1Okage Densetsu - Lookit the Fancy Japanese

Chapter 23 - Farewell

"So... This is the end..." Rosalyn sighed, staring off at the sea, "We went through so much, didn't we?"

"It will be... an adjustment for everyone..." Fayth spoke quietly, gazing at the shore, "But we are now all free... we can be anything we want to."

"It was a treat, that man to defeat!" Epros was, of course, right next to Fayth, smiling.

"Huh." Linda looked about the group, still slightly put-off by Stan's new appearance, who was in the center of the group, "Funny, I still WANT to be a singer."

"Then you may be one!" Kisling was happier than he ever was, "I will return to science for I love it so. But there are others who now have a chance to be anything."

"Well, it was quite a ride, kid," Stan turned to Ari, who looked startled, "Don't give me that look. Hah, still pathetic as always."

"At least you can't boss me around anymore," Ari stuck his tongue out, "You know how long I wanted to do that?"

"A stuck-out tongue is a cut-off one, boy." He smirked, "Ah well, I don't feel like doing it to you when you expect it. We'll meet again, for sure, you little twerp! Hah! Now.. JAMES!"

"Yes sir!" He appeared beside Stan, "OH WOW! You are GORGEOUS, SIR!"

"Thank you, James. Now let us go... I have to establish my reputation again! Hah!"

Both headed off, Stan laughing to himself as he walked off.

"There goes the biggest BASTARD I can think of." Rosalyn frowned, staring off at the water. She suddenly jumped, "Oh! That bastard! My shadow is still pink! GRR! GET BACK HERE!"

Everyone watched as she charged off after Stan, and weren't surprised when he whipped around and caught her up. She started writhing, screaming, "HELP! I'VE BEEN KIDNAPPED! HELP!"

"Oh dear!" Fayth just about started to follow but was pulled back by Epros who shook his head, laughing a bit. "...Oh... I see."

"It's been fun, Brothers and Sisters!" Big Bull grinned, "But I hate goodbyes! I'm going out to establish a club for strong people! Yeah! Be sure to come sometime, guys!"

"We will!" Rin grinned, "Bye, Brother Bull!"

"Oh, Lil Sis!" He sniffled, "Don't! You're making me cry! Well, off I go! Zip!"

He was gone faster than anyone could say goodbye.

"Hmmm..." Kisling started heading off, "Now it's time to put all this data into proper data storage..."

"...Bye, doctor," Ari waved, "We'll be seeing you?"

"Surely! Where there is science, I'll be there! Haha!"

"...Hmm." Linda suddenly smirked, then bounced over to Epros, catching him off guard, "You! You promised your Hot Little Linda a bubbly and a snuggly, didn't you my wittle bunny-wunny?"

"What?" Epros flushed red when he was suddenly grabbed by Linda, "I D-did not!"

"Oh hush! We'll have a night on the town!" Linda burst into giggles and started to drag him off.

"Oh!" Fayth blinked, "Where... where are you taking Epros? Ari, dear, goodbye... thank you. (She bowed a bit, then suddenly picked up her dress a bit and took off after the two) Come back, wait for me!"

Ari laughed a bit, then looked down at Rin. "Guess that leaves us, huh?"


"You're coming with, right?"

"With you? Wow! I am! Am I?"

"Of course!" He picked her up, smiling, "I've gotten so attached to you I can't imagine not having someone hanging off my arm. It's natural now, you see?"

"Yay! YAY! I can go with Ari! Ari Ari! Oh!" She suddenly grinned, "CAN I CALL YOU DA?"

"Call me anything you want, Rin. Let's head home, Mom will be glad to see you."

"YAY!" Rin hugged him tightly, "I love you, Ar- oh, Da!"

Ari smiled a bit, heading off across the ghost-free fields, walking through Madril. He could see all sorts of people now, from the odd to the average, living life the way they wanted. Heading past this town, he walked through the peaceful, now dark Tenel woods, Rin slowly falling asleep in his arms. He paused once, something catching his eye- in the depths of the wood, those little glowing flowers were now all over the place.

"...Marlene..." He sighed, "I'll have to find her tomorrow."

Ari began walking again for his house, kicking open the gates. Heading up the pathway, he stared down as he walked, not noticing a certain visitor sitting on the bench behind his fountain. As he was to reach for the doorhandle, he caught a glimpse of something moving out of the corner of his eye- looking over at the fountain, he could see the blurry outline of the visitor, whose smile was clear even though the water obscured her shape. Ari almost dropped Rin, but then carefully set her down in the soft, tall grass growing beside the steps up- running around to the opposite side of the fountain, he stared in the utmost disbelief.

She smiled back up at him, her gold hair reflecting the moonlight. Her deep, red eyes were full of fire as she rose, ever smiling. A drab, brown dress, matched by dark boots, gave her an earthy, but true appearance.

"...Marlene..." Ari breathlessly whispered, staring at her.

"Ari... I knew you would come back here! I'm glad I waited... oh... I..." She looked down, slightly sadly, "I... hope I didn't make you cry..."

"No... you couldn't..." He smiled, his eyes, of course, filling with tears, "I'm sorry to make you wait."

"No... it is quite alright... I was just timid about knocking at the door."

"You're always welcome here." He reached out, taking her hand to reassure her, "Never be afraid to come inside, okay?"

"...Alright... may... may I stay for awhile?"

"Of course. Oh... we need to pick up Rin before we go in, though." He walked Marlene over to the steps, then let go of her hand and picked the sound-asleep Rin up, "Alright, we're set. Oh, could you...?"

"Of course..." Marlene quickly opened the door, following him in, closing it behind him. The moon shone above, outside, like it had never had the chance to glow, the stars playing a part in the clear, moonlit evening. Everywhere the sky was clear, the moon bright for all to gaze upon, as if nature itself was celebrating the coming of a new age. Tears and laughter was exchanged all night by thousands of souls, the world simply awakening to it's full potential. A guaranteed future lasted, thanks to the determination of a group of friends, proving it takes a group of freaks to get the world normal again.

Speaking of freaks...

The door reading 'Hero Hopkins' in Triste still hadn't opened. But, in the depth of the night, it opened a crack, the red eye staring out at the celebrating people. The chain unlocked, the door swinging open. For a moment, the doorway was empty and black, until a pair of bare feet stepped out.

"...The world is safe again..." The voice spoke to itself, looking around.

"Now they will pay... and not in cash!"


For your enjoyment, here is a bit of useless trivia about the author: I chose to write the Okage storyline because I enjoyed its deep (YES, IT WAS DEEP) storyline that surfaced near the end. But it was like buttering the far end of the toast, so I simply spread the butter out. The added characters, like Rin, are actually clever extensions of the extremes of my own personality. Sometimes I'm cuter than cute, such as Rin, or my brain refuses to work and I wind up drooling like Corona. Fayth is the vision of my insecurity, but she overcomes it when working with others. Corona is very special in this story, since she 'blooms' in the end into her true form, the ideal vision of me. As for the woman in Triste, Michelle Ruby-Tangerine Umi? That's what the next story, without a doubt much shorter, is for! So go read 'Okage Densetsu - The Underachieving Sequel' and see how MY Okage future turns out!

This story was written and dedicated to and for my best Yuna. I hope this suits you for at least one evening of storytelling. It was written on Wordpad (it sucks! Aigh) while the song 'Eyes on Me' played repeatedly on my media player (By Faye Wong.) Several braincells died during this story's production.

Finally, thank you, reader, for reading. I know this story sucked. Bonus ten-thousand cool points!