I've decided to take a break from writing 'The Pharaoh and the Pauper' and have written this one-shot for all you Yugi x Téa fans (like me ). It was originally going to be a one shot, but I just had so many ideas, I put it into a two part fic.

I know the title is in Japanese, and the song in this fic is also Japanese, but I'm using the DUBBED names (just to confuse you all).

Anyway, enough about that, you want to read the story, don't ya? Well, lets gets on with the show!

(Sorry if there are any mistakes! If there are, tell me and I'll correct them asap)



/Yugi talking to the Pharaoh (Yami) through the mind link/

'the Pharaoh (Yami) talking to Yugi through the mind link'


Afureru Kanjou ga Tomaranai

Part 1

Couples: main couples: Yugi x Téa, Joey x Mai Tristan x Serenity

Hints: Yugi x Rebecca, Duke x Serenity, Seto x Téa (though I'm not sure about this last one)

Summary: The Spring dance is coming up and Yugi plans on asking Téa to go with him…until an old 'friend' comes in and spoils his plan. Will Yugi and Téa ever end up together?


"…If you still haven't brought your tickets yet, there's still plenty left. But you'd better hurry since the dance is only a few days away now. If you have any enquiries, come and find me, Téa Gardner, and I'll do the best I can to help. Thank you!"

Téa stepped down off the palladium at the front of the stage in the school hall, taking a deep breath as she did so, the sound of the whole student body applauding her filling the large hall. She sat down in the seats reserved for those involved in today's assembly (such as herself), at the back of the stage.

'No matter how many times I do this, it's still nerve-racking talking to the entire student body.'

Once the applause had died down, the head teacher stepped up onto the palladium. Téa ignored the drone of the head teacher, whom was delivering the days notices, and looked around the hall. Although every one looked the same, the boys in their blue uniform and the girls in the pink, Téa soon managed to find her friends. They weren't hard to miss.

They were all sitting with the rest if their year group, and as usual were sitting together in one big group. Duke Devil (a little annoyed that he had to sit next to Tristan), Tristan Taylor (a little annoyed that he was stuck next to Duke) and Joey Wheeler (who looked half asleep), were all there, doing there bit to cheer on their friend. But the one person that Téa wanted to see the most, was right there next to Joey.

Yugi Moto wasn't that hard to miss, with his spiky, tri-coloured hair, and the Millennium puzzle around his neck. Téa knew all about the spirit of the Millennium puzzle; that he was an ancient Pharaoh of Egypt, and now it was up to him and Yugi to save the world from evil again. But she also knew how to tell the difference between them now, and knew that it wasn't the Pharaoh for whom her feelings had grown for…it was his vessel that Téa's heart longed for.

Though, she had never told any one that

At that moment in time, Yugi seemed to be absorbed by the head's speech, but feeling that he was being watched, he turned away and looked slightly to the right of where the teacher was standing, straight at Téa. Seeing that they were making eye contact, Yugi gave Téa a thumbs up, as if to say 'great job'! Téa, who could feel herself beginning to blush, gave a thumbs up back.

"…and remember that there will be no use of duel disks inside school during school hours. I don't need another incident like with Mr Sans. That is all. You are dismissed."

The head disappeared out a door at the back of the stage, the other teachers following him in pursuit. Once the teachers had disappeared, the students filed out the hall, collecting their bags as they did, and went to their first lesson, for the bell was just about to ring.

Téa walked down the steps that lead off the stage, collecting her bag at the bottom. The hall was almost completely empty now, apart from herself and 4 other people. Yugi, Joey, Tristan and Duke were standing by their seats, their bags already with them, waiting for Téa to catch up.

"You didn't have to wait for me guys," Téa said when she met up with her friends.

"Yeah we did," said Joey. The gang began to make their way to the science block for their first lesson. "How else could we tell ya dat dat was the best speech you've ever given?"

"You really mean that Joey?"

"Sure I do! Would I lie?"

"No," said Tristan as they went out the double doors into the courtyard. "You'd fall asleep, like you did today."

Joey didn't reply, for once. Instead, he turned a deep shade of red as he blushed deeply. The others just laughed.

"It's alright Joey, I know you mean well!" Téa giggled. The school bell rung, indicating that registration had ended and lessons had begun. But instead of rushing into the science block, the gang walked at a slow pace, for neither of them were looking forward to science.

As the gang made their way to the science block, dodging other students as they walked by, the main topic of the conversation was the Spring Dance. It was only a few days away now, and everybody was looking forward to it. Joey had managed to persuade Mai Valentine, another pro duellist and a great friend of the groups, to accompany him to the dance. Duke had (somehow) managed to beat Tristan at asking Serenity to the dance, and was now attending the terms biggest event with Joey's sister. Tristan was disappointed at this, yes, but he wanted Serenity to be happy, so he did his best to hide his disappointment.

But not everybody had a date for the dance. Aside from Tristan (who had decided that he'd go alone since Joey wouldn't let him miss the dance for anything), Yugi and Téa hadn't been able to get dates either. Oh people had asked them, since Yugi is the King of Games, and Téa is one of the prettiest girls in school, but both had turn these offers down, for they both had someone else in mind to accompany them to the dance. But neither knew if the other had a date or not, for they were too shy to tell one another.

As the school's science block came into view, Duke left the group, saying goodbye as he did, and turned the other way for his first lesson was P.E. in the school's gym. The gang said their goodbyes to Duke and walked towards the science block, but it wasn't long before they too, had to spilt up. Joey and Tristan had Chemistry (Yugi prayed that they wouldn't blow anything up), Téa had Biology, and Yugi had Physics. They all said their goodbyes, all agreeing to meet at their usual place at break, then spilt up to head to their lessons.

Yugi quickly climbed the stairs towards the Physics labs. He walked down the corridor, greeting acquaintances as they walked past, until he came to Lab 11. He opened the door slowly, praying that the teacher wasn't there, for he was 10 minutes late, and peeped in.

The teacher's desk was empty.

Yugi sighed in relief before quickly going to his seat in the middle row, next the window. Their teacher Mr Sykes had decided to put his pupils of Physics class 1B into alphabetical order, something that wasn't too popular with the students. Yugi had been put next the one and only Seto Kaiba, being that his surname ended in 'M', and there was no one in the class who's surname ended in 'L'. Yugi didn't mind that he was next to Kaiba, he didn't dislike him as much as Joey did. But Yugi would've preferred to be next to someone a little more…talkative.

Today, the CEO of Kaiba Corporation seemed to be absent…again. Yugi didn't really give this a second thought, he was too used to Kaiba being away. He was always on business trips or in meetings, being that he ran a company.

The teacher soon entered the room, 15 minutes after the bell had rung, and wasted no time in lecturing the students on the oh so interesting subject of Absolute Zero.

…Oh joy…

Yugi took out his notebook and pen, and began taking notes, knowing that there was bound to be a test on this. But although Yugi seemed to be working hard, that didn't mean that he wasn't easily distracted…

'So, when are you going to ask Téa to the dance?' The spirit of the Millennium puzzle, aka the Pharaoh, appeared in his spirit form in the empty seat next to Yugi. It was a good thing that only Yugi could see him.

Yugi continued to write down notes.

'Hello? Yugi? Did you hear me?'

/Huh? What was that/

'I said, when are you going to ask Téa to this school dance of yours?'

Yugi took a pile of sheets that had been pasted to him, took one off the top, before passing the pile onto the next person. He started working on the questions on the sheet.


/It's not that simple…/

'Oh? And why not? You ask a girl to accompany you to this dance, and she answers 'yes' or 'no'. Hopefully in your case, she'll say 'yes'. Isn't that simple enough?'

Yugi turned the sheet over and began to work on the question on the back.

/You don't understand Pharaoh…/

'Try me'

Yugi smiled.

/You're not gonna give up, are you/

'Nope, so you might as well tell me'

Yugi sighed heavily. He could never hide anything from the Pharaoh.

/It's just, I'm not sure if Téa would say 'yes'. I mean, she may not even feel the same way I do. Besides, she's probably already got a date, so what chance do I have/

Yugi continued with his work, glad that he finally got that off his chest, but a little sad since he didn't know what to do. He looked up when he felt the Pharaoh place a comforting hand on his shoulder.

'Yugi, I know how you feel towards Téa, and I know for a fact that she feels the same way. And before you ask, I know because I can see it in her eyes, whenever she looks for you. And as for already having a date, I beat you anything that she's waiting for the right person to ask her'

/Really? And who would that be/


Yugi smiled at the Pharaoh, lad that he had a friend like him.


'It's my pleasure…So, are you gonna ask her at break?'

Yugi took a moment to think about this. Téa wasn't in the next lesson with him; he had basketball and Téa had English, so the next time Yugi would see her would be at break…

A large smiled grew across his face, and a strange feeling began to grow inside of him.



The bell soon rang, signalling the end of the morning's lessons. The students, wanting to make the most of the spring sunshine, all rushed outside with their lunches, choosing to sit underneath the blooming cherry blossom trees.

Téa inhaled the fresh spring air, exhaling loudly. She looked around her; it seemed that love was in the air, for everywhere she looked, couples sat together, feeding each other their food, cuddling one another, and of course, having each other's tongues down their throats. Well, almost everyone was 'coupling'…

Téa looked at her friends around her; Joey was texting Mai once again, Duke was ranting on about what he was planning for his date with Serenity on Friday, before the dance, and Tristan was trying to ignore him by listening to some music, very loudly.

Téa sighed loudly, and continued to look around the school grounds. Where was Yugi anyway? He was never late. Téa hoped that nothing had happened to him…

"Hey Téa!"

Téa looked up from her seat on the ground, to see Yugi smiling down at her. He sat down next to her, dumping his bag in front of him.

"Hey Yugi! Where have you been?"

"Sorry Téa. I had to speak to a teacher about my coursework. I hope I didn't worry you."

"Well, I was a little worried, but I'm ok now."

"Oh. That's good. So, anything new?"

Téa took another look at Joey, Tristan and Duke.

"No, not really. The others are pretty much normal at the mo…well, normal for them anyway! What about you?"

"Nope. Nothing to report here." Yugi gulped loudly. He could here the Pharaoh in his head, urging him to ask. It was now or never. "Err…Téa…"

"Huh? What is it Yugi?"

Yugi felt himself becoming more nervous by the second. "I was…wondering…if…you had…a date…I mean, for the dance?"

"No, not yet. Why do you ask?" Téa's heart began to beat faster. Was Yugi going to ask what she think he was?

"It's just…I was wondering…if you would-"


Yugi jumped at the sound of this phone, silently cursing the person who had decided to call him, and now of all times. He rummaged his hand around his jacket pocket, until he found his phone and pulled it out. The caller ID said 'private'.

"Sorry Téa, I gotta take this call. I'll be right back." Yugi stood up and walked a small distance away, hearing Téa's reply of "OK!"

He flipped open his phone, press the green answering button, and held it up to his ear.

"Hello? Yugi Moto speaking."

"YUGI!" replied a high-pitched voice. "At last I've found you!"

Yugi cringed when he recognised the high-pitched female voice. He stole a quick glance at Téa to make sure she wasn't watching. At that moment in time, she seemed to be helping Joey with his text message.

"Rebecca? How did you get my number?"

"That's not important," Rebecca replied, quickly changing the subject. "What is important is when you were going to ask me to your school dance, Yugi-pie."

"The school dance? But how did you-"

"Like I said, that's not important my lil Yugi! So, are you going to ask me or not?"

"Err…sorry Rebecca, but I can't."

"WHAT! But why not!"

"Well, because you're too young, and I'm kinda already going with someone else. Sorry."



"It's Téa, isn't it?"


"You're going with Téa, aren't you?"

"Well, probably, but-"

"Listen Yugi!" Yugi held out the phone, away from his ear, as Rebecca began to shout at the top of her voice. "You WILL go the dance with ME! NOT Téa Gardner. If you don't, then I'm afraid that Téa may have a little…accident, if you know what I mean."

Yugi felt his stomach drop. "Rebecca, you wouldn't dare."

"Try me. You know what I'm capable of Yugi, what with my brains and grandpa's money. So, what's it gonna be?"

Yugi looked down at the floor. What choice did he have?

'Yugi!' The pharaoh called from the puzzle. 'You can't go with Rebecca'

/But I have to. It's the only way…/

'No it isn't!' There must be another option. 'You promised that you would go with Téa-'

/Pharaoh please! There's no choice. I have to go with Rebecca, otherwise, who knows what would happen to Téa…I'm sorry, I've made up my mind…/

'…But Yugi…'

Yugi bowed his head and sighed.

"Alright Rebecca, you win. I'll go with you to the dance."

"YIPEEEEEEE!" Rebecca screamed down the phone. "Oh thank you Yugi. You've made the right decision. See you at 7pm on Friday!"

Rebecca hung up. Yugi closed his phone and replaced it in his pocket. He slowly made his way back to the gang, his head bowed. He sat down next to Téa, too ashamed to even look at her.

Téa looked at Yugi as he sat down. She didn't know why, but he had suddenly changed moods.

'Maybe he's just tired. We have been put under a lot of stress lately, what with our exams coming up. But I know something that will cheer him up. I just hope it works.'

"Hey Yugi, you OK?"



"Huh? What?"

Yugi looked up at Téa with saddened eyes.

"You OK? You seem pretty down."

"Yeah, I'm OK. Don't worry about me."

"OK. If you say so. But…erm…there's something I wanna ask you…"


"I was wondering if…if…if you like to come to the dance with me?" Téa felt herself blush.

Yugi looked away, feeling the tears forming in his eyes. Should he tell Téa the truth? If he did, he would break her heart. But he couldn't lie to her either.

Yugi sighed heavily. He grabbed his bag and swung it over his shoulder. He quickly stood up and began walking away.

Téa, confused by Yugi's actions, quickly grabbed her things and chased after Yugi.

"Yugi! Wait up! Where are you going?"

Yugi stopped in his tracks; his back faced at Téa, his head still hung low. He replied in a small voice, as the tears in his eyes threatened to fall.

"I'm sorry Téa, I can't go to the dance with you, because I've been…I mean, I've already told someone else that I'd go with them. I'm sorry."

Yugi ran off before Téa could say a word. Téa just stood there, shocked. All this time she had thought Yugi felt the same way towards her as she did to him. But, after what had just happened, she guessed she was wrong. She held her arms around her as a cold chill blew against her body.



Téa jumped slightly at the sound of her phone. She pulled her mobile out of her bag and looked at the screen. '1 new message'.

'Is it Yugi? Has he changed his mind?'

Téa opened up the message, and felt her heart drop when she saw it wasn't from Yugi.

Hi Téa! This is Mokuba. I was hopin that u would agree 2 go 2 the dance with Seto. He's been workin really hard lately, and I fink he needs a break. Plz reply soon! Mokuba

Téa reread the message. So, Mokuba wanted her to go with Kaiba. Was that really a good idea? Kaiba was a part of their group (no matter how much he tried to hide it), but he wasn't the life and soul of the party.

She looked up in the direction Yugi had run off in. It was obvious that he didn't feel the same towards Téa, so what did she have to lose? But why was there this nagging feeling inside of her that told her not to go with Kaiba.

Téa clicked in the reply button and quickly wrote a message back; sending it at soon at is was finished.

Mokuba, I'll go 2 da dance wid ur bro, but u owe me! Téa

She placed her phone back in her bag and made her way into the building, just as the bell rang indicating the end of break. As she took her seat in her next class, she couldn't help but wonder…

Had she done the right thing?