It was Febuary the thirteenth. This day was no different from many other days. It was a Wednesday which meant that Hermione had a lesson of double potions that morning. Other than that there was nothing to set it apart form the other days of the week. In fact it wasn't the fact it was Wednesday that made the day special, or even the fact it was the thirteenth, though that should have been a sign in itself as to what she expect. It was the fact that tomorrow would roll round yet another valentines day.

Hermione granger was in her seventh year now, which meant she had loved Harry Potter, the boy with the messy black hair and the most charming smile around, for three years come summer. Hermione hadn't been one of those girls that tried to deny her feelings. She wasn't that nonsensical. Her parents had raised her better than that. Instead she had lay in bed one stormy night some years ago, and after catching her breath from the rather vivid dream, had set about concluding what she should do in response to her discovery, that she was indeed madly in love with a friend.

The first obvious answer would be to confront him, and then he would say "Oh Hermione I have waited so long for this moment, take me Hermione, I am yours…" Or something else equally satisfying to her imagination. Though of course she knew this would not be the case. Harry Potter was one of those roguish boys unaware of just how many girls were lusting after him, not to mention he was infatuated with Cho. In the end Hermione decided to wait until Harry showed no romantic interest in anyone, and then she would confront him with her feelings.

Three years later that day still had not come. Hermione often wondered if Boys had a different definition of love, because Harry seemed to have an endless string of girls he dated. Not to imply he was a gigolo of course, though if he were Hermione would be sure to sample his services. Its just that Harry had gone out with at least seven different girls over the time, and liked them for half the time that he wasn't going out with them. She began to wonder if there was some waiting queue of interest she could get on.

Still desperate times called for desperate measures. Harry liked some girl at the moment with legs a mile high and blonde hair far straighter than hers. Still he was not going out with her, and with Valentines Day just tomorrow she knew she had to act. After she graduated Hogwarts she would be attending a Muggle university to make sure she didn't fall behind in traditional subjects. Harry however would be joining the Ministry as a trainee Auror. Whilst Voldemort had been vanquished the previous year there were still death eaters on the loose.

If Hermione didn't make her move Harry would never have chance to love her. She had poured over it all in her mind for the previous week, and whilst she hadn't bought him anything great she bought him something which says "I like you Harry" (not literally) without infringing upon the boundaries of friendship to much. She had gotten him a watch, where the second hand had a picture of a snitch on the end, whilst the minute hand depicted a tiny figure on a broom that looked a little bit like Harry if she squinted.

Other than that she was making him a card, which is what she was currently occupying. It was a long time since she had employed her skills in an artistic means and she was cursing herself as she looked now. Wizards didn't celebrate Valentines nearly as much as Muggles did, and so it was either a home made card or no card. It was a cream coloured card with a red heart cut and stuck on the front. She had also put some glitter on it. She debated whether boys liked glitter or not, but she always enjoyed rubbing it on her hands and she supposed such a childish activity would also tickle Harry's fancy.

On the inside she had manage dot make a crude pop up picture of Hogwarts, With Harry, Ron and Hermione standing in front of it. The drawing was messy and uneven, and she hadn't wanted to put Ron in, though she had to in case it made her seem desperately in love with him. The most difficult part of the card however was what to put inside. She had even asked Ginny's advice on it, though she didn't say who it was too

"I think you should just write. "Marry me Harry!" She said as she lay on her back swinging her feet against the wooden headboard at the end of her bed. Hermione considered this for a brief moment before she gathered her senses.

"And just what makes you think this is for Harry?" She asked in a tone which was not entirely convincing. Ginny laughed at how stupid Hermione could be at times.

"Well if it wasn't obvious from the fact that you salivate when you stare at him…" She said as she blocked a pillow which Hermione had thrown at her "…Then the picture inside the card is a give away."

"You wouldn't send Draco a card with a picture of you Harry and Ron would you?" Ginny asked with a sly grin. "He might take it the wrong way and think your inviting him into some sort of sex party with the three of you." Hermione blushed at how disgusting such an innocent mind had become. "Therefore unless that card is for my brother, which I'm fairly certain it isn't then it must be for Harry Potter, Wooer of Women.

"Am I really that see through?" Hermione asked after a moment in which she bit her bottom lip, a habit she had when she though of a particularly troublesome problem.

"To all except those it concerns," Ginny said as she got off her bed and gave Hermione a friendly pat on the back. "Still at least you admit it now. The next step is to see what we can do about it."