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Title: On The Edge of Hope 8

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Niroveka, and all other errors are mine.


Warning: Character death, violence, angst, guilt. Oh… and blood. Tissues alert.

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien. I just borrowed them. Only the OC's.

Spoiler: Total AU.

Summary: Estel is poisoned by an arrow that was meant for Legolas. Is there any hope for Estel to live?

Note: The twins in this story are older, but only in this story.

Estel is 6 years old, while Legolas is 8 years old, and only an elfling in the eyes of the other elves.


"Erestor, take him NOW!" Elrond command again, as no one in the room had moved except Legolas, whose twitching became increasingly worse.

Erestor moved to the boy, and took his hand, leading him out of the room, his own eyes set on the paling body of Legolas.

As they left, Elrond delivered more orders to his son, as he climbed on the bed and tried to restrained the princeling by himself, but it seemed that he did not succeed, for as found himself on the floor, beaten by the elfling.

"Elladan find ropes, fast!" Elrond commanded, as he tried again to control Legolas' body before he hurt himself.

Elladan looked at his father in puzzlement as if he was trying to remember where the ropes were.

"What are you standing there for? Go find them, now!" Elrond was furious at his son, noticing he had not moved.

"But ada…" Elladan tried to speak, but it made his father angrier.

"No 'but'…now go…" Elrond sent him, his eyes on the twitching elfling.

Elladan left the room and called to his twin, and together they went to find where the ropes were.

As Elladan left, Elrond glared at the door, and remembered the harsh words that he gave his son, and felt sorry; he knew he should apologize for his behavior, for he knew that it was rude.

Elrond turned his eyes back to Legolas, and moved his strong hands over the elfling, trying to steady him; he started to whisper in Legolas' ears, "Greenleaf, your time has not yet come. Stay...stay for your adar, and for us, your friends of Imladris...Stay…"

Elrond continued speaking with grace, for he loved the princeling as he loved his sons and to see him like this, in pain, all alone, broke his heart.

Glorfindel heard the noise and made for the healing room, but ran into the advisor; he asked what all the noise was about.

"It is Legolas… he arrived wounded and in very bad shape…" Erestor said, but before he finished the Balrog's Slayer ran to the healing room.

"Where did he go?" Estel asked, for he did not see Glorfindel's direction.

Erestor moved his hand to wipe the tears that fell from Estel's eyes, and answered, "To give Elrond assistance, I suppose."


Glorfindel entered the room, wondering what had happened; he noticed the panic, and the worried look that appeared in Estel's face, noticed the searching that the twins were doing. He knew that they were searching for something, and yet he had not had the heart to disturb them.

"How bad is he?" Glorfindel asked, as he hurried over to his friend, as he too tried to hold the elfling.

"I guess he has turned very ill, for his body is convulsing; though I know that Legolas is fighting it," Elrond answered, and looked over at Glorfindel.

Glorfindel could see the fear inside Elrond, and asked what the twins looking for.

"They searching for rope, as I need to restrain Legolas; I need to check his wounds once again, I fear."

The twins entered the room, a smile on their faces, the ropes tight in their hands (for they did not wish to drop it); they had found it as last.

"We found it, Ada," Elladan affirmed.

"Give that to me, while you and your brother hold Legolas' hands; Glorfindel and I will bind him to the bed, then we will move do his legs, alright?"

They all nodded, and tried to restrain the princeling.

"Nana…" the princeling said in his unconscious, as he moved his hand through the air.

"Mani?" Glorfindel asked as the princeling spoke, and as he saw Legolas' hand in the open air.

"He is still in pain," Elrond answered, but Glorfindel had not yet moved, still staring at the princeling, "Don't just stand there, help us…"

"Oh… forgive me," Glorfindel apologized, and helped them to restrain Legolas' hands and legs to the bed.

Though Legolas' body still convulsed and twitched through the ropes, his strength faded, as slowly the prince sank into a trance; his eyes were half open, and a few words left his lips, "Naneth… do not go…"

"What is going on?" Glorfindel asked, noticing the silence that quickly filled the room.

"He is in trance. It's the sign of high fever...I think that Legolas is dying...We need to do everything we can to keep him alive, and when I say everything, I mean everything, no matter what; if by dark spell or incantation that might heal…we must try everything."

"Then Erestor is needed here…" Glorfindel spoke up. "He and I will spend time in the library, while Elrohir will send to find Gandalf. I think the Istar could find the answers that we seek, and Estel will be here to talk to his friend, while you and Elladan can keep your eyes on him,"

"We will all keep occupied," Elladan smiled, and looked over at his father who nodded in confirmation.

"All to save Legolas, Thranduil's only son," Elrond said, looking over Legolas.

Elrond felt pity, for he loved the prince as if he was his own elfling.


Mani? - What?

End of Chapter 8.