As Cordelia heard a noise she slowly turned her head. At the sight of Angel crawling on his hands and knees, his eyes pleading at her, her own eyes widened comically. Elbowing Wesley she shot off the couch and was there by his side in an instance. Wesley's indignant yelp quieted down as he saw Angel. Hurrying after Cordy he soon was by his side and asked urgently, "What's wrong, Angel?"

"S-Spike won't wake up. Help me."

Angel sounded remarkably like he was drunk but they both knew that couldn't be the case. As she worked on getting Angel on his feet, Cordy tried to make him explain what was going on while Wesley went into the bedroom to check on Spike. Seeing him on the floor, he knelt beside him and put his hand on his forehead. His jaw dropped in shock as he felt the heat coming from the comatose vampire.

Turning around he saw Cordy had managed to have Angel leaning against the wall, though Dennis must've help him to remained standing.

Meeting Cordy´s worried eyes, as she stood with Angel´s head dropped against her shoulder he said, "He's very hot."

"Hot? What do you mean hot? Why won't he wake up? What do we do? Angel's about to collapse here Wes." She couldn't hide the fear in her voice. At a loss, Wesley shook his head.

Murmuring something Cordelia leaned closer to Angel and ask, " What, Angel? What did you say?"

"Cool, need to cool down." Angel said a bit louder, enough for the humans and ghost to hear him. No one moved a muscle for a moment until the door to the bathroom opened. Cordelia's worried eyes brightened and she said with a big smile. "The bathroom, Wesley. The bathroom."

"Cordy I doubt the bathroom would be any different then out here…"

Having caught what Cordy meant Angel nodded as eagerly as he could which wasn't much and tried to move back toward Spike, some instinct driving him to get help for his Childe first. Cordy snapped at Weslty, expasperated, "No you dumbass. We could give them a cold shower or a bath."

Wesley blushed; he felt rather bad for not making the connection earlier. Nodding he turned back to get Spike who still hadn't move from his position on the floor.

Feeling the cool pressens of Dennis under his arm Angel bit back a moan of relief. With the ghost's and Cordy's help he was gently lowered down on the floor, where he curled up partway, leaning his fore head against the tiles. Even the slightly less warm tiles gave a very small measure of relief to his warm body. Within minutes, he heard the others returning with Spike, and watched as they surprisingly laid him on the floor just as gently as they had him.

Dennis had already turned the faucet full on. It sounded thunderous to Angel ears as they waited it to fill up. Wesley returned with packs of ice and threw them into the bath. Looking at Spike from under his arm, Angel hated the blank – not there – look on him. He was pinkish in colour and the lines around the eyes and mouth were more pronounced. For the first time Spike didn't look that young.

Feeling Wesley and Cordy grab him under his arms he shook his head and said, "Spike, Spike first."

With a slight hesitation they shrugged and together, with Dennis making sure he didn't banged his head, lowered Spike into the water.

"Should we hold his head above water?"

Leaning against Dennis Angel shook his head, "Don't need to. No breath, remember."

"Yeah, "Cordelia said, "but you still breathe, if that's makes any sense."

But, following Angel's instruction, she submerged Spike head under water as Wesley tugged at his feet. They positioned him mostly on his side facing the tub wall and started the process of lowering the much heavier Angel into the water.

Muttering, "This better work." before submerging as best as he could under water the others stood around and looked at each other.

"Now what?"

"Now, Cordy, we wait."

Opting to stay, Cordy sat beside the tub and from time to time rubbed either Angel's arm or Spike feeling the water turn warmer. Gratefully she watched Wesley dump more ice into the tub and Dennis drained half of the water before filling it up again.

Glaring at Wesley as a sudden thought struck her, she said, "You better not tell anyone that I did this for him." pointing at Spike. Shacking his head amusedly in spite of the severe situation Wesley pursed his lips.

Silence descended over them, apart from the clucking of the water against the walls of the tub. Looking at the two figures, one completely out of it the other almost but not quite, they seemed almost ridiculous all cramped up in the tub. Cordy began to chuckle. Wes cast a curious glance her way. She motioned to the figures in the bath as she explained. He found he had to agree with her.

After a while Cordy asked, "What could have happened?"

"What still can, Cordy. Vampires I think can, if not die, then at least be very damaged in their brain functions, " pointing his finger at his head. Wes continued, "due to the heat. Usually they are constantly in action if not physical then at least mentally but the heat sort of turns them off and that can cause damage in the long run. It's like you know how if iron is left exposed to weather and with time they begin to rust but if you grease them and take care of them, like chains for example they are in a lesser risk of that happening but once the rust settles in it can break."

"Oh." Cordy said in a small voice. Putting his hand over hers Wesley said, "But we'll not let that happen, right?"


Shoving aside the fear for now she concentrated on doing whatever she could to have her vampire and his childe recover as fast as they could.

End of Chappy 2.

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