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"How did your homework go?" Harry asked as he paused from his eating. Hermione looked confused for a moment before she realised that had been her excuse to leave him earlier.

"I'm caught up now." She lied. "Just that charms essay that we were set. Still it didn't take long."

"I thought you were doing Transfiguration…" He said slightly unsurely. Hermione hesitated before finally replying.

"I don't think I did say transfiguration. I could have by accident but it was definitely charms." Harry simply gave a shrug and decided not to push the subject, something Hermione was glad of.

They didn't talk much during lunch. Hermione was busy watching a few of the slower students giving out cards still. There were those who had slept in late, or those who were returning cards that they had hastily whipped together during lessons whilst the teachers weren't watching. One boy looked petrified as a young girl had paid Hagrid ten galleons to do a singing tap dance, which rather than tap dancing sounded like a rumbling pneumatic drill.

"Just tell him." Hermione scolded herself as she stared at him, eating in that manner of his, that undefineable quality about his eating that made her think of…sex! "It won't happen if you don't ask him out." She added hastily, as she tried to draw her mind away form such a titillating topic. "Unless I rape him!" She thought slyly. She gave a quick glance to try and estimate Harry's strength. "No, that wouldn't work." She concluded. Harry had managed to defeat the dark lord. He could most surely fend off a hormone crazy friend.

"I don't know what to do this afternoon." Hermione said in the end, as she gave into her nerves. Still at least if Harry knew she was free he could suggest a romp in the hay or something.

"You could always revise." Harry responded offhandedly without even looking at her. "After all we have got exams in a few months." Hermione sulked as she pushed some peas around on her plate. Perhaps she would have to be more obvious.

"I was hoping someone would ask me to do something tonight, since I most probably would have said yes. Still, I guess sitting in the common room won't be bad."

"Yeah, you could always have a rematch at chess against Ginny, she beat you last time didn't she." He said with a stupid smile which made her want to punch him in the face before kissing it better. She cast her mind back to Ginny's bit of advice, and in the end she decided she was going to have to be as blunt as possible, since it was a well known fact that boys are stupid. Since she choked every time she tried to ask Harry out she would just have to do something slightly different.

"I'm wearing red underwear…" She said as casually as she could, this time causing Harry to choke on his food. She smiled inwardly as he gasped for breath. Eventually he managed to swallow his food, and with a large gulp stared anywhere but at Hermione.

"Wow." He said shakily. He didn't need to be told about Hermione's underwear. Friends shouldn't know about that sort of thing. "That would be nice for a boyfriend. I bet you wish you had one."

"You have no idea." She muttered savagely.

As lunch finished all the students filed out of the great hall to go to their lessons. Harry and Hermione stayed where they were a while longer both of them talking about plans for during the summer holidays, before Harry started his Auror training. No other seventh years were present, and as Hermione sat and listened to Harry talk about something with such enthusiasm she found it difficult to resist the urge to kiss him. Not that this was a ground breaking discovery…

Finally after the conversation died down a little Harry sat in silence for a moment, looking distracted.

"Is there some place you would rather be?" Hermione asked as she raised an eyebrow. She would kill him if he said yes… Then she could kiss him afterwards, she thought gleefully.

"No." he said as he shook his head. "It's just that we have potions tomorrow and I can't figure out why but my Clintanius potion doesn't turn out right. I do everything right but it always turns blue instead of purple."

"I thought Ron managed to help you with that?" Hermione asked. "Two days ago wasn't it?" Harry shook his head.

"Well Ron tried but he isn't nearly as good a teacher as you. I don't suppose I could borrow your note book to see what I'm doing wrong could I? I might have written something down wrongly.

"Yeah ok, it in my room." Hermione said as the both shouldered their bags.

She was glad that she had tidied her room earlier, just in case Harry did come up. Of course this was a slightly different situation than what she had hoped. There would be no ecstasy of fumbling as they ripped each others clothes off for a start. The common room was empty apart from a few seventh years who had no person to be with today, and those who did but said something stupid." Hermione's staircase was slightly different from the one leading up the main girls dormitories. Boys could go up it, for it was deemed that she may be needed to be retrieved in an emergency.

Hermione climbed the staircase which spiralled round, with Harry hesitating at the bottom for a minute.

"Hurry up Harry." Hermione teased as she ran up the last few steps.

"Yeah yeah I'm coming." He said with a sigh. Hermione gave a snort and thought to herself "I wish."

She got to the top of the stairs, and Harry came up behind her just as she opened the door. Her bedroom was as she had left it at first glance, but as she made her way to the end of the bed where she kept her books, she noticed something that hadn't been there before. There was a small package that sat neatly on the middle of her bed. She stared at it curiously for a moment as she picked it up. There were some daffodils on top which she smelt before placing to the side. The package was wrapped up in blue paper, rather messily.

There was a letter underneath it that for now went unnoticed, as she hesitated for a moment before unwrapping it.

"I wonder who got it for you." Harry said as he peered out of the window innocently. As the paper fell away Hermione gave a loud gasp.

"Harry… wow." Hermione said as she speechless for a moment. "Did you get this for me?" She asked as she placed down the "Hogwarts A History: First Edition."

"Um no?" Harry tried as he blushed deep red and backed away from her.

