Chapter One: The Beginning of it All

How disgusting. InuYasha and Kikyo writhed together, sweaty and moaning into the night. How dare they? Sesshomaru's golden eyes tinted red and he turned away from the scene, unable to stomach the image. How could his half-brother do this?

He knew that he was stupid but this dishonorable act was completely uncalled for. Had the woman cast some sort of spell on the boy? A frown marred his face and he growled low, slowly walking to the encampment which InuYasha had come from. There would be no choice. He would have to confront him immediately.

Entering the campsite he heard a couple startled gasps but he ignored them and stepped over to where the miko sat, unaware of him. "Woman. We must talk." Kagome's head shot up to look at him and he could hear her pulse speed up, fear. She was already excited. This would not be good. He sat on the rock she was sitting on, next to her, and gave her his best bored expression.

"Uhm, hello Lord Sesshomaru. What a pleasant surprise! What is it you need to speak with me about?" Her voice shook and wavered, her nervous anxiety obvious. He frowned a little and her fearsome scent spiked. There was no way for him to get around this without her being bothered.

He looked away from her, towards the area his brother and the undead woman were still rutting. "My brother is to come in a few moments. Be prepared. You must not get angry or frightened." Looking back to her uncertain face he allowed himself to relax his face slightly, trying to ease her tension. "Do not worry. I will take care of the matter."

Kagome was very confused. What was he talking about? Then, right as she was about to ask, InuYasha came into the clearing with a satisfied expression on his face. She smiled at him and he returned the gesture, neither missing the low growl that escaped Sesshomaru. InuYasha's eyes went wide and he drew Tetsuiga. "Sesshomaru! What are you doing here?"

The elder brother stood, ignoring the sword and threats, and walked right up to InuYasha so that he could look down on him. "You are a disgrace."

InuYasha snorted and rolled his eyes. "So you've told me. What the hell do you want?"

Sesshomaru clenched his fist, trying to contain his anger. "How dare you defile our family name by your actions? You have a woman and yet you go off to be with another behind her back while she remains to keep your food warm and your comrades comforted. Even your human mother would never have raised you to be so crude."

The hanyou sputtered and looked around at the others, all having confused expressions with a bit of hurt. "I don't know what you're talking about!"

Sesshomaru growled out. "You dare to deny what I saw, just moments ago in these very woods? What of your woman? What will you do now that you have tainted her reputation?"

InuYasha frowned and glared at his brother. "I never claimed Kagome! I don't get why you're so defensive of her anyway, she's just a human!" He would have continued but a fist connected with his jaw and he flew several feet before colliding with a tree.

"You ignorant half-breed, you didn't have to make a claim on her. Your actions clearly defined that she was yours. I am hoping that you will not make me suffer through this woman's lifetime simply because you cannot control yourself!"

Kagome was very lost now. Suffer? What was going on here? "Um. Lord Sesshomaru, forgive me but… what do you mean?"

He did not turn to her, but she saw his shoulders tense. "As the head of the household it is my duty to maintain the family honor. Because you are InuYasha's woman, his… as humans would call it… wife, you are a part of the family and are under our protection until your death. Unfortunately, due to my half-brother's stupid behavior I will have to suffer the burden of your presence unless he chooses to forsake the other woman and remain loyal to you."

Sango inhaled sharply and looked to Mirkou with worried eyes. "Oh god, Mirkou. Do you know what he's saying?" The monk nodded slowly and sighed.

"They are of a royal lineage, Sango. Such arrangements are not unheard of, even if they were against both parties feelings, such as this scenario. Kagome, has no say in the matter anymore. I'm afraid that unless InuYasha gives up his trysts with Kikyo… Kagome will be given over to the elder of the house. Because Lord Sesshomaru has no wives… she will be the head wife of the Western Lands until her death."

Kagome looked around, really confused. "Um. Did you just say that if InuYasha doesn't stop sneaking around then I'll, by default, become Sesshomaru's wife?" Sango nodded to her, a worried expression on her face. Kagome fainted.