"Yes you did Harry." She said with a smile gracing her face and brightening the whole room. "You're the only person besides Ginny who knows the password to my room…. Oh thank you Harry," she said as she pulled him into a deep hug. She hid her face against his cloak so that he wouldn't see the tears forming in her eyes. She tried to control her emotions and stop making illogical conclusions. Harry probably just felt pressurised to get it since she had gotten him a card.

"When did you do this?" She asked as her tears had finally subsided enough.

"Um, well I have had the book for a while, I saw it during the Christmas holidays but I had already got you a present so I was going to save it for your birthday. As for the flowers that was when we got back from Hogsmede. I'm afraid they aren't roses or anything because these are the only non poisonous ones I could find growing around." He mumbled as he backed away from her.

"You shouldn't have got me this Harry." Hermione said after a moment. "It must have cost you a fortune and I didn't get you a present." She sighed. She didn't feel like confessing that she had bought him the watch he was now sporting on his wrist.

"It's just a fusty old book, and you did get me something. Even if you didn't say it was from you the only person who could get me a present this nice is you." He said as he gave his arm a waggle, displaying the shining face of the watch.

There was an uncomfortable silence that fell between them as they both tried to think of what to say next. Hermione felt perhaps now would be a good time to confess her love, for it did seem to be a rather intimate moment. However as she was battling with herself over doing so, Harry spoke up.

"There's a letter as well." He gestured to it sitting on the bed. It didn't look any different from the normal letter an owl would bring in the post but still Hermione's heart raced as she broke the wax seal on it.

"I felt really guilty about not treating you better today." He began to explain. "I know you had probably hoped for something more fun, or to be able to spend the day with someone you love and care about, and I just wanted to say I'm sorry for making it boring." Hermione thought she would start crying again as she looked at Harry lovingly. At one minute he could be so dim, and yet the next he could make her melt before him.

She sat down and looked at the letter, and was surprised to see it was actually a poem. It was neatly written, with a large scrolling style that suggested he had perhaps taken penmanship lessons, or at the very least taken his time whilst writing it. It wasn't the greatest one ever written, but to her it was, and always would be.

My life is nothing but a lie

Nothings ever true

Each day I start to die

Just from looking at you

So many mixed emotions

Dwelling deep inside

As deep and dark as Oceans

Longing to confide

You think that I am but a friend

Thought that is not the case

The bond we share I cannot mend

Without my artificial face

You mustn't know my true affections

Mustn't know my thoughts and mind

My broken heart can't take rejection

So you'll go on blind

A naked man I am alone

Without you by my side

The only love I've ever known

I'm sorry that I lied.

You're so naïve it's funny

In its own cruel twisted way

I don't have looks or money

But every dog has its day

Hermione didn't say anything as she read over it once more, and the tears started flowing down her cheeks freely. She made no move to hide them as Harry stook awkwardly five feet away watching her. He made several attempts at speaking but each one of them stopped before it had begun. Instead she folded the letter back up, and placed it carefully to the side, before standing up and staring into Harry's eyes.

"This day, and all that are after it, shall be your day." She said as she closed the remaining distance, and went to kiss him.

It was very slow at first, as she raised herself up to his height, and looked up at him. At first their lips just brushed together, as they were both shaking from nerves. It broke as soon as it had begun, but bother of them felt the excitement from the new found discovery of love. She could feel his breath upon her, and whilst it was warm it still elicited Goosebumps up the length of her back. This time with more confidence she closed the small distance between them and kissed him more firmly. As their lips came together she raised her hands up to his neck where she coiled her fingers through the tips of his hair, and pulled him down to her so she could reach him better.

They kissed for a while longer, that in actual fact lasted no more than ten seconds. To them however it felt like the dawning of a new age, and so they noticed every small detail, and the experience seemed to stretch out for days before them. When they broke for air she smiled to herself, running her hands from his neck down over his face, where her fingers ran over his lips before finally meeting his hands.

She led him to her bed, where she motioned for him to sit down, as she removed his gifts and placed them delicately on the floor. Harry sat down sheepishly, though he was unable to hide the smile that shone on his face, and reflected inside. They kissed again, this time more passionately, and not as they had before. Whilst the first kiss, or two kisses if you wanted to call it that, had been gentle and tender, this was the passionate exchange of two lovers.

Hermione opened her mouth a little, gingerly extending her tongue, hoping to meet Harry's. He didn't catch on straight away, but when he did he quickly came to meet her, and they embraced and kissed with all the pent up emotions of their hidden love. Ten minutes later as they lay side by side, each one staring into the others eyes, bright with excitement about what the world would be like form now on, Hermione spoke.

"We have been rather silly haven't we Harry." She said with a smile.

"Just a little." He said with a grin. "I longed to tell you how I felt Hermione, I really did." He said softly.

"You don't need to explain it to me Harry. I was the same. Still… I'm glad it took us so long. I wouldn't want to have started going out with you as soon as I started loving you, because at least now Its been so long I know the emotions aren't going to go away or lessen. I think I will always love you Harry." She said as she quickly kissed his nose.

"As do I you." He said poetically as he kissed her eyelashes.

"Do you think you could perhaps promise to always love me?"

"Yes I think I could just about manage that." Harry said as he stuck his tongue out at her.

There was another moment that passed in which the exchanged gentle tender kisses, and lay in each others embrace. They could be relaxed together, and be themselves, and most of all love each other, just as they had always wanted to.

"Thank you Harry." Hermione said as she ran her hand under his shirt.

"For what?" He asked as she stroked his back.

"For today, for everyday, and for my sweetest Valentine